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How progressives got their agenda implemented so quickly (and in Utah)

[From Susie Schnell]

If you are a Progressive Educator or leader on the National/Federal Level and want to get your education agenda through quickly to as many states as possible, you need the support of conservative Republicans. So…

1. You push this agenda through individual “states” instead of “federal” because we like state’s rights.

2. You appeal to their desire for “higher standards” because we believe in an educated populace.

3. You talk about modernizing schools with the latest technology and equipment

4. You partner with private institutions since it appeals to our sense of capitalism and free enterprise

5. You talk about college and jobs because this is foremost on our minds in a failing economy

6. You hold national conferences to teach these ideas to state and local school boards and get them to buy into it.

7. You write the national standards, assessments and curriculum through gov’t partnered organizations so it doesn’t seem like the govt is writing them directly.

8. You help each state board of education write their own bills for implementing this plan, either directly or by using a “model” so all states are coming up with the same laws throughout the land, but think they are being independent. (Do you really think that our state board wrote these bills independently or maybe they got help?)

9. You advertise this as a Governor’s and State’s thing to the general public so no one looks behind the curtain.

10. You get as many Republicans and conservatives to accept your plan because of the nice sounding ideas, and they don’t realize they are setting up the foundation for a federal takeover of education. Families and conservatives don’t question these conservative legislators, but trust they are only after state’s rights and what is good for the children. Without realizing it, these good legislators have enacted laws to usher in this progressive agenda.

11. Get everyone to sign off on the standards as if there’s a crisis and this must be done right now.

12. Progressives never give up. When they don’t get their way, they just go back into their caves, re-strategize, change phraseology and try again. We ALWAYS have to be on guard for new tricks.


1. This whole idea was set up by the Federal Gov’t, USOE and dangerous national interests who are working together, like Bill Gates, Linda Darling-Hammond, Pearson, and large corporations set on making billions by partnering with the federal govt, states and local districts for a guaranteed income for years. These Public Private Partnerships threaten not only local control, but also real free enterprise for smaller businesses that have not been chosen by the govt for these contracts. What the Federal Gov’t cannot legally do, and visa versa, the other partner can accomplish. We have been tricked into thinking this is a locally grown program in Utah.

2. The next phase in this process is to develop Century 21 Community Schools which will invite more Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Big corporations contract with federal, state and local school entities to go into these community schools full time, 6-7 days a week, and provide services of free healthcare and dental, PreK-12 education, job placement programs, recreation, daycare, 3 meals a day and every service you can think of for the entire family. This has already started in Ogden School District and Ogden’s plan is to make every school in it’s district a full service community school. Arne Duncan speaks a lot about this plan and thousands of these schools are popping up all over the nation. All of this data (healthcare, psychiatry records, academic scores, meals, recreation, etc) will be a part of the state and national data base because these families go to a one-stop community center with every amenity they need. No need to go home or church or extended family.

3. Right now, we’re just talking about school records from Pre-K to college to work. That’s bad enough. But by setting up extensive data collecting technology, we are easily setting ourselves up for the next step of education when full-service 21st Century Schools will be the growing phenomenon.

Please look beyond just Common Core, compare it with Obama’s National Education Goals, and look to see what these bills in Utah are setting up in the bigger scheme of things for the future.

Simple, local and parent-centered are the answers.


Susie Schnell

So you don’t think Socialist Revolutionaries exist in Utah County? Think again.

So you don’t think Socialist Revolutionaries exist in Utah County? Think again.

I just read an article in the Daily Herald about Stephen Sandstrom’s new immigration bill. Here are the 3 individuals/organizations quoted as being against tougher illegal immigration:

1) Utah Progressive Coalition

2) Stephen Baugh (Democratic candidate running against Sandstrom who was the former ASD Superintendent and current BYU CITES director pushing John Goodlad’s Democracy Agenda)

3) Revolutionary Student Union at Utah Valley University (UVURSU)

What?? A Revolutionary Student Union club? Curious, I looked them up. Want a real awakening? Holy Cow!!

This club encourages the REVOLUTIONARY overturn of capitalism in the US and is connected to many national and international Marxists, Leninists, Socialists, Anarchists, Palestinian Liberation groups and of course, Democracy Now. This group doesn’t just take the slow evolutionary approach to socialism like our public school system does, it actually calls for revolution and features a post about combating the police. It is very reminiscent of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in which Bill Ayers started the Weather Underground to revolutionize America by blowing up buildings. Important: scroll down to see who RSU affiliates with to get an eye-opening education of what is going on at our campuses right here in Utah County.

Perhaps interesting to you might be a group the RSU links with, Mormon Worker (think Workers of America Unite). This site is published by LDS members “devoted to Mormonism and radical politics” Interesting to me is the contributor list which mentions many graduates from BYU who have gone on missions and fight for redistribution of wealth, feminism, sex-ed reform, the gay agenda, and other Progressive policies.

What does this have to do with me? What can I do about it?

There is a reason many parents think there is a problem with Alpine School District pushing a Democracy Agenda over academics and why we are concerned that they won’t break up their love affair with John Goodlad, socialist/atheist/humanist who mentors the district with his socialist theories and writes in his books quotes like these…

“Enculturating the Young Into a Social and Political Democracy”

Most youth still hold the same values of their parents… if we do not alter this pattern, if we don’t resocialize, our system will decay.”

Parents do not own their children. They have no ‘natural right’ to control their education fully.”

“The curriculum of the future ‘will be what one might call the humanistic curriculum.”

If there is nothing going on here in Alpine School District promoting socialism or atheism, ask yourself this… Why can’t ASD pull itself away from the district motto and everything John Goodlad?

Why is Bill Ayers, socialist and former revolutionary terrorist-turned University educator the keynote speaker for an upcoming NNER Conference in October which Alpine School District employees attend each year? (Read all 3 posts to see how Bill Ayers is connected with the Alpine School District.)

Why was the NNER’s last keynote speaker an anti-Mormon, ex-BYU feminist and Progressive, Nel Noddings, who wrote Women and Evil which scrutinizes the Bible’s male chauvinist writers for portraying women as evil? Her plea to educators is to re-define evil to fit in these modern times (moral relativism). By the way, this speech’s emphasis was on one of Goodlad’s 4 Moral Dimensions that our school board is so adamant on defending, nurturing our children. The question is, who is doing the nurturing? Parents or the state?

Please, it is time to educate our community, stand up for what is right and vote these current board members out who keep pushing this political agenda. We need to concentrate on academics and true principles. We need to raise a liberty-loving, moral generation if we want our Republic to be strong. And morals need to be taught by parents and churches, not government run schools! You might not see this in your child’s classroom…yet, but know that the ASD is pushing this agenda and spending our tax money doing it.

Susie Schnell