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Tim Ballard on the American Covenant

I have one of Tim Ballard’s books he wrote called “the American Covenant” sitting on my floor by my bed with a few dozen other books I want to read. While chatting with Susie Schnell today she mentioned Tim had been on Glenn Beck’s radio and TV show this past week and it was really interesting. So I looked it up and was totally fascinated by what Tim had to share. His new book sounds really incredible and it’s more of that great stuff we never hear about any more. I wonder where our country would be if we had all been raised with a proper understanding of the founding of our country? Certainly not where we are today.

There is some overlap between the radio and TV segment but I’m posting both because each has some unique content. The radio segment is longer so if you only listen to one, listen to it. Then get the book on Amazon. Washington entered into a covenant with God patterned after the ancient Israelite covenant that we would be God’s people if he would protect and prosper us. Washington called on the people to repent by fasting and prayer. Then God delivered us over and over again.

Here’s two links that contain more information and then a link to the book on Amazon.

Link to the book:

The Covenant: One Nation Under God – America’s Sacred and Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel
Glenn Beck radio show

GBTV show

Pumpernickel Boulevard

Glenn Beck’s online TV station keeps adding new shows. They’ve got Glenn’s 2 hour show every night, they’ve got Liberty Treehouse for kids, Mercury Theater for old classic movies, and the latest entry is the B.S. of A, hosted by Brian Sack (B.S.). One of the skits they’ve done is a spoof of Sesame Street called Pumpernickel Boulevard. Here’s a couple they’ve done so far that are pretty funny. You can find more content from the show on the show’s Facebook page seen at the end of the videos.

Glenn Beck on Education

Thursday night (10/20/11) on GBTV, Glenn Beck spend the block of time on education related material and made the entire episode free and available to anyone who wants to watch it. There’s a lot on homeschooling in this episode as well and how it can help relieve the stress of families and children who are overwhelmed by their current schooling experience. I’m not saying homeschooling is better than anything else that might be right for your family, but I very much respect those who choose that path for their family and think it’s good that people understand their education options.

Indoctrinate U – BYU Profs Not Immune

Utah is a fairly conservative state and having the LDS church here (which has a pro-Constitution doctrinal position) one would tend to assume that a fairly strong conservative leaning would be at a university owned by the LDS church. However, the liberal leanings of academia know no bounds and when Glenn Beck’s LDS Co-host, Pat Gray, sent his daughter to BYU, the last thing he ever expected was for her to come home an Obama supporter. Listen to Glenn’s counsel on this video and how Pat turned his daughter back around to the truth of what President Obama really is. If it can happen at BYU to Pat Gray’s daughter, it can happen anywhere, and to anyone.

Visionary Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck recently revealed his plan for the post-FOX era. I watched it last week, intending to only watch a few minutes and see what he was talking about, but after a few minutes I was hooked to know what else he had up his sleeve. I predict Glenn will be known as one of the greatest visionaries of America. The scope of what he’s trying to pull off (and evidently has the money and backing to accomplish) is stunning. I invite you to watch Glenn’s presentation and hope you’ll subscribe for his new I know I am.

Beck and Griffin Explain the Fed

On Glenn Beck’s 3/25 show he invited Ed Griffin in to help explain the history of the Federal Reserve. Ed Griffin is the author of the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and he’s also the man who interviewed Yuri Bezmenov back in the 70’s to help Americans understand how the KGB works within countries to subvert them away from freedom and toward communism. This is an excellent overview of the Fed’s ponzi scheme, especially if you don’t know anything about it.