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Lehi Elementary Smitten by Socialism

Still think John Goodlad isn’t having a negative influence in Alpine School District? Schools are sending his socialist propaganda home in newsletters. John Goodlad is a John Dewey disciple and award winner. Dewey was one of the original signatories of the Humanist Manifesto and both these men have an agenda to embed the principles of socialism in our schools. When challenged, the principal and PTA president just brush it off and dismiss it as no big deal. Isn’t it?

Read what one parent wrote after receiving this school newsletter:


In February, my kindergartner came home with the monthly PTA newsletter, and every month, as usual, the Principal writes a few encouraging words to all students and parents of the school.  As I read the second paragraph-I was alarmed by this statement “John Dewey, a respected educator said:  ‘What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all of its children.  Any other ideal for our schools is narrow and unlovely; acted upon, it destroys our democracy.‘”
Lehi Elementary School Newsletter - John Dewey Quote
My heart sank, and quickly I went to the school.  Newsletter in hand, I asked the Principal why she decided to put a quote from John Dewey in the newsletter.  I told her it was wrong to put any of John’s philosophies in a school newsletter.  Dewey is not a respected educator; he is a socialist progressive.  She informed me that it was only an innocent quote she happened to stumble upon and she thought it sounded nice.  She ‘respects’ John Dewey; it’s just my ‘opinion’ that he’s not respected.  She told me that next time, she’ll take out the ‘respected educator’ part.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so that evening I called the PTA President.  I told her that the PTA newsletter was very controversial.  She knew exactly which part it was and immediately sided with the Principal.  She told me (laughing) that there are much bigger problems in this world to be worried about, and that this is not a Big Deal. I told her that my children’s educations are a huge deal.  “Yes, but Liz, I know all about John Dewey, and actually I admire him, and the things he says,” she said.  “We shouldn’t be worrying about these little things, and I hope this won’t keep you away from helping the PTA,” she said.  It certainly does, and I will never ignore the goings on in our community, especially the educational system.  I will always stand up for what is right, even if it means noticing something so ‘small’.

After playing phone tag with the District Leader of our school, I ran into her in the Lehi Elementary School Library as I was checking out the patriotic section.  She immediately asked me if I was part of the ‘Radical’ group in Alpine (I wasn’t at the time, but after our little conversation I asked around and found them and  signed their petition).  After some back and forth conversation, she asked me several times what can she possibly do to help the situation.  I told her about the newsletter, concerned parents, and teaching the 3 R’s, so on… She said she would ‘talk’ to the Principal and that “Wow! I didn’t even think that anyone ever read the front page of the newsletter! (Laughing) Oh, but I’m not saying that you’re dumb or anything like that.”

She asked me what part of the quote was so controversial.  I told her it was the Democracy part.  So she so kindly explained to me what Democracy was.  I asked her straight out if she incorporates Goodlad’s theories into our school.  It was all just a confusing blur after that as she proceeded to tiptoe around that question and squirmed in her chair.  I was treated like a dumb, ‘how dare you’ person.  Since then, I have informed friends, neighbors and family what is going on.

Liz Kuhni
Lehi, Utah

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