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HB 220-We are a Republic!

Kudos to Representative Mike Morley for running this bill which will codify the need to “thoroughly” teach students from our founding documents and include the concept of the United States Republic. I am pleased to endorse this legislation and encourage you to contact your representatives and ask them to support HB 220 the “Civics Education Amendments” bill. You can read the text here.

A year ago I delivered our petition to the Utah State Board of Education. They said they would review the 8th and 11th grade standards to ensure a proper treatment of the concept of a republic but they have taken no action since that time. You can read their letter here:

Utah Sound Money Act

Anyone think the economy has gone past the point of no return? What can be done? I think this creative idea is a great solution to help at least partially insulate Utah from the pressures that are going to come upon the nation. The Utah Sound Money legislation has been filed but doesn’t have an announced sponsor yet.

Here is a 30 second trailer for the longer video below which is about 11 minutes. After watching the video, please contact your legislators and ask them to pass the Utah Sound Money Act. You can read the draft legislation here.