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SBAC’s draft for CCSS assessments

Wendy Hart from the Alpine School District board sent me this link to W. Stephen Wilson’s review of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium’s plan for creating the assessments for the Common Core state math standards. Dr. Wilson is a professor of mathematics at John’s Hopkin’s university and received his PhD at MIT. No sloucher.

The SBAC is led by Linda Darling-Hammond, proponent of social justice, close to Bill Ayers, and was on President Obama’s short list of candidates for Secretary of Education. She is a constructivist (For the uninitiated, this is where children should construct their own knowledge instead of being given it directly–to see this set to comics, visit my math comic site) and what is being seen of the framework for the assessments isn’t good. Here’s a link to Dr. Wilson’s full review, but here’s his final paragraph:

Ultimately, the actual assessments will tell us all what SBAC thinks is important.  This Draft does not give good guidance for curriculum developers because content is an afterthought. It appears that the assessments will focus on communication skills and Mathematical Practices over content knowledge.  As such, there is little to be optimistic about.

Dang, who saw that one coming???