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Colony Bay – Tea Party TV Show

Some enterprising Tea Partiers have moved forward and created what looks to be a pretty nice TV series they’re calling Colony Bay. I don’t know how often the episodes will come out, but it appears to be pretty well done and has professionals involved. The last time I was excited about a privately produced  TV show was the “Star Trek New Voyages” that came out a few years ago with periodic episode releases. They were so well done they even got the original Sulu and Chekov to reprise roles in a couple episodes. Unfortunately it appears their website is down at this point so maybe they had to shut down. (

Anyway, back to Colony Bay… This show is a Revolutionary War era re-enactment of life in the colonies and the first episode is called “The Travail of Sarah Pine” set in the winter of 1770. Visit the website here for more information though I’ve posted the trailer below.

I think this is a wonderful project that we should support financially. You can do that by pre-ordering the DVD at 3 support levels. You can get just the first episode; get the first 2 with the 2nd to ship this fall and this gives you insider access (and it’s cheaper to get 2 at once); and third a teacher’s edition with lesson plans, worksheets, and visual aids to accompany the first DVD. You can order here:

Here’s the trailer for the first episode:

Senator Stephenson interviews Senator Hatch

Last Saturday on Red Meat Radio, Senator Howard Stephenson interviewed Senator Orrin Hatch. The first 7 minutes are about some things going on in Washington, and then right at the 7 minute mark, Senator Stephenson turns the conversation to the Republican convention and what happened to Bob Bennett. S. Stephenson brings up states rights and the 17th amendment and Senator Hatch and he have an interesting conversation about what really happened to Senator Bennett. I encourage you to give it a listen, at least from the 7 minute mark.

Senator Howard Stephenson interviews Senator Orrin Hatch

Media and Blog Frenzy

To all those visiting the site and agitated that a bunch of nut job (can’t deny it, it comes with a name like Oak) parents are getting nit-picky over the term democracy, I have written a new page of this site to explain the whole story which cannot be explained in a couple of sound bytes in a news story. It’s much more involved. If you want the whole picture, please check it out here. It’s not just the term democracy, but the individual behind it who says the state has a right to your children and that morality is democratic (determined by a vote).

Daily Herald Video from ASD Board Meeting

If you missed the Alpine School District Board Meeting on March 9, 2010, here’s a video provided by the Provo Daily Herald showing clips of many of the speakers. Contrary to the press article title about “angry parents”, the mood was quite calm and respectful.

Here are links to 2 press articles reporting on the event:

Red Meat Radio Update

For those of you that missed the show this morning, here’s the audio. I even got a pop question from someone who emailed the show asking, “if this is a Republic, should you even be looking at a petition, or should you be working through your locally elected school board to address the issues that you’re finding with the Alpine School District?”

Listen to the audio and see if you’re satisfied with my answer.

Daily Herald Carries ASD Story

Click this shortened link to go to the Provo Daily Herald for an article on ASD’s motto fiasco as reported last week. Please feel free to make comments.

“District parents angry over radical Web link”
Also of interest is this story…

I came home tonight and had an email from a family in Highland who read the email I sent out last week, showed it to their teenage son, and asked him if Democracy ever came up at school. He replied that he hadn’t really heard about it much. Today in his English class, his teacher was giving out assignments to write essays and one being assigned was entitled “Education in a Democracy.” He came home with a new perspective on education and his parents had a productive discussion with him. Score one more for the parents!

Her note ended with this:

“I guess the point of my e-mail besides–yes its in the classroom–is that parents will have to teach their children and in turn they are the ones that will probably need to stand up and say “wait.”  Or pick the topics to write contradictory essays.  So, thanks for your hard work and keeping us informed.  I would not have known but for you, and in turn I can teach my children.”