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BYU Education Department Member of Revolutionary NAME Organization

In the summer of 2010, BYU’s education department told the Provo Daily Herald they were leaving John Goodlad’s National Network for Educational Renewal for “financial reasons” and said they were leaving other organizations as well. This might be true. They might have been losing donors who had become aware that John Goodlad’s organization was pressuring BYU and they might have told BYU no more money unless they dropped that association. Unfortunately, it looks like that was only one of several questionable memberships for BYU’s Education department.

This past week, I received an email from someone alerting me to BYU’s Education department’s current involvement with NAME, the National Organization for Multicultural Education, which is for “Advancing and Advocating for Social Justice & Equity.” On’s home page, we find a writeup with this headline, “NAME Statement of Solidarity with Occupy Chicago and the Global Occupy Movement”. You can read their statement of support for the revolution here: or click the image to enlarge it.

NAME Organization

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The 2008 NAME conference was titled “Beyond Celebrating Diversity: ReACTivating the Equity and Social Justice Roots of Multicultural Education.” This pretty much sums up the organization but to be totally clear, NAME’s mission statement includes these goals and objective:

Multicultural education is a philosophical concept built on the ideals of freedom, justice, equality, equity, and human dignity as acknowledged in various documents, such as the U.S. Declaration of Independence, constitutions of South Africa and the United States, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations…

…It [a multicultural education] prepares all students to work actively toward structural equality in organizations and institutions by providing the knowledge, dispositions, and skills for the redistribution of power and income among diverse groups.  Thus, school curriculum must directly address issues of racism, sexism, classism, linguicism, ablism, ageism, heterosexism, religious intolerance, and xenophobia…

…In addition, teachers and students must critically analyze oppression and power relations in their communities, society and the world…

…Multicultural education requires comprehensive school reform as multicultural education must pervade all aspects of the school community and organization.

Recognizing that equality and equity are not the same thing, multicultural education attempts to offer all students an equitable educational opportunity, while at the same time, encouraging students to critique society in the interest of social justice.

I strongly agree that equality and equity is clearly defined in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. All [people] are created equal and endowed by their creator with unalienable rights. That should be what we teach all children. No one is better or worse than another because of the color of their skin. Everyone has the opportunity to rise to greatness. But that’s it. End of story. No legislating the playing field to give the advantage to anyone including minorities. Just level the playing field and give everyone the opportunity to become what they will.

On the Institutional Memberships page of NAME’s website, we find BYU listed.

NAME's Institutional Memberships

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Membership in this organization is a small annual fee but one can’t help but wonder why BYU didn’t drop this association when they dropped the NNER membership last year since they said they were dropping  “others” at that time.

On the Utah Chapter of NAME’s website, I discovered more BYU involvement on the board and in other supportive roles.

Utah NAME Chapter

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The email I received pointed out:

Alta High’s new principal was hired by Canyon’s District because he is a multicultural educator. He is out of the David O. McKay School, and received NAME’S 2011 Educator of the year award. He cowrote a book “Holistic Multicultural Education: Pedagogy for the 21st Century” with three others at BYU, one being Ramona Cutri—a current professor at the McKay school and 2009 President of NAME’s Utah Chapter.


Like John Goodlad’s NNER conference last year where Bill Ayers was the keynote speaker, Bill Ayers was the keynote speaker for NAME’s national conference last month (November 2011), and just like the good old days of BYU’s Education department involvement in Goodlad’s NNER, two BYU education professors were presenters at the conference (link to a review of the conference, Ayers on page 1 & BYU on page 6).

One presentation I found on the Utah NAME chapter website from March 2010, entitled “Making the Case for Multicultural Education in Utah” was from BYU Professor Ramona Maile Cutri. Among the slides I found this representative of what this organization is about.

Utah NAME Presentation
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BYU Education Department has a webpage (maybe more) devoted to diversity activities including how to incorporate multiculturalism into your classroom.



Membership in an organization promoting the downfall of America: CHECK

Membership in an organization with ties to Bill Ayers: CHECK

Membership in an organization promoting the gay agenda: CHECK

Membership in an organization promoting social justice: CHECK

Membership in an organization promoting redistribution of wealth: CHECK

Can we get a complete audit of BYU’s Education Department memberships and associations?


Also sent to me was a 2007 working document where BYU’s education department was performing a John Goodlad NNER “Equity Self-Study” evaluation related to the Public School Partnership. The PSP is how BYU relates everything they are doing and pushes it into the PSP school districts. This first page of the document shows Steven Baugh, director of CITES (the teacher and administrator training/indoctrination facility for the PSP); Richard Young, from BYU’s Education Department; and other representatives such as Alpine School District’s Superintendent Vern Henshaw, were major players in creating this document. The document shows political ideology in a phase called “sustaining progress.”

BYU PSP Equity Self-Evaluation

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Further down this chart is a line item called “Sexual Orientation” which is in the “Beginning to Implement” column. The two sets with footnotes in this column are written up as follows.

Xa) Language, Locality, Race, and Socioeconomic Status—We are beginning to implement a number of
programs/initiatives in these areas. Specifics are listed below entitled “Programs/initiatives to promote equity.” As
a general statement, we are sustaining progress in these areas.

Xb) Sexual Orientation—The School of Education has identified the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that every
teacher candidate should possess to assist all students in the schools to access a quality education regardless of
sexual orientation, disability, gender, etc. The primary place for teaching this is designated for the multicultural
classes required of all teacher candidates. In addition, all teacher candidate course work and field experience is
undergirded by the moral dimensions of teaching.

NAME is evidently the organization BYU choose to partner with to better indoctrinate teacher candidates in multicultural classes. The “moral dimensions of teaching” is the buzz-phrase from John Goodlad which includes the “Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy.” Both the NNER and NAME organization are in favor of overturning our system of government and moving toward a socialist state.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, if your child is in one of the PSP school districts which include Provo, Nebo, Alpine, Wasatch, Jordan, and probably Canyon now, your teachers are receiving this garbage as part of their training. Your administrators are being indoctrinated in it. It may take time to trickle down and some teachers will wisely filter out the garbage from their own mind, but at some point they will be held accountable to new standards which call for implementing these things in the classroom.

The dangers of BYU professors associating with Bill Ayers and other revolutionary minded people is most disturbing when parents think they are sending their children to a university with a belief that the U.S. Constitution was divinely inspired and their children are going to learn a love and respect for our country. Instead, children are being indoctrinated through these programs to promote people based on characteristics other than individual skill and effort, and to tear down our country and replace it with a direct democracy and moral relativism. If your child has an interest in becoming a teacher, I would strongly suggest avoiding BYU and urge everyone to not donate to BYU unless it’s to a specific department other than a teacher preparation department such as the Education and Math Education departments.

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Self-Loathing Indoctrination 101 (via “anti-racist” workshops)

Last month I got this disturbing letter from a parent in Park City regarding the Inclusion Center in Salt Lake City and the programs they bring into schools. You need to be aware of this program because it’s being brought into schools around the state and several of them are identified below that have the program next month.

Hi Oak,

I am curious to know if you are familiar with the Inclusion Center in SLC and what they represent?

They went into my daughters 10th grade English class at Park City High on Wednesday and did a demonstration about Racism. Although a subject worth exploring, their presenters  put the kids in a very awkward position forcing them to answer very specific questions which really had no good answers. They were asked “if a Black, Mexican & Muslim wanted to sit with you at lunch, which one would you choose to let sit with you?”  They were forced to make a choice and when doing so, the presenters got in their face and told them they were racists. They told them they were over privileged white kids (hello, this is Park City and it’s not the kids’ fault it is predominately Caucasian, and some areas are very affluent. Why? Because their parents worked hard. The presenters told them that because of them the blacks & Hispanics were being mistreated. They told them it was their responsibility to make things right with the minority groups of kids.  They also asked them  “why is it the Blacks all sit together, the Mexicans all sit together, etc?”  And told them it is their responsibility as over privileged white kids to go and sit with the minorities and make them feel part of their group.  We have very few blacks, but quite a large Hispanic population. They choose to all hang together and speak Spanish. So how is it the evil white kids are supposed to communicate with them?  Why is it the band kids all sit together, the football players all sit together, the cheer leaders all sit together, the track team kids all sit together,  regardless of race or religion, etc.?  Because they hang out with kids that have the same interests as them, period.   The Mormons and non-Mormons seem to be able to hang out together or not hang out together, as they choose. And no one makes a fuss about that.  The kids came out of there feeling guilty for being white, something they have no control over. I am so angry about this I can’t even tell you.  I called to counselor’s office to tell them if this happens again, my daughter has my permission to excuse herself. However, they were all out of the office at a meeting in Alpine School District.  I am very frustrated that our schools are forcing the Inclusion Center agenda on our kids.

Mrs. X

Mrs. X followed up that email with this one with more details.

I looked at their website, They “appear” to be about diversity, service, and leadership and are clearly targeting the youth.  My daughter came home today with new stories.  Today, the teacher had a discussion with the class about their experience with the demonstration.  The kids spoke up and let him know that they were made to feel extremely uncomfortable. That the speaker boxed them into a corner and forced an answer/opinion out of them so she could show them how raciest they are without realizing it.  She also put words into their mouths. When pressing for an answer to an awkward question,(ex: if you had to be black, Hispanic, or Muslim living in Utah, which would be easier, which would be your choice?)  if the kids answered they didn’t know how to answer or didn’t have an opinion, she would say something like, “So what you are saying is you wouldn’t want to be any of the choices because they are treated badly and you like being white”  things like that. Apparently she flat out called them racist repeatedly.  The program was called “White Privilege”. I have since talked with the counselor who said the program is really about awareness but agreed with me that if my child feels uncomfortable they should be able to excuse themselves. But she could not give her that privilege.  She also agreed with me that kids will group together with kids that have the same interests as them, regardless of race or religion, but in the same breath said this program is important for the kids to sit through.   Then I spoke with the teacher who said that the purpose of the program IS to make the kids feel uncomfortable. To make them realize that they are over privileged and get through to them they have so much more than minorities.  Gee, did anyone express how they got more?? Like their parents WORKING for it. Hello!!! He apologized that my daughter didn’t like it, and said the kids had elaborated the same in their discussion today.  He kept saying it is designed to open up awareness and that’s why they do it the way they do.  After 10 min of my objections, he backed down a bit and said perhaps this particular speaker didn’t go about it quite the right way.  My daughter also said in the end of their class discussion today perhaps the speaker didn’t come off quite right.  The teacher actually arranged for it to be presented, but then left the room.  He told me he likes for his classes to “go through” this exercise. Sounds like Indoctrination to me.

Oh one more fun little tidbit,  the middle school put my younger daughter through a “Cognitive Abilities Test” this week.  They sent home an open disclosure notice about it on the day she had already  taken it.  The high school gave that survey about drug & alcohol use week before last too. My daughter chose to take it, afterward, I wish I had not let her as it introduced her to many drugs she has never heard of in great description of what it looks like, where to get it and how to use it.  She had to basically defend herself 150 times answering she does not do those things.

What is happening to our schools?  Things are really getting scary.

It appears that self-loathing can be funded with taxpayer dollars. Then Mrs. X took a trip and saw the effects of the Inclusion Center on her daughter.

Hi Oak,

Interesting thing happened while on vacation as a result of that experience the school subjected my daughter to.   While in the airport a black woman came around clearing the tables. I noticed my daughter taking a really good look at her and got a strange expression on her face.  After the woman walked away she told me it made her feel strange that the black woman was doing a lower class type job.  I quickly pointed out the other workers in there of various ethnic groups including white people also clearing tables and also told her in today’s economy, they/we are all fortunate to have jobs.  Interesting seed the Inclusion Center has now planted.  Prior to this, she never would have noticed the color of anyone doing any type job. Then while viewing animals on our trip. There was a pen with alligators and turtles in it.  She quickly noticed that all the alligators were on one side and the turtles were on the opposite side. She jokingly stated “hey look, they are being racist”.  I laughed and asked, well which group is being raciest, the alligators or the turtles? I suppose if we counted how many there were of each we could have decided which was the majority and called them the racists. Then I pointed out that even in nature, it is natural for species to group together and to try and force otherwise is un-natural as with the Inclusion Center suggesting the white kids need to force themselves into the black and Hispanic kids groups, ie: sit with them at lunch etc.  Clearly that presentation has made an impression on my daughter.

Mrs. X pointed out that on their website they have announced Oppression Awareness week coming up in April, specifically mentioning West, Highland, and Judge Memorial High Schools. I would spread the word and help parents know what’s in store for their children should this program come to their school. Ask your school district board and school principals to not allow this program into your schools as well. With all the concern over our children’s self-esteem by the education establishment, this should be a no-brainer.

As I was preparing to publish this, Mrs. X added one more follow up regarding this teacher:

My daughter’s English teacher continues to persist in this topic. He claims he put the kids through this presentation in preparation to read “Night,” a book about the holocaust. His package of questions about the book that they work through as they read through the book had a “before you read” questionnaire that had nothing to do with the holocaust.  “What does it feel like to be an outsider? What does it feel like to be an insider? What does it feel like to be thought of as “less worthy” because of ones skin and/or hair color? How important is it for you to look right? How important is it for you to  be part of the crowd or certain group? How do you feel when you don’t belong? Do people (parents, teachers, employers, friends etc…) pick favorites? Have you ever been the favorite or least favorite? How did it make you feel?  Think about a book or movie you have seen that shows examples of prejudice or favoritism. Why do so many books and movies cover this topic?

Then yesterday, instead of continuing with the work package on the book “Night,” he spent the class time discussing racism again.  He asked the class to imagine in their head a scientist.  Then told them that he was sure they all imagined a white person and explained why that is racist. Then he asked them to imagine a criminal in their mind. Followed with, he was certain that every student imagined a male, and most likely a black male.

This is an English class. Not a history, or Social Studies class. What is this teachers motive?????  Of course his Obama 08 stickers around the classroom may be a hint.  I’d like to present to him the idea to have the kids read some CS Lewis.

Why do we send our children to school again? To learn to read and write, or get loaded on with this nonsense? Our children should not have to be subjected to this.

Click here to see a copy of the syllabus they used for the activity (I think the acronym mentioned at the beginning runs down the left letters which spell “U-Avoid-It”):

White Privilege

Troubling SHARP Surveys

On January 15th, 2011, Utah Eagle Forum held their annual convention and among the speakers was Pamela Smith, speaking on the use of SHARP surveys in our schools. I believe these surveys are being administered on March 10th around the state. I strongly recommend you watch the video here and read the material below before you allow your child to be subjected to this survey.  The video quality here isn’t the greatest, but the content is vital.

To see copies of the survey, go here:

Here’s some summary information provided by Pamela.

SHARP Survey

(Dept. of Education, Dept. of Human Resources, Dept. of  Health)

Intended for 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th graders.  4 major concerns are as follows:
*  Introduces or educates children for drug use by giving a recipe card for names, use, and how to obtain drugs.  (See pg. 4 of survey)
*  Causes children to question their own family values: Is something wrong with their family if they answer yes to any of these questions?
*  Assumes guilt: children must declare their innocence over 150 times
*  Parental Concerns:  survey touches on the 8 areas protected by Utah Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act – (code sections 53A-13-301, 53A-13-302) which requires parental consent if it touches on ANY ONE of these areas.

There is no way to reach the individual students who might have personal struggles because the data is gathered anonymously.  Monies collected from the SHARP data must be used to fund (usually federal) programs attached to it for prevention- schools are not at liberty to use those funds at their discretion..  Monies spent cannot reach the individual child for liability purposes, so a blanket approach to reach the neglected one is at the expense of all.

The 8 protected areas where a school may NOT administer a survey (especially when the purpose or evident intent is to cause a child to reveal information even if it is anonymous) concerning the student’s family or any family member are:

  1. Political affiliations or beliefs of the student or student’s parent;
  2. Mental or psychological problems of the student or student’s family;
  3. Sex behavior or attitudes;
  4. Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;
  5. Critical appraisals of others with whom respondents have close family relationships;
  6. Legally recognized privileged relationships, such as with lawyers, doctors, or ministers;
  7. Religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or parents; or
  8. Income, other than as required by law to determine program eligibility.

In order to allow a child to participate, written notice must be sent home two weeks prior to a survey, activity, curriculum lesson, etc… if it touches on the protected areas.  (A notice and signature are needed each time educational activities fall within the 8 listed protected areas.  One signature at the first of the year to cover all evaluations, surveys and curriculum doesn’t meet the intent of the law.)

Parents are under no obligation to give consent. If you do not give consent, the survey may not be administered to your child.

  1. A “valid consent” can be sent back to the school acknowledging that the student may reveal information; or the school may ask questions or teach content that falls within the 8 protected areas. This requires a parental signature.
  2. You may request further information: Who has access to the data collected?  How will the information be used or taught?  How can a parent review information or curriculum?
  3. You may request your child not participate in the evaluation, survey, curriculum, etc.
  4. If you do nothing and a “valid consent” was not obtained, then the evaluation, survey or curriculum may not be given or taught.

Pamela also informed me that there are so many programs being used in all of our schools that are not as comprehensive as the SHARP but are still invasive and touch on these protected areas. Most parents are completely unaware of these programs because they are called ‘prevention’ programs, and are titled: All-Stars, Empowered You, etc… I had no idea what this was until I heard Pamela’s presentation.

Protect your children. Please watch the video above to understand the psychological effects of this survey being administered. Please pass this on to all the parents you know.