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Glenn Beck on Education

Thursday night (10/20/11) on GBTV, Glenn Beck spend the block of time on education related material and made the entire episode free and available to anyone who wants to watch it. There’s a lot on homeschooling in this episode as well and how it can help relieve the stress of families and children who are overwhelmed by their current schooling experience. I’m not saying homeschooling is better than anything else that might be right for your family, but I very much respect those who choose that path for their family and think it’s good that people understand their education options.

The Marxist Redistribution of Teachers and Forced CCSS

Do you have a successful school? Lots of good teachers doing a good job educating students? Do you enjoy the federal dollars you receive for funding? The feds are about to turn that peanut butter and chocolate combination into cyanide and chocolate. (chocolate being the good local teachers just to clarify the analogy :))

A few days ago congress was presented with an 860 page education bill from Democratic Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. The Heritage Foundation has started a review of the bill and notes:

For example, the bill would codify Obama Administration education priorities, such as the “equitable distribution” of effective teachers among schools. It would eliminate “adequate yearly progress”—the onerous federal requirement that mandated every child be proficient in reading and math by 2014—but would replace it with requirements that states prove they have “college- and career-ready” standards, giving Washington more control over the content taught in local schools.

Good news for schools on getting rid of AYP but if you’re successful, it’s time to chop that school up and send some of those teachers to failing schools to make sure they get quality teachers too. Oh, and don’t miss the great news that the Feds aren’t mandating national standards, they’ll just force you to be on “college- and career-ready” standards. Gee, I wonder where we can find national standards that will fit that bill? Oh yeah, the CCSS are available for use. We’ll just force everyone taking federal dollars to get on those standards so the federal assessments being rolled out will apply nationally. The factory model of education can continue but with total control from the top.

Educators and legislators, if you thought NCLB and AYP were bad, wait till this rolls out. You’ve got to get us off the federal welfare dime or what’s coming isn’t going to be good for anyone. Teachers are going to lose jobs in places they like, they’re going to lose freedom to teach what they deem necessary and be forced to teach to a national test, and children are going to lose any hope of having an education customized to their needs because the factory belt model of compulsory education is going to become more vise-like than ever.

What is being done? Heritage is pushing forward with an “A-PLUS” plan to bring accountability to parents and taxpayers while reducing the federal footprint, but I do not think this will happen in time to help our state. State lawmakers and educators need to work together to completely eliminate all federal funding and reject all mandates that come from Washington.

On this current education nightmare bill above, Washington always seems to have a way to get these things through, but thankfully the House is controlled by the Republicans so the Democrats are going to have a hard time getting this bill passed. Senator Rand Paul talk here about introducing 100 amendments to stop this bill in its tracks. I hope he’s successful.

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The Secular Church

In this clip from a talk by the late Neal A. Maxwell (a Seventy and later Apostle in the LDS church), he lays out the battle of our day over the push for “ir-religion” in our schools. It is time the silent majority awoke.

Yuri Bezmenov – KGB Defector

This is a great video from an interview Yuri did with Ed Griffin (author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”) back in the 80’s regarding the methodology the communists use to take over a country.

To summarize, Yuri says the Communist purpose is to prevent people from coming to sensible conclusions about what is happening around them.

The stages of infiltration Bezmenov talks about center around a long term plan that leads to the socialization and eventual takeover of a nation. The four steps he says the Soviets aimed for were:

1) Demoralization-pump Marxism into the heads of children – takes 15-20 years so that that generation become the next teachers – due to lack of moral standards a person is unable to assess true information even when directly presented to this person.

2) Destabilization- 2-5 years – economy, foreign relations, defense systems

3) Crisis-6 weeks, violent change in structure and economy

4) Normalization-Leaders promise a paradise on earth and remove free market economy. Government takeover.

Notice how by teaching kids about Marxism and socialism, and degrading their society, they can’t even see truth when it’s plainly in front of them. The Soviets then work on destabilizing the country to the point that they can trigger a crisis. At that point, the leaders promise they will take care of everything for you and in our ignorant bliss, we accept their offer and wind up with a Communist utopia based on social justice as the Communists view it.

Analyzing Alpine School District’s Mission Statement

Let me make one thing very clear. I do not believe any member of the ASD School Board or the Superintendent believes most of the nonsense that came out of William Meyers’ website. The fact that the district DID have a link to that website does give endorsement to that website and shows that *someone* at the district does subscribe to at least the nonsense on the page that was linked to. That page calls our Founding Fathers “predatory elitists” and says we do not live in a Republic any longer and it’s a good thing we’ve moved toward Democracy.

My “beef” isn’t with the people drawing the water out of the well to give our students, it’s with the other folks who are putting poison into the well when they’re not watching.

So if ASD doesn’t believe the stuff on Meyers’ website, we should be able to read their explanation of their motto and come away with a better perspective on what they really intend. Unfortunately, that mission statement doesn’t help their cause. Read the rest of this entry »