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Constitution Conference Presentation

On Saturday, September 18, 2010, there was a fantastic Constitution conference held in Salt Lake City with a wide variety of presentations. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, please try to do so the next time the opportunity arises. Stephen Pratt and other people from around the country came in to educate and present on various ways they have succeeded in taking back states’ rights. Personally, the coolest thing for me was when Sharon Angle spoke at the end of the day about her activist efforts in Nevada and how she finally found an attorney who found a way around the state Supreme Court which had a ruling that violated state law. Someone else may remember the story itself better than I at this point, but her solution was meaningful to me because this attorney used Article 4, Section 4 of the constitution to get the federal government to overturn the state court based on the duty the federal government has to protect republican government in the states. That clause in my amendment to the Republican Party platform is what caused it to be shot down last May by people who didn’t want to hear the feds have a duty to intervene in instances like this, and it’s exactly what saved Nevada citizens from an illegal tax hike. That was cool. :)

A close second was being able to co-present one of the workshops with Susie Schnell. Susie, if you don’t recall, is the parent in Highland who had the extremely negative experience with her daughter’s teachers and the school district democracy issue, that led to the Green Party radical in CA who believed the Founding Fathers were “predatory elitists.” You can read her story here if you’ve never seen it. It gets worse than that too.

Anyway, the workshop we presented was on education issues and how the national movement to dumb our children down and make them good little socialists is seeping into Utah schools. There are some quotes we found just last week before the presentation that you’ve never seen but will make your hair stand on end when you understand what the people behind public education intend for our children.

Here is a link to download the Powerpoint presentation, and here are the 5 parts of our 45 minute presentation, uploaded by Joyce Mitchell who was in attendance and filmed it. There is a higher quality version that will be out in a couple weeks by the official people that filmed the presentation, but you can hear and see everything here just fine.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Daily Herald Runs Susie Schnell Response

In response to the opinion piece in the Daily Herald last week, Susie Schnell wrote a comment and the Herald has published it as a new opinion column. Please check it out here:

“Some Alpine School District parents recently raised concerns about a Web link and phrases in the district’s mission statement. Former district teacher and current UVU professor Axel Donizetti Ramirez responded recently, prompting the following comments from a local parent.”

Susan Schnell’s Speech at Alpine School District Board Meeting

Susan Schnell 3/9/10

Let me introduce myself. My name is Susan Schnell and I wrote the email that is circulating around the district. You might wonder why your motto, “Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy” is important enough to draw so much attention. Perhaps I can shed some light.

I am the daughter of an immigrant who was forced to flee her country when the Soviet Union under Stalin seized Ukraine and brought it under communist rule. The Soviets collectivized farms, burned down churches, took away their religion, their traditions and their heritage and then murdered many millions of Ukrainians. Just before they escaped, my mother overheard her parents say that the “Soviets are stealing away our children.” She understood well that this meant from the age of 3, the children would be sent to public schools where they would completely indoctrinate them into a new culture. The Ukrainian children were to “unlearn” everything their families taught them about their religion, history, culture, heritage and even their native language. The Soviets knew that to succeed, they had to control the minds of the children.  As Vladimir Lenin said,

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”

So my grandparents sacrificed everything they had, even their lives to come to America where their family would be free from oppression and their children free from indoctrination, or should I say “enculturation.” Because of this heritage, I have been warned my entire life to watch for warning signs of socialism. Freedom and education came at a very high price for my family.

I received my teaching degree from California State University in Sacramento. I am now painfully aware of why they named my major Liberal Studies instead of Elementary Education. I ended up receiving 4 years of liberal indoctrination instead of how to succeed as a teacher, so I am well aware of the training teachers receive before they go into the classroom.

We are seeing our great nation collapse because of socialistic ideas which are seeping into our government. Our Constitution is hanging by a thread, no doubt. But recently it has come to our attention that even our children right here in Alpine School District are being uninformed and misinformed of our great American heritage. We have been naïve, too trusting, and too busy to notice the awful situation that is now upon us. We put our trust in our government leaders, including this school board, and they have let us down. We think America is always going to be great just because it is America and we don’t have to do anything to stand up for it. Well, we have awakened! We now have a generation of millions of school children across the nation who are either going to save this nation or help to destroy it and it all rests in the hands of their parents and teachers. We know that in every state, children are being indoctrinated in schools because conspiring men know as Adolf Hitler said “He alone who owns the youth, gains the future.” There is a war going on to transform our nation and we are seeing it right in front of our eyes. Socialist educators like John Dewey, John Goodlad and Bill Ayers have been feeding the socialist agenda for years in many universities around the nation and yes, unfortunately, that includes universities here in Utah.

Right now in Texas, school book publishers are trying to change history by leaving out some of our Founding Fathers and the great men who fought for this country. These books will be distributed throughout the whole country. They are taking out patriots such as Ben Franklin, Davy Crocket, and Daniel Boone. In CA schools, my children learned that Christopher Columbus was a horrible man and that Abraham Lincoln was gay. In the high school, they were taught that parents and religion were old-fashioned and they should question the belief system they learned at home. This was fed to them everyday at school with posters, plays, rallies and school assignments.

I testified in front of the CA State Senate against a bill that would completely re-write our American history in school textbooks. I thought a school field trip with my 4th grader to the State Capitol Building in Sacramento would be a wonderful patriotic experience for the children. Instead, they were told that the Constitution was not inspired, but just an incomplete, living, breathing document with many errors that needed to be fixed or thrown out. They were shown Japanese internment camp displays for an hour while listening to speakers tell them how evil America is. They went away ashamed of America, not proud of their heritage. I believe Vladimir Lenin when he said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Adolf Hitler echoed, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” After putting up with so much indoctrination I finally took my children out of school to home school them so we could bring God and truth back into their daily academic lessons.

We moved from California to Utah a year and a half ago because we had hoped that this was a more conservative, religious environment to raise our children. I told my children they would be safe to go to school here because we didn’t have to fear indoctrination. Well I was wrong. Not only are they not being challenged academically but now we are finding out that the district is involved in pushing this dangerous progressive agenda whether they realize it or not. Through your motto, you are telling parents that their family’s culture isn’t good enough, so it is the school’s job now to enculturate the children into believing in a new culture, one of social and political democracy. From everything that I’ve studied, that means socialism or the next step towards it. Lenin said “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” Karl Marx is quoted as saying “Democracy is the road to socialism.” Who are we following? Who are we using as our Founding Fathers? George Washington and James Madison, or Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and John Goodlad?

My father served in the United States military for decades defending this Republic. My mother sacrificed everything to come to this country of liberty and escape from communism. I have been taught my entire life to respect this country, to be thankful for the freedom I have and to fight any evil that seeks to destroy my liberties. I will not sit idly by as my children and the other children of this district are taught false statements about this country. If this nation does become “fundamentally transformed” like so many of our progressive government leaders are trying so hard to accomplish, I do not want to look my children in the eye and tell them I did nothing to save it. Correct education starts at home first. The schools should be an extension of those teachings, not an enculturation factory which undermines the family. We need a strong generation of educated and civic minded children. If our beloved Constitution is to be hanging by a thread, I want this generation of children to know how to restore it back to the original form the Founding Fathers intended it to be when they were inspired by God to write it. I ask you, please concentrate on academics, and when you do teach civics, be careful to follow the Founding Fathers who wrote our inspired Constitution and not the educated elite who follow a Socialist agenda.

Bill Meyers Responds to Susan’s Email

William Meyers has responded to Susan Schnell’s email when he saw a spike in traffic and traced it to a Provo Herald article. Here’s a link to his page and clip from what he writes. It appears

Since I myself served on a public school board, I know what it is like to be in a room with a potential lynch mob. Probably the board had more important things to do (like teaching kids to read, write, do math, and think critically) than spend the next year defending my essay to a lunatic who believes that Jesus rose from the dead, that God wrote the U.S. Constitution, and that democracy is a bad thing. The link had already been removed, and the Board said it had been a mistake all along.

I think America: Democracy or Republic? stands up to criticism pretty well. That is why American fascists hate it. It does take a pro-democracy position, but the framework is factual. I think conservatives are correct in saying that the U.S. Constitution established an undemocratic republic. What is scary about a tiny-but-vocal minority of conservatives is that they advocate returning to a republic where only people owning substantial amounts of property (and even then not women or non-Europeans) would be allowed to vote.

The framework is factual? Our Founding Fathers were “predatory elitists”? They were only in the Revolutionary War to enrich themselves??? I think not.

To clarify his comments about Christ being a vampire he explains that it is satire to show the “nuttiness” of other people that such a thing as the real Jesus story could happen.

There is always a danger when you use irony or write satire that you will be mistaken for the nut case, rather than the guy who is illustrating the nuttiness of other people. I accept that. Vampires or Gods? is written in the style of a serious, non-fiction book, which is why it is such a good satire.

Scathing Rebuke of ASD in Herald Editorial

The Provo Daily Herald ripped Alpine School District for trying to brush Susan Schnell’s email under the rug and for telling the public that she misrepresented their views. After their own investigation, the Herald found everything Susan claimed and wondered why on earth ASD would be teaching our children that we live in a Social Democracy. Here’s a link and the fantastic ending to the article if you’re not going to read the whole thing.

Alpine District has explaining to do (2/28/10)

This business of “social democracy” deserves close scrutiny. “Social democracy” is a form of socialism, one that stresses political domination of society and the economy. It’s not the outright ownership of the means of production, but rather a sort of “socialism lite” found today in the welfare states of many European countries.

And this again raises the question why this is part of Alpine School District’s mission statement and emblazoned on big signs at district offices. If our educators use such a slogan knowing what social democracy is, they have considerably more explaining to do.

If they are unaware of what “social democracy” is, they should find other professions where ignorance of politics, history and economics wouldn’t be such a liability.

Red Meat Radio Update

Audio: 9 Minutes

Today’s on air update covers this week’s Alpine School District board meeting where ASD claims they’ve been misrepresented by someone telling their own personal experience. How does that work? If it’s their experience of what a teacher said to their child and what they saw in the school district building, and what they found on the district’s website, and what they found on the website the district linked to…how exactly does that misrepresent the district? Senator Howard Stephenson offers the answer. Perhaps if ASD disagrees and has another answer they’d care to provide it below in the comments or to send it to me to publish in it’s own prominent post for the public to get the full story…

Clarification from Susie Schnell

I want to make this clear: I don’t believe the staff at Alpine School District is intentionally trying to corrupt our children. What I do believe is that there are evil men who know that the way to introduce progressivism and socialism into our country is by teaching false education ideas to children and appealing to the pride of top administrators. The way I see it is that ASD is the keeper of the well. We have entrusted them to protect the water and keep it pure before they ladle it up for children to drink. They might not be the ones poisoning the water, but they have let the poison seep into our school district and therefore into our schools by adopting false educational ideas which stem from radical progressives. I represent one of the ‘townspeople’ who discovered that our well keepers were asleep on the job as this poison leaked into our district. Unfortunately, they still don’t see the poison as many townspeople are trying to warn them. Worse, they are too prideful to see their error so continue to teach this vehemently. It is important that we “awaken to this awful situation” right here in Utah and do something about it. It is not enough to read this and find it shocking. I am asking that you please go to and join with many other patriotic citizens and legislators to ask this district to stop teaching false political ideas and go back to concentrating on academic subjects and the true principles of the Constitution. Please go to this 10 minute video to learn why our Founding Fathers established a Republic and the dangerous course of pushing Democracy training in the school system.


Daily Herald Carries ASD Story

Click this shortened link to go to the Provo Daily Herald for an article on ASD’s motto fiasco as reported last week. Please feel free to make comments.

“District parents angry over radical Web link”
Also of interest is this story…

I came home tonight and had an email from a family in Highland who read the email I sent out last week, showed it to their teenage son, and asked him if Democracy ever came up at school. He replied that he hadn’t really heard about it much. Today in his English class, his teacher was giving out assignments to write essays and one being assigned was entitled “Education in a Democracy.” He came home with a new perspective on education and his parents had a productive discussion with him. Score one more for the parents!

Her note ended with this:

“I guess the point of my e-mail besides–yes its in the classroom–is that parents will have to teach their children and in turn they are the ones that will probably need to stand up and say “wait.”  Or pick the topics to write contradictory essays.  So, thanks for your hard work and keeping us informed.  I would not have known but for you, and in turn I can teach my children.”

On Air with Red Meat Radio Concerning Educating for Democracy



This morning I was on air with Senator Howard Stephenson and Representative Greg Hughes on their radio program, “Red Meat Radio” discussing how the administration at Alpine School District (ASD) is promoting a change of government from a Republic to a Democracy. Listen to the interview above and then make your voice heard by emailing the board members at ASD as well as letting others know about this issue. Sign the petition to stay updated on what is happening around Utah on restoring basic constitutional education.

Be sure to read the details on how ASD is giving its endorsement to a radical Green party member who believes Christ was a vampire.

ASD Endorses “Christ was Vampire” Author

Update 10/23/10: for those of you looking for the most relevant information on the elections I recommend you visit for candidates that will act as the public watchdogs we need, instead of acting as apologists for district policies.


Original post:

I received an email about a week ago from a Susan Schnell concerning a link Alpine School District (ASD) had put on their website Mission Statement page in an effort to bolster their position that America is a Democracy. By directly linking to an outside site, they gave tacit approval and endorsement of everything on that site, but especially the page they linked to.

After Susan’s email started to circulate, ASD pulled the link. Read below and you’ll find out why.You’ll also wonder how on earth they thought the original page they linked to was acceptable just by itself. I filed a GRAMA request with the district on 2/18/10 for more information which will be published here when we have the answers. Please sign the petition on this site ( to be notified as things progress and to ask the state to return us to constitutional education in the tradition of our Founding Fathers.

Here is Susan’s email:


I am a parent of 4 children in Alpine School District (ASD) in Utah and I just found out some alarming things that our district is promoting. Please take the time to read this as we need to come together as a community to fix a monumental problem which has crept into our local district. Then please go to to learn more about this issue and what we can do to solve it. School board elections are coming up soon and we can fix this if we all work together quickly.

Many are aware that our country’s leaders are trying to transform this nation into democratic socialism. You already know that one of their main techniques is to indoctrinate school children around the nation into gradually believing Progressive ideology and move away from our great Constitutional heritage. I moved here in the heart of a conservative city and state from California hoping for a better education and environment for my children. However, I was shocked to find out recently that our own Alpine School District has been aligning itself with people who believe that we are NOT a great God-inspired Republic. They are teaching that our Founding Fathers were wrong in establishing a Republic, that the Constitution was set up by wealthy elitists who only wanted gain for themselves and that we should transform our Republic nation into a social and political Democracy by teaching this false doctrine to our children. They even went as far as linking their Mission Statement page with a California Green Party candidate who believes Jesus is a vampire. READ ON….

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