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Alarming Davis School District Teacher Comment

Just over a week ago I made a presentation at the Davis County 9/12 group on education issues. One of the parents in attendance shared this story with me about something a high school teacher told the class.

Your parents lie to you all the time but in this class I will never lie to you.  I will tell you the absolute truth.  If I told you all the lies that your parents have told you I could go on from a year from Thursday.”

Davis County High School Teacher

I asked her what the teacher uses as an example of the lies of a parent.  He said that parents tell their children that if they eat their vegetables it will make them strong.  he points out that only protein builds muscle and strength.   Therefore the parents have lied. Wow.

This is why parents have to be involved in their schools. This is a teacher that should be fired. This is a teacher that illustrates the power of indoctrination and it reminds me of how Fidel Castro told children to close their eyes and pray to God for candy and when they opened their eyes there was no candy. Then he had them pray to him for candy and when they opened their eyes it was there for them. This is totally immoral.

Are Teachers to Blame?

I suppose this post is long overdue. I continue to hear rumors that go around the Alpine school district concerning how I criticize teachers or similar statements. I am grateful to those of you teachers who have helped defend me because you are able to see the issues as well. It seems that a lot of teachers don’t realize that criticism of the “district” isn’t necessarily criticism of them, in the same vein that criticizing the out-of-control federal government isn’t criticism of all the citizens of the country.

The answer to the question I’ve posed to myself is, yes and no. I will give each answer separately so that those at ASD who wish to pass on to others that I blame teachers can easily pass on the YES answer without the NO. :)  Please understand that there are teachers who fall into EACH category. I’ve never heard of anyone who has EVER lumped all teachers into one boat. There are good and bad in the profession just like everywhere else.

The NO answer: No I don’t blame teachers for our predicament. I blame those educrats in power at all levels who have corrupted the education system over decades of time, dumbed down our children through weak curriculum and revisionist history, and sought to ensure our children get a free education through compulsory means. Saying you’ll force people to learn or do good doesn’t achieve either in the long run and continually dropping test scores and college enrollments show this to be the case. Teachers who are concerned about their jobs but understand the issues have had hard choices to make while they’re trying to do the right thing for our children and I feel for them. I deeply sorrow for the hard working teachers who would rather just teach our children but instead have to play inane games with educrats looking over their shoulders telling them what the latest study says they need to do. If you’re in this category, you have my very sincere gratitude and thanks. Keep up the good work.

The YES answer: Yes I blame teachers who didn’t have a shred of common sense when the district told them to not teach the times tables anymore and they did it. This is just as wrong as a marine who is told by a commanding officer to do something he knows to be wrong but does it because he’s told to do it. I blame teachers who claim to teach the truth to our children about our constitutional republic but have never studied it, or even worse, they’re socialists at heart and teach our children how to embrace socialism. Yes I blame teachers who put more concern for advancement and doing the will of the district over the welfare of the children in their classrooms. Yes I blame teachers who buy into everything they are told by the district or college professors, and never take the time to validate what they are being told. There are no peer reviewed studies that support Investigations, Connected, and Interactive math regardless of what some district educrat tells you.

If you are a teacher, before you believe what is being said about me, please look at the amount of research I and others have done and then question those who tell you they are the “professional” and they know what’s right. As an accountant, I knew Enron was a disaster for the profession but wasn’t afraid to admit it. It’s time more teachers spoke up and displayed the intellectual honesty about the issues that the education profession faces. If you don’t, the education system will turn into the next Enron and when it goes down, it will be too late for you to speak up just like it was for the auditors of Enron. In fact, if you thought NCLB (No Child Left Behind) was bad for you, wait till we get federalized assessments and training to go with the new Common Core standards Utah just adopted. We’ve sold our souls gambling for a little pocket change. The assault on you continues to advance.

Some questions you might start with:

  • Why is Bill Ayers the terrorist so interested in teaching democracy in education? (link)
  • What is humanist John Goodlad’s Agenda for Education in a Democracy?  (link)
  • Did you know these two men are birds of a feather and that Bill Ayers is the keynote speaker at Goodlad’s 2010 NNER conference? (link)
  • What kind of beliefs are written in the anti-God Humanist Manifesto? (link)
  • Why did BYU just drop their membership in Goodlad’s NNER after being one of the founding members back in 1986? (link)
  • Why is the NNER trying to push the homosexual movement into BYU? (link)
  • In all of the United States, there are only 30 Goodlad “AED Scholars” (Agenda for Education in a Democracy). Why does Utah have 4 of the 30 at ASD and BYU’s McKay School of Education? (link)

Does any of this trouble you?