Twisted Proxy Parenting Site

Time will only tell what will come out of this twisted website advocating for a complete nanny state, but for now, Proxy Parenting, is off to a poor start. It’s hard to fathom the depths of a deranged mind that buys into total government dependence accompanied by the complete loss of liberty. If you haven’t checked out the site, please do so just for the sheer horror of it.

2 Responses to “Twisted Proxy Parenting Site”

  • Michelle:

    Oak, I hope you are joking, and that you get the joke. This web-site is great, and completely tongue in cheek. Think Jonathan Swift’s, “A Modest Proposal.” Humor, satire, and irony are some of the best tools in the war of ideas. And it looks like this web-site is going to serve that very purpose. I love it.

  • Yes, I do get it. :)