ACT Career Testing for Kindergarteners

You might be thinking this heading is a joke. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be.

Can’t you just wait for your kindergartener to pick a career and get tracked for it to reach his or her potential? I haven’t seen many job listings for princesses or pirates (maybe Somalia is hiring?).

Here’s some excellent analysis including a fascinating flashback to a kindergarten report card from the 60’s.

Here’s a snip from that report card. CAPS were on the original report card. Note the spiritual attributes being included in education. What a concept. No need to educate the whole child when the government just needs an obedient workforce.


Because a child is composed of a body and a soul he is a PERSON. As a PERSON he has special attributes to be developed. These are intellectual and emotional, physical, social, artistic and spiritual. These different aspects of life are not nicely cut off from each other, but inter-penetrate to form one’s complete personality. The best education is that which aims to develop the WHOLE MAN.

We should all make sure that no aspect of the child’s personality is under-developed.


4 Responses to “ACT Career Testing for Kindergarteners”

  • Sunflowerblueyez:

    I love how they say schools won’t be compelled to use it…really? I’m thinking that once common core takes center stage it will be a requirement to receive federal dollars. In the meantime I’ll continue to keep my 5 year olds home with me…where they belong!

  • guest:

    “Humans are incredibly diverse, yet public
    schools aim to educate every child the same way. Specialization enhances
    productivity and the quality of services, but we preclude
    specialization by politicizing curriculum, textbook content, and by
    assigning everyone in a neighborhood to the same school.”
    – John D. Merrifield, Research Fellow

  • Don:

    There isn’t a chance in hell my kids will take this test. I promise you that right now Barrack.

  • Dtgriffs:

    Kindergartners shouldn’t have to choose a career. How many of us have had dream job as a kid and stuck to it? What happens if you decide that you don’t want to do that as a career once your a teenager, or better yet as an adult? If we start forcing our kids to choose a career at such a young age, not only will it be unfair to them to map out their future and not let them choose, but if they decide to change careers it will be hard because of the lack of basic knowledge that will allow them to do so.
    Another factor is that young children don’t have the maturity, or mentality to control their imaginations and choose a career based off of their skills. They are also still developing their skills, and won’t know what their skills are until they are at least 15 years old, that is why we have grade school through high school; to help them find their strengths and what aspects of knowledge they prefer.