Hilarious Videos from the DNC

These videos were all on TheBlaze.com but I thought I’d aggregate them here.

Peter Schiff went to the Democratic National Convention and asked some attendees about what they thought of banning corporate profits altogether. It’s not like everyone there would support this position, but these people are funny.

Jon Stewart (somewhat left of center) did this hilarious video asking Democrats about their tolerance and being the inclusive party.

Reason TV did this one on being pro-choice. Get ready for some funny mental gymnastics.

5 Responses to “Hilarious Videos from the DNC”

  • sailcat:

    None of this is funny. These people are frightening.

  • Well, I guess I have a strange sense of humor. :)  I am frightened by the prospect of 4 more years of Obama, but uber-pathetic is funny to me.

  • Vicky:

    No wonder this country is in such a mess.

  • I think these videos show a lack of common sense thinking.  It is unfortunate that the folks interviewed, in general, don’t seem to understand the implications of their choices.

  • It’s obvious why this country is in trouble politically……..Do these people actually understand what they are saying……….says a whole lot about the Democratic Party…………absolutely no sense to anything they say…..I’m embarrassed for them and deeply concerned because of what this party has done to destroy this nation and our God-given rights…