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“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”
–– Daniel Webster

The undersigned acknowledge a problem within the Utah education system wherein students are not being given an accurate understanding of the founding of our nation, specifically in the form and use of government. To this end we petition the state officers of the government, and education system, to do the following.

1) Whereas the current Utah core K-12 social studies standards (link) never once mention the word “Republic”, we ask that the following standards be modified from the current red form, to incorporate the modified blue text.

U.S. History 1
Standard 6
Objective 3: Examine the basic structure of the Constitution.
a. Identify the major elements of the United States Constitution.
b. Explain the purpose of the Constitution as outlined in the preamble.
c. Explore the role and functions of the three branches of government.
d. Examine the Constitutional principles of separation of powers and checks and balances.
e. Determine the role of the Constitution as a living document. Examine the different methods for amending the constitution.

U.S. History 2
Standard 1
Objective 2: Investigate the development of the United States government, its institutions, and its politics.
a. Identify the philosophies which influenced the development of the Constitution, separation of powers, balance of power, and the elastic clause as well as why the founders chose a Republic as our form of government over other forms of government.
b. Analyze the Constitution’s creation and impact on the new United States.
c. Trace the development of American government and politics from the Federalist period through Jacksonian democracy.

United States Government and Citizenship
Standard 1
Objective 1: Investigate the ideas and events that significantly influenced the creation of the United States Constitution.
a. Identify and summarize the philosophies that contributed to the Constitution; e.g., Machiavelli, Locke, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton and how they contributed to why the Founders settled on a Republic as the form of government best suited to our nation.
b. Identify and investigate the events that led to the creation of the Constitution.
c. Analyze how the idea of compromise affected the Constitution.

Standard 1
Objective 3: Determine the importance of popular sovereignty and limited government in a democratic society.
a. Explain how the separation of powers is maintained through checks and balances.
b. Describe how the federal system of government creates a division of power.
c. Determine how judicial review makes the Constitution a living document. Determine why judges should use the yardstick of original intent during judicial review.
d. Examine how the rule of law affects everyday life.
e. Investigate the necessity for civic virtue.

Standard 6: Students will understand the relationship between the United States and the international system.
Objective 1: Examine major government structures and functions outside the United States.
a. Explain the purpose of government and analyze how government powers are acquired, used, and justified.
b. Specifically identify the United States as a Republic with a free enterprise economic system and contrast to other political systems; Compare different political systems with that of the United States; e.g., dictatorship, democracy, theocracy, monarchy, totalitarianism.
c. Analyze and evaluate conditions, actions, and motivations that contribute to conflict and cooperation within and among nations.

2) Whereas the current texts in use in schools are not doing an adequate job of teaching our children to understand the foundation documents and the original thinking of our founders, replace the current American Goverment text with a book such as “The Making of America”, or “The 5,000 Year Leap” which both pull extensively from the words of the Founders in establishing the case for our form of government with its checks and balances.

3) Inasmuch as September 17th has been set aside as Constitution Day and all schools receiving federal monies are required to have a program on that day to honor the Constitution, ask by resolution that schools promote the notion that rights are inherently from God and that the role of a Republican form of government is to:

  1. Establish laws to protect the citizenry in their natural rights
  2. Promote the notion that the closer (more local) government is to the people, the easier it is to protect those rights

The petition has in part been fulfilled in the form of HB 220 sponsored by Representative Mike Morley during the 2011 legislative session which now required a thorough teaching of the concept of a republic and our founding documents. The petition plugin I was using has had a few issues and so I have taken it down but invite you to either like the Facebook page so posts will appear on your wall, and/or join my mailing list to be notified about new posts by following these instructions.

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