Lowell Nelson’s letter to the Governor

After same-sex marriages were being performed in Utah and before the governor had taken a stand on the issue, many Utahns emailed the governor asking him to intercede. Below is a short and sweet letter Lowell Nelson sent in and gave permission for me to post here.


Dear Governor,

Utah is (supposed to be) a sovereign state. And we should act sovereign.

Utah defined marriage as the traditional union between one man and one woman. And enshrined this in its constitution. REGARDLESS of what some federal judge says. Yes, REGARDLESS.

The feds have NO authority to tell Utah what to do in this (domestic) matter. NONE. Do NOT fall for the mistaken notion that federal authority trumps state authority.

The states ratified the US Constitution, which vests specific, enumerated, limited authority in a central government. NO WAY does the constitution authorize the central government to trump state authority in this matter. NO WAY.

County clerks throughout Utah should obey the Utah Constitution. They may NOT issue marriage licenses to couples of the same sex. And doing so should subject them to civil and/or criminal penalties. We have a constitution for a reason. And to IT the officers of government should adhere.

Please reach out to county clerks throughout the state and admonish them to obey the constitution!

Lowell Nelson

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