Black List and State Surveillance

As a kid I read a couple Tom Clancy novels because they were really intense action thrillers. Then I started avoiding them because of the language in them. However, I recently decided to read Brad Thor’s new book Black List because it combines real surveillance-state stuff with a fiction story. The author’s note before the story starts states, “All of the technology contained in this novel is based on systems currently deployed, or in the final stages of deployment, by the United States government and its partners.” Brad has been privy to a lot of tech sort of like Clancy was on military systems back in the day (well, probably still is).

Last week, this article appeared on showing the new U.S. Army surveillance blimp.

There is no way U.S. Army is going to deploy this to a conflict in a foreign country. Slow moving, low flying aerial targets don’t do so well in real combat zones. The only safe place for this blimp is in America.

One of the things mentioned in Brad’s book is the tracking of RFID tags on people. We previously reported on this happening right now in one Texas school district of 100,000 children.

Wikileaks has also just uncovered a massive program spying on Americans called “Trapwire.” Check out the camera picture and story here:

I do not want to misconstrue this post as to believe that I think our government is a totalitarian regime, but when citizens allow the surveillance state to be set up around them as if everything is normal and life will just go on, those in power feel like they can just keep going further. Unchecked power is dangerous in any person’s hands and knowledge of our activities is power. I encourage you to write your congressional leaders and ask that this Army project and tracking system be investigated and to move toward freedom in America, not Orwell’s vision from his book “1984.”

Contact your senator and representative here and send them the links to the articles above. Ask them to shut down these programs spying on Americans. We need to value freedom over safety or we will have neither.

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