Former marine put in mental hospital for Facebook posts

Have you heard of Brandon Raub yet? He’s a former marine that appears to have been arrested and put into a mental hospital by the FBI and Secret Service because of his Facebook posts which included questioning the events of 9/11. It doesn’t matter what side of the 9/11 events you subscribe to, this is simply wrong. Brandon didn’t violate the law by expressing his views and didn’t violate anyone else’s rights. The people who authorized and carried out this arrest have violated this man’s constitutional right to free speech and should be punished.

See Brandon’s Facebook posts that got him arrested here:

Watch the arrest video here:

Listen to Brandon’s mom explain what happened on a radio interview:

2 Responses to “Former marine put in mental hospital for Facebook posts”

  • Anonymous:

    Oak, I really wished you would research things more before you come to a conclusion.  I read your links that supported your opinion, but then I went in search of the actual facts.  The best place to look is at the offending primary source itself:  Raub’s Facebook page.  Brandon Raub’s Facebook page is still in operation, although much of what has been said has been removed and edited since Aug. 24.  His posts actually point to a very emotionally disturbed person who could very well be dangerous.  As we all know, the Secret Service will involve itself in any investigation where a person directly threatens politicians or the President. They have always done so.   That is exactly what Raub’s facebook rants were doing or at least giving that impression.  Even now, his Facebook page shows Raub holding a weapon, calling for armed revolution and the overthrow of the (communist imposter) President through a military coup.  He also wrote (now has been removed) “Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads.”  I can see why he was arrested and questioned.  At the minimum, he should be questioned and evaluated.  I don’t think it will deter him any though.  As of 2 hours ago, he was still making Facebook entries, but perhaps he will tone down his threatening rhetoric.  

    I can see no evidence that Raub was arrested because of that one particular Facebook entry  that you posted, but I do see evidence that Raub was arrested for threatening violence towards the object of his hatred, the President, as evidenced in other Facebook posts.  It is too bad you failed to post that important bit of information before jumping to the conclusion that the government is arresting people because of innocent, non-threatening speech.

    With that said, I do agree that the National Defense Authorization Act passed by the Congress and signed by President Obama at the end of 2011 goes way too far in giving the executive branch broad powers to suspend Habeas Corpus and has the potential for future abuses by any future President.  It was actually one of the few bills to pass with broad bipartisan support last year.  The Senate approved the vote with a 93% margin with Hatch voting yes and Lee voting no (I normally don’t support Lee, but he got this one right).  It passed the House 299-120 with Bishop, Chaffetz, and Matheson voting yes.  This alone is a good reason to vote against Hatch, Bishop, Chaffetz, and Matheson in the upcoming election.  The National Defense Authorization Act is the very reason that the government can arrest, detain, and incarcerate U.S. citizens without due process although that is not what I think happened in the case of Brandon Raub.      

  • Yes Brandon made some awful statements. The quote you mention (“Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads”) is from some hip-hop song’s lyrics, not his own creation. You can’t arrest someone pre-crime like in Minority Report. You might go to their home and question them and point out what their statements look like and that they’ll now be on a watch list, which in this case was probably appropriate, but you can’t arrest and detain someone without a warrant and threaten him with medicated brainwashing.