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Lowell Nelson’s letter to the Governor

After same-sex marriages were being performed in Utah and before the governor had taken a stand on the issue, many Utahns emailed the governor asking him to intercede. Below is a short and sweet letter Lowell Nelson sent in and gave permission for me to post here.


Dear Governor,

Utah is (supposed to be) a sovereign state. And we should act sovereign.

Utah defined marriage as the traditional union between one man and one woman. And enshrined this in its constitution. REGARDLESS of what some federal judge says. Yes, REGARDLESS.

The feds have NO authority to tell Utah what to do in this (domestic) matter. NONE. Do NOT fall for the mistaken notion that federal authority trumps state authority.

The states ratified the US Constitution, which vests specific, enumerated, limited authority in a central government. NO WAY does the constitution authorize the central government to trump state authority in this matter. NO WAY.

County clerks throughout Utah should obey the Utah Constitution. They may NOT issue marriage licenses to couples of the same sex. And doing so should subject them to civil and/or criminal penalties. We have a constitution for a reason. And to IT the officers of government should adhere.

Please reach out to county clerks throughout the state and admonish them to obey the constitution!

Lowell Nelson

Hilarious Videos from the DNC

These videos were all on but I thought I’d aggregate them here.

Peter Schiff went to the Democratic National Convention and asked some attendees about what they thought of banning corporate profits altogether. It’s not like everyone there would support this position, but these people are funny.

Jon Stewart (somewhat left of center) did this hilarious video asking Democrats about their tolerance and being the inclusive party.

Reason TV did this one on being pro-choice. Get ready for some funny mental gymnastics.

Pumpernickel Boulevard

Glenn Beck’s online TV station keeps adding new shows. They’ve got Glenn’s 2 hour show every night, they’ve got Liberty Treehouse for kids, Mercury Theater for old classic movies, and the latest entry is the B.S. of A, hosted by Brian Sack (B.S.). One of the skits they’ve done is a spoof of Sesame Street called Pumpernickel Boulevard. Here’s a couple they’ve done so far that are pretty funny. You can find more content from the show on the show’s Facebook page seen at the end of the videos.

Visionary Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck recently revealed his plan for the post-FOX era. I watched it last week, intending to only watch a few minutes and see what he was talking about, but after a few minutes I was hooked to know what else he had up his sleeve. I predict Glenn will be known as one of the greatest visionaries of America. The scope of what he’s trying to pull off (and evidently has the money and backing to accomplish) is stunning. I invite you to watch Glenn’s presentation and hope you’ll subscribe for his new I know I am.

The Game of Social Life

My daughter somehow stumbled on this and knew I’d love it. Enjoy!


Some Post-election Humor – Sort of

With the elections over and everyone needing a little break, I thought I’d post a couple of videos. The first is a spoof of the famous 1984 Mac ad, but the second…I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.



Quality Pianos in Estonia

What happens when a piano company builds for a communist country and then suddenly stops? It has to figure out what a quality product is. Check out this neat video of a piano manufacturer in Estonia someone sent me.

Net Neutrality Dangers Explained

Kim Komando to the rescue! I’ve never heard Kim get political and she tries to not get overtly political here, but she does a good job explaining the situation. If you’re unfamiliar with the issue, this is a good introduction.