Net Neutrality Dangers Explained

Kim Komando to the rescue! I’ve never heard Kim get political and she tries to not get overtly political here, but she does a good job explaining the situation. If you’re unfamiliar with the issue, this is a good introduction.

5 Responses to “Net Neutrality Dangers Explained”

  • Lewis B:

    Interesting infomercial. I do have a concern that it was sponsored by a computer company, and I suspect the truth lies somewhere in the middle concerning net neutrality.

  • Lewis B:

    Oak, by posting this are you saying that you do support net neutrality or that you don’t support net neutrality.

  • Lewis, have you read this site for these many months and you can’t tell I don’t want government involvement in our lives? :) See the first sentence above.

  • Lewis B:

    I agree, Oak. I don’t want government in our lives either which is why I support net neutrality rather than have the government pass laws that allow mega-corporations dominate and monopolize bandwidth in the same sickening way that just a handful of satellite providers have dominated television at exorbitant costs. I have been trying to lobby the government for years to allow customers buy the channels they want to watch (a good capitalist move) rather than have garbage channels that nobody wants to watch be bundled in exorbitantly priced packages. That is exactly what would happen to the internet if net neutrality was eliminated.

    Oak, do you believe that government has an obligation to provide a playing field where capitalism can flourish? The large corporations who want to do away with net neutrality wish to monopolize bandwidth on the internet. Carbonite (the makers of the propaganda commercial) is one such company. Small businesses and internet start-ups would not be able to compete in an environment that doesn’t foster competition and innovation and many small business owners are against any move to eliminate net neutrality. It is a myth to think that these large corporations want competition which is why they are against net neutrality. Businesses desire to dominate and monopolize to make as much money as possible.

    Look at all the internet giants that were born under the net neutrality rules: Firefox, Facebook, Google, etc would not have been successful if companies such as Microsoft controlled the internet. In fact Microsoft, a company that has given plenty of examples of anti-capitalist behavior in the U.S. and abroad is against net neutrality. (No surprise there). I think you need to rethink your position because you are dead wrong with this one. I do believe that one of governments core functions is to maintain a business environment that fosters innovation and opportunity and getting rid of net neutrality would be a disaster. Even this website would most likely not exist if net neutrality was eliminated.

  • Sounds interesting Lewis. Why don’t you write it up and I’ll consider publishing it.