Visionary Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck recently revealed his plan for the post-FOX era. I watched it last week, intending to only watch a few minutes and see what he was talking about, but after a few minutes I was hooked to know what else he had up his sleeve. I predict Glenn will be known as one of the greatest visionaries of America. The scope of what he’s trying to pull off (and evidently has the money and backing to accomplish) is stunning. I invite you to watch Glenn’s presentation and hope you’ll subscribe for his new I know I am.

4 Responses to “Visionary Glenn Beck”

  • Common Sense:

    You’ve got to be kidding, right? A comedian as a great visionary? In a Fox interview, Beck said he wants to be more like Jon Stewart, but as a conservative Stewart and that he wants his show to be more humorous like it was in his CNN days. While Beck even admits that he doesn’t take himself seriously, there are people that watch him who do. He is a comedian with a dry and subtle humor. Many of his book covers show is comedic value but people read them with seriousness, all the while he laughing on the way to the bank. He often plays Devil’s advocate which he commonly does with Bill O’Reilly and his live audiences in order to spur debate. I enjoy watching Beck for the entertainment value he provides, not because he is a visionary.

  • Watch the video and tell me he’s not a visionary. How do you even define it? 

  • Susie:

    One of my favorite books is a fictional comedy about this very thing. It’s hilarious! In one of the chapters, a crazy guy (with no common sense) just looking for attention decided to draw a huge crowd by doing outrageous things, the bigger the better. He worked in the cities for a while, but the best show he ever did was in his backyard so that’s where he decided to stay. He lived out in a desert somewhere, but still drew quite a crowd. Every day and night the audience grew larger as he continued doing these crazy stunts. Nothing he did made any sense. The crowd loved laughing as he spurred debate with them.  He even got his family involved in the act. About this time, he started hearing voices and would tell the crowd what the “voices” told him. The funniest and biggest thing he ever did was to build a HUGE fancy yacht and fill it with exotic pets. The people loved that! Out in the middle of a desert…no lake or ocean to sail it in. What a goof! All that time and money spent on getting laughs and attention. Some people are just here to amuse us, that’s all. If you like laughing at Glenn Beck, I recommend this Book highly. 

  • Susie:

    Common Sense, my comment above was a reply to you. Some people call this “The Good Book”. It’s kind of hard for some people to understand, but there are a lot of good stories in it. Take them however you want…serious or entertaining fiction. Same with Glenn. But how you take it, fiction or serious warnings, will determine which audience you sit with for the next act.