Classroom Indoctrination

From Glenn Beck’s show last week comes this little clip on a few things happening elsewhere in our country.

5 Responses to “Classroom Indoctrination”

  • Marjohna:

    I do not agree with the idea that if we pull our children out of the public schools, then the others will be left at their mercy. Children are not soldiers to be sent off at the ripe age of 6 years old to go to war at “school.” I remember how frustrating it was as a child, knowing that my teachers did not have good intent, but not yet having the mental capacity to successfully challenge them. And the teachers involved were of the sort who lacked the intellect to engage in adult debate and liked browbeating children. Nothing much has changed I see from this video: though I think the children in the video are braver than I was, they weren’t any more successful..

    I think that the kind of schools we have are the fault of how education has been implimented. The problems are inherent in the system. The way ‘public education’ is operated is exactly how the old state churches were, with the same methods and goals as well as abuses and failures. We must, by individual initiative and mutual consent, unite to build our own education system on the same principles the nation was built upon. Then the next generation will be educated to perpetuate the proper form of government. Then we can offer to the other children and families a truly excellent school where there is dedication to imparting liberty through correct development of skills as well as the institution of the correct ideals and much more likely, in a peaceful, healthy environment. We must stop trading integrity for accolades of the world, fancy facilities, ball fields, swimming pools, equipment, financial gain, whatever it is that has us in bondage to both this wrong form of government and, not coincidentally, this wrong form of education. Let’s devote our time, talents and financial resources to the God that gave them to us. Come on, pioneers, time to fix up your wagon and blaze the trail!

  • Jenita:

    Yes, we need to work to eliminate the marxist, humanist indoctrination in our schools. In the meantime, my children’s education and childhood only happens once, and I will not subject them to the schools. I see my children come home confused at the error of their teachers.

  • There is nothing fault in schools, children have problem with teachers. So we should suggest to select good and experienced teachers. All are not bad. Some of the teachers are handling good.

  • Jennrc3:

    I pulled my children out. This problem is too big to solve before it damages our children. These are government schools with many good teachers who mean well, but have been indoctrinated too. We as parents are too worried about whether or not our child is getting good grades and getting their homework done. The system is so dumbed down it doesn’t matter any more what grades our children get, they still grow up having to start learning basics in college. Most of them graduate not knowing basic life skills, which they most definetly are going to need. Homework is just the schools assignment to the parents; it tells us how what we need to spend time with our children after school. We should decide how to spend time after school with our children, not the school. This video shows obvious indoctrination, but there are things going on right here in our district which are much more subtle, but still wrong. Most of us don’t recognize indoctrination when it’s right in front of our faces, because certain ideas have been gradually pushed on us thoughout our lives and they tend to seem normal. I can’t read every text book that every one of my children learnout of at school. Some of the classes don’t even have a textbook to bring home. There is no way to know 100% of what your children are learning in school unless you only have one child and you go to school with them all day every day. I have yet to meet someone who does that. There is also no way to find error in the teaching unless you know what the truth is.

  • The_Patriot:


    wrote, “There is no way to know 100% of what your children are learning in
    school unless you only have one child and you go to school with them all day
    every day.” Are you consistent in that
    you follow your children into their Sunday school classes? I mean, how do you know that the Sister in
    your ward teaching your 7 year-old is actually a good person or even knows what
    the heck she’s talking about? How do you
    know she’s not teaching your kids false doctrine?

    not trying to sound rude, but I think you and those who homeschool their
    children for the reasons you listed are way to overprotective and
    conspiratorial. I went to public
    schools, graduated from high school, graduated from college, and graduated from
    graduate school. All the schools I
    attended (including college and graduate school) are public institutions run by
    the government. For goodness sakes, my professors
    were mostly people that I’m sure you would find very disagreeable, yet I think
    I turned out alright. Try to understand
    that the world extends beyond your house.
    I’m worried for your kids with how much it appears you shelter them.