Colbert on OWS

Stephen Colbert tries to occupy Occupy Wall Street. Pretty humorous. Both clips are just over 7 minutes.

Part 1

Part 2

8 Responses to “Colbert on OWS”

  • webgeek:

    LOL! That’s freaking hilarious!

  • Scott:

    I don’t think you “get” Colbert. His brilliant satire doesn’t really belong on a blog where Glenn Beck videos are embedded with a straight face.

  • Scott, funny is funny. Glenn Beck regularly posts Jon Stewart clips and even this clip was on the Blaze. Posting it doesn’t mean I agree with Colbert’s liberal views.

  • Scott:

    His “liberal views” are the foundation for the clip. He’s the joke, not the protesters. The fact that conservatives post the video to laugh at their finger waving and her “female bodied person” language just goes to show that they can’t recognize a mirror when they see one.

  • Scott:

    For a less subtle take, try watching the “John Oliver visits Occupy Wall Street” clip from the Daily Show a couple weeks back.  

  • Just watched the Oliver clip. Not even funny.

  • Scott:

    Further proof that you may be missing the real joke(s) in the Colbert clips.

  • Stan Ness:

    Indeed very funny!  It seems to me that Colbert is mocking “both sides” of the issue, which is typical of the liberal media.  They want us to see only two options for America–both of which suck scummy pond water.

    Sadly, this is how we are trained to think.  Recall what you were taught in high school health class about the how all creatures (including humans) responds to any kind of perceived threat.  It is either Fight or Flight, correct?  This is the response of the Natural Man.  What the High School curriculum doesn’t teach our children is that there is a third option, the Christlike option of meekness rooted in Faith, Hope and Charity.