Communists Gather at UVU

Our tax dollars at work! I received an email this morning with this link pointing out how UVU’s Revolutionary Students Union group hosted anti-market communist activists at a recent get together.

Posted // May 19,2011 –

In Utah County this week, you can join the good comrades of Utah Valley University’s Revolutionary Students Union as they host Chicano activist Teresa Gutierrez and Fred Goldstein, former leader in the Workers World Party. Or you can attend a meeting of Salt Lake City’s defenders of diversity, the Human Rights Commission. Later, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to get a one-on-one meeting with Mayor Ralph Becker.

Activist Forum With Teresa Gutierrez and Fred Goldstein
Thursday, May 19
Anti-market forces are converging at Utah Valley University, where you can hear two revolutionary thinkers discuss workers rights, immigration and imperialist globalization, for free. Utah Valley University’s Revolutionary Students Union will be hosting Chicano liberation leader Teresa Gutierrez and Fred Goldstein, formerly in the leadership of the the Workers World Party and author of Low-Wage Capitalism, a Marxist take on globalization and the working class. Utah Valley University Library, 800 W. University Parkway, Room LI502, Orem, 801-863-8352, May 19, 7:30-8:30 p.m.,

12 Responses to “Communists Gather at UVU”

  • Susie:

    The UVU Revolutionary Student’s Union website ( is much more interesting to read than someone’s story on it. You can see for yourself how this group is a proud affiliate of Bill Ayer’s infamous club, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

    According to their website:

    “The Revolutionary Students Union is a non-tendency anti-Capitalist student club at Utah Valley University. We hold that our current political, economic and social institutions are tools for the rich and do not serve the people. We are calling for a revolutionary replacement of these systems. Our goals are to Socialize, Politicize and Organize in order to create a mass movement capable of overthrowing global Capitalism.”

    Parents just gotta be proud of the education their college kids are getting to make a difference in this world.

  • Free Thinking Conservative:

    Because there are definitely NO conservative or pro-capitalist clubs, organizations, teachers, or students at UVU, right?  I agree that it’s completely defensible to make a generalization about the education a university provides based on a student organization at that university.  I, too, think we should be using tax dollars to quash their website, speech, assembly, and thought because they disagree with ours.  I think we should also be on the lookout just in case a group of Islamic, Catholic, or Jewish groups host an event.  They don’t believe the same things as the majority of Utah County (or even America) do either!  As a matter of fact, I think we should march on UVU with torches and pitchforks to shut it down entirely as it’s obviously hotbed of anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, and anti-everything-else-I-believe-in-ism.  I don’t know anyone who’s gone to UVU who has actually gained any sort of education, career skill, or enhancement in their quality of life.  Everyone I know who’s come out of that pit of vipers has come out a radical, socialist revolutionary!  It’s time for action!


  • Marjohna:

    No one in this discussion is talking about stopping the free speech of this group.  Quite the opposite.  We are just making sure that everyone hears them loud and clearly as they state their purpose to attack the freedoms of others  No one is fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing.  And by the way Free, those little folk who used to march with torches and pitchforks, more often than not, were taking down the entrenched feudal ruling class that stole everything they worked for to support their idle and useless lifestyle.  That whole ‘divine’ right to rule does indeed resonates with far too many University minions, only they have cleverly usurped the whole divine idea into their own supposed, self-established and promoted intellectual superiority, in spite of the fact that, like you, they seemed to have learned history from Disney movies.

  • Free Thinking Conservative:

    Actually, Marjohna, I was talking about witch-hunters, not freedom-fighters.  I could, however, have been talking about the mobs that persecuted the early Mormons, the mobs that persecuted the Jews, the mobs that pushed communism into so many troubled countries, or even the mob that screamed, “Crucify him!” about someone whose beliefs differed from their own.  (I am aware that not all of those mobs wielded torches and pitchforks.  It’s symbolism, okay?)  Not every mob is a good thing.  Where did you learn your history?
    Also, though no one specifically suggested stopping this group’s free speech, people seem upset with UVU for allowing them to have it.  If we’re going to be upset by a state or government institution allowing (even sponsoring) free speech, we’re going to have to be upset with the framers and authors of our most cherished documents.  Your tax dollars at work, indeed.  No one here would likely complain about a UVU event for the Young Republicans hosting Glenn Beck.  Don’t you smell the hypocrisy?

  • Actually Free, I can’t “smell” the hypocrisy. What’s ironic is that groups like this are funded by tax dollars and if they rose to power would end all opposition speech. Glenn Beck is all about free speech, but the communists are not. They silence all opposition, permanently.

    Also, why should a government entity “sponsor” free speech? Free speech is a natural right. Nobody needs to sponsor it. Most universities are more than happy to bring in left-wing socialist revolutionaries to speak, but loathe to bring in conservatives. There are precious few opportunities in this country for students to get a balanced perspective. I don’t think our Founders sponsored left and right wing speakers to come in and “educate” the people with tax dollars. There was no need. The capitalist private market (ie. press) took care of that for the public as they should today.

  • Comrade Bronstein:

     Well I’m glad to be the first voting member of the RSU to welcome you to attend one of our meetings so that you might be able to see us as more than the pejorative term “commie”. You should also probably attend one of the meetings so that you know what the hell you’re talking about.

    By the way; we pay taxes, we pay tuition, and yet we still receive virtually no funding from the state or our universities.

  • Comrade, “virtually no funding?” No club should receive funding from the state or university. Anti-capitalist, workers of the world unite rhetoric is the communist, Marxist mantra. If you actually believe you can espouse that and aren’t a communist at heart, I guess the propaganda really does its job.

  • Free Thinking Conservative:

    Sigh.  Obviously, you can’t smell the hypocrisy because you’ve grown accustomed to it.

    I agree that it’s ironic that tax dollars are being used to allow people who would take away free speech have their free speech.  However, that’s what makes those of us who believe in free speech different.  I love to see my tax-dollar funded police out protecting some controversial (or even lunatic) group’s rally.  It comforts me to know that we defend our principles even if it becomes uncomfortable.  We put our money where our mouth is, as it were.  If tax dollars pay lawmakers’ time to listen when you address them on education, shouldn’t tax dollars pay to have them listen to an opposing view?  Every time a body of legislators meet, tax dollars are sponsoring free speech.  Every time we hold an election, tax dollars fund free speech.  Every member of our armed forces is a symbol of taxpayer money sponsoring our Bill of Rights. 

    It’s evident that you, Mr. Norton, wish to limit certain people’s access to free speech and thought.  I certainly don’t agree with the RSU’s opinions in the least, and I will speak out against their philosophy at any opportunity; but I will treat them with the respect that I would expect for myself.  If I ran a club for conservative capitalists at UVU and had invited speakers or presenters, I would hope the university would support me.  I would hope no one would deride the university’s academics because they were willing to support me.  I woudn’t use derrogatory, childish, and belittling terms like “commies” when I disagree with someone in the hopes that they wouldn’t use terms like that in their disagreements with me.  Civil discourse and an open exchange of ideas are the high road.  If I want my rights, I must offer them to others.

    As far as “most” universities being “more than happy” to accept leftist speakers and “loathe” to accept others, I have not found that to be true.  At each of the four universities I attended, I worked as a sound tech for presentations of all kinds.  I never saw a university representative anything but enthusiastic to recieve guest speakers  or presenters regardless of political leaning (and yes, there were many conservative speakers though the majority seemed to lean liberal).  Now if you have some sort of evidence (based on fact and research rather than anecdote) that the majority of liberal over conservative speakers stems from some higher education conspiracy, then I guess those university officials must be liberal and want only to hear liberal views they can agree with.  Hmmm.  That’s bad.  Maybe we should fight that by being just as bad as they are, only on the other side?

    Yep.  I smell the hypocrisy just fine. 

  • The_Patriot:

    While Oak blows many things out of proportion and finds conspiracies where none exist, this is one area where he is right. My tax dollars, which I am forced to pay, should not in any way be used to invite speakers to our state who wish to promote the destruction of economic and civil liberties. I have no problem with students exercising their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble with whomever they choose, but no taxpayer should have to subsidize the existence of such a group or to pay for the speakers they invite.

  • My friends and I started a liberty club at UVU a few years ago called Young American’s for Liberty. When we drafted our club’s constitution and by-laws we wrote that our funds could only come from voluntary donations. No one was allowed to take money from the school because we saw it as an unfair redistribution of people’s money. Not everyone believed in our cause and we didn’t feel right taking people’s money (directly or indirectly) if they did not donate it by choice.

    In case anyone here is wondering- clubs at UVU (at least last year) receive $250/semester plus $100/month if a rep showes up for UVU’s club meetings. We refused any funds that were offered by UVU (to their disgusted surprise).

    While I definitely don’t take sides with “Free” on his/her philosophical views I think he/she brings up a valid point. If we are to be consistent in principle then clubs such as ACME (Advocates for Cooperation in the Middle East…a pro-Israel club) and the College Republicans – two clubs with whom many subscribers to Utah’s Republic might likely agree with – should not be receiving state funds either.

  • Amen Jim. Thanks for posting.

  • Free Thinking Conservative:

    I notice that “commies” has been changed to “communists” in the title of this post.  Thank you for showing an opposing view a modicum of respect.