Daily Herald Carries ASD Story

Click this shortened link to go to the Provo Daily Herald for an article on ASD’s motto fiasco as reported last week. Please feel free to make comments.

“District parents angry over radical Web link”
Also of interest is this story…

I came home tonight and had an email from a family in Highland who read the email I sent out last week, showed it to their teenage son, and asked him if Democracy ever came up at school. He replied that he hadn’t really heard about it much. Today in his English class, his teacher was giving out assignments to write essays and one being assigned was entitled “Education in a Democracy.” He came home with a new perspective on education and his parents had a productive discussion with him. Score one more for the parents!

Her note ended with this:

“I guess the point of my e-mail besides–yes its in the classroom–is that parents will have to teach their children and in turn they are the ones that will probably need to stand up and say “wait.”  Or pick the topics to write contradictory essays.  So, thanks for your hard work and keeping us informed.  I would not have known but for you, and in turn I can teach my children.”

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