Election Results 2010

2 of our 4 endorsed candidates for Alpine School District won. Wendy Hart beat Chrissy Hannemann and Paula Hill beat Donna Barnes. Congratulations to both of them.

In the other two races, Tim Osborn lost to ASD sponsored John Burton in the American Fork race. This was a case of the district wanting Tim off the board since he’s the lone voice of the parents and Burton is a former district administrator. Tim has done an awesome job on the board advocating for better math and parent’s rights and he will certainly be missed.

In another unfortunate loss marred by scare tactics, JoDee Sundberg supporters put out a flier calling JoDee the “conservative” candidate and announcing that Scott would essentially defund public schools. Scott handled all the charges leveled at him very well, but unfortunately the public bought into the lies and re-elected JoDee, the establishment choice.

JoDee Sundberg Campaign Sign

JoDee Sundberg Campaign Sign

13 Responses to “Election Results 2010”

  • SheJay7:

    I was SHOCKED to see JoDee supporters badgering voters as they entered Cherry Hill School!
    The use of brainwashed and un-educated children to wave signs in the driveway & street was also dispicable!
    I believe in the future the children (and adults) who supported these kinds of tactics and JoDee’s agenda, will see the fruit fo their doings, and say “Oh my, what have I done!”

  • Orem Mom:

    Too bad people don’t understand that a school board is to represent the PARENTS, not the administration. JoDee Sundberg is very hard to beat because she is so well known in this area (not to mention the fact that there are TONS of educators in this area too.) However, Scott Bell gathered A LOT of votes as a relative unknown, which should hopefully send a message of discontent.

  • We're making progress!:

    Congratulations Wendy and Paula! And kudos to Tim and Scott for running a good race.

    JoDee, a conservative? That would be funny if it weren’t so deceptive. But then, in a progressive world where you can redefine terms to mean whatever you say they mean, I guess she’s spot-on. On re-reading her signs, she appears that for her, “Conservative” means “bringing in tax dollars from the federal government.”

  • Dave Duncan:

    Ignorance and misinformation prevailed. While the schoolboards should theoretically be a non partisan position according to some lines of arguments, the reality is that the education (or indoctrination) of our children has become a politicized battleground.

    It is time to make the school board elections partisan. It would give the delegates (who are committed to researching the candidates) a chance to make an informed choice. And the candidates would only have to campaign to a few hundred delegates (or less), rather than try to reach thousands of voters.

    Then there would be a real choice for the voters come election time–a democrat, and all that it stands for, vs. a republican, and what that stands for.

  • Mary Mostert:

    So far the facts of the Alpine School election, and ALL of the comments indicate that the real problem was … DECEPTION. It appears that the progressives on the School Board and those running simply lied about what they have and are doing to win. If they lied to win, they will probably continue to lie while serving on the school board. Now is the time for parents to pay even closer attention to what your children are being taught, to regularly attend school board meetings and inform each other and plan for the next election. You’ve made a good start at teaching your children, and the adults how a Republic is supposed to work! Congratulations to Wendy Hart and Paula Hill. And parents owe Tim a “thank you” for having been the loan voice of reason.

  • Mama Grizzly:

    The redefining of terms is no surprise. I sat in the PTSA meeting where JoDee and John Spencer tried their hardest to continue to pull the wool over StepfordPTA moms. When an administrator in the district, with the board member present says “Can’t you let us define our own terms”, and only a few in the room are aghast, let alone GET IT, well then “Houston – we have a problem”!
    And it was quite funny to see those cute little children carrying a sign that said we need more tax dollars for the REAL CONSERVATIVE candidate!

  • rminer:

    Congrats Paula and Wendy! Scott kudos for running a good race against JoDee. Tim thanks for being open and honest and not a “rubber stamp” for the ASD administration. Wish we could have all 3 of you on the board. Tim’s integrity and honesty to the parents may have opened him up for a district coordinated defeat – but the tradeoff is that he exposed the underbelly of the administration and we got 2 conservatives on the board. Had Tim not been so vocal and open with us – the problems in the district would have been swept under the rug and buried.

  • rminer:

    Oops – must have learned to count in ASD – wish we could have had all 4 of you on the board!!

  • cea7of9:

    It seems that all parents in ASD are going to have to be even more vigilant in keeping the board’s collective feet to the fire. It is regrettable that more parents in ASD aren’t more concerned for their children’s education and less concerned with the feelings of board members who have shown that they are willing to deceive to win.

    However, we all need to be careful that our disappointment doesn’t taint our responses by demonizing people. Carefully worded, we can get our point across without looking fanatical. Un-carefully worded and we could look like we’re paranoid and out to attack anyone who doesn’t see things the same way. Let’s not lower our standards in our effort to get others to hear us. After all, that is what they have done.

  • Crabapple:

    Hi, Oak. It’s been a while so thought I would just pop by and say I had a great time participating in the DEMOCRATIC process on Tuesday.
    As for your whining about Jodee’s people, what they did is no different than what Tim’s people did against Burton.
    To Dave Duncan,
    You really want our school board to be political? That is quite radical. What does politics have to do with educating our children? If you want your kids taught your political beliefs and not any one else’s, then home school them or put them in a private school that follows your ideals. Don’t force your ideals onto all of us.

  • Concerned:

    I heard many nice and friendly things spoken about JoDee during the election, but like many of you, remember the details of things she’s done that have not been in the best interest of our children, or the community

    The root of the problem is an electorate that does not educate themselves on the issues, many teachers included. I know, because I used to be one of the many who do not take an active part in shaping the elections.

    I live in a neighborhood with several teachers that work for ASD. Unfortunately, most of them cannot articulate the reasons why they voted for JoDee. I’m certain some teachers within ASD see the issues. But of the eight I know well, all of them line up 100% behind ASD’s policies. At least for now, these are the teachers teaching our children.

    Unfortunately, the rest of you must now bear the burden of what our district has voted for, again . . .

  • Lanie:

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the comparison!

  • Lehi Mom:

    Parents pay attention to and ask your children what they’re learning in school. It was just happenstance that my daughter told me the conversation that happened in her Utah History class the other day. She is in 7th grade at Lehi Jr. High. She said the conversation went something as follows:
    Mr. W: “The pioneers had a tough first year. For example, they had crickets eating their crops. Who came to help them?” A student raised her hand and answered, “The seagulls.” Mr. W: “That’s not true, it’s a fake. If they’re teaching that to you in Sunday school, it’s wrong. It’s the indians. They taught the pioneers to eat the bulb of the Sego Lily.”
    Does is not seem that the teacher was “setting up” the children in the classroom for the anticipated response? Who is he to determine what is and is not Utah history? But what is particularly upsetting is that he is telling all in the class that if they believe this it is “fake” and what they are learning in Sunday School is “wrong”. If he has religious bias’ he is entitled to his opinion but is it okay for a teacher to publicly put down a child’s religious views and say that what they are learning in their church is “wrong”? Why are some teachers able to get away with this sort of behavior over and over again?