Friedman vs Donahue

Milton Friedman’s brilliant response to Phil Donahue’s attack on capitalism.

5 Responses to “Friedman vs Donahue”

  • Susie:

    Great clip. Love the last line.

  • Stan:

    Very nice…he certainly had the ability to see through the rationalizing excuses so many “progressives” give for policies that have failed time and time again and more importantly, to illustrate their fallacy in a clear manner.

    I looked up Milton Friedman on Wikipedia. He had some interesting ideas and advocated such things as public school vouchers, all-volunteer military force (no draft), freely floating exchange rates, abolition of medical licenses, a negative income tax and a monetary system that would be a non-government gold standard where money is produced by the private market.

    While I can’t say that I agree with all of his ideas, I think he had some very good ones and we could use a lot more people like him in our government today. Thanks for sharing–great video!

  • Jon:

    Giving Phil the benefit of the doubt, is it possible he asked the question to get him to properly answer the question he wanted brought out?

    Nice video. Based on this, I will have to reword my response to the greedy people seeking to impose their socialist views on me about greedy people.

  • Doug:

    Thank you for introducing a great man to more people – and furthering truth. He was always fun to listen to and is missed!