Indoctrinate U – BYU Profs Not Immune

Utah is a fairly conservative state and having the LDS church here (which has a pro-Constitution doctrinal position) one would tend to assume that a fairly strong conservative leaning would be at a university owned by the LDS church. However, the liberal leanings of academia know no bounds and when Glenn Beck’s LDS Co-host, Pat Gray, sent his daughter to BYU, the last thing he ever expected was for her to come home an Obama supporter. Listen to Glenn’s counsel on this video and how Pat turned his daughter back around to the truth of what President Obama really is. If it can happen at BYU to Pat Gray’s daughter, it can happen anywhere, and to anyone.

12 Responses to “Indoctrinate U – BYU Profs Not Immune”

  • H. Hoeke, Highland, UT:

    It’s not just the professors! BYU leadership is on the wrong track after Pres. Wilkinson retired! They have invited political leaders which is an outrage! The boss of the KGB was invited once at the Reuben Clark Library. I wrote to President BENSON about it and he agreed with me; indicated he would investigate. Then they had Pres. Bush, a typical Neo-con, Brescinsky, (another NWO supporter), but they would not invite a principled Conservative like Ron Paul!  They they forced to make Prof. Steven Jones to resign! Outrageous! I was once an enthusiastic of BYU — but no more!

  • Daniel Rush:

    So, if you support Obama (a Democrat), you are “indoctrinated” to join the Dark Side.  If you support Republicans, you are enlightened in the Good Side.  Good grief.  Who in their right mind would buy into such logical fallacies?  This is nothing more than politics. Period.  Perhaps, one day, this girl will be allowed to think for herself, and even make mistakes for herself.   Despite Glenn Beck’s generalities, parents don’t know everything.  I recently got into a debate with my 70 year old father over the federal deficit.  He said that Obama ran up the entire $14 Trillion dollar deficit.  I replied that the deficit was already close to $10 trillion when Obama took office.  My father begged to differ, so I asked him to give me his source (which he couldn’t do because he heard it on Talk Radio–not known for accurate facts if any facts are given at all).  I told my father that I could give him some data that shows deficit spending under every single President and Congress.  He replied that the data is fake (even without looking at it).  He trusts people he doesn’t even know because they sound logical to him rather than factual, and instead of looking for facts to form an ideology around, he, like so many others, looks for only rhetoric on Talk Radio that reinforces a preconceived ideology. I love my father and appreciate the wisdom that many years of life can bring, but he simply wasn’t trained to discriminate between accurate and misleading facts and rhetoric that are constantly being perpetuated by both the right and the left in this country. 

    I listened to this Glenn Beck clip, and he didn’t give me one single ounce of evidence that this girl was indoctrinated by her professors.  Her associations with friends and other students and just the fact that living in Provo can turn people to the “dark side” because of the bizarreness of the place, and things she may have learned in her own home town and high school could all have bearing on her choices.  The only facts that I heard on this clip about this BYU Indoctrination story was that Glenn Beck has a co-host name Pat Gray who had a daughter go to BYU who came back from college a little more open to President Obama and had to be re-educated. 

    Let me tell you something, Oak.  In my hometown, two very conservative LDS girls who were sisters also went to BYU.  Within two years, they dropped out of school and married into polygamous families. Were they indoctrinated by BYU Professors to do such a thing?

  • Daniel, where did I ever say being a republican was the good side? Bush was a disaster for this country but Obama is bent on its destruction. Obama isn’t just a democrat, he’s a Marxist and he’s filled his cabinet with Marxist revolutionaries and they are pushing us toward communism.

    Your assumptions above aren’t accurate. Pat’s daughter wasn’t just more open to Obama, she was a supporter, until Pat played for her Obama’s own words and the people around him and she woke up to the truth. Also FYI, this happened at BYU-Idaho and not BYU in Provo. 

    As for the polygamists, without knowing more facts it’s impossible to say who influenced those girls toward that lifestyle, but I would never put it beyond a BYU professor from having some negative influence. They’re not all angels now are they? :)

  • Daniel Rush:

    Oak, would you be so kind to share some empirical data on your following claims that Obama is a Marxist and that his cabinet is filled with Marxist revolutionaries.  I’m certainly open to your persuasion, but first I need to be persuaded with observable and substantiated (independently corroborated) evidence.   As of now, I see nothing more than political rhetoric from the right wing, who the left wing claim are fascist revolutionaries.  To tell you the truth, I’m sick of both parties and their ridiculous, skewed, re-contextualized, and biased views of everything around them.

    Of course BYU professors aren’t angels, but I don’t think it is becoming on my part or your part to make unsubstantiated inferences that they had a major contributing impact on people’s decisions, whether it means joining a polygamous sect or becoming a supporter of the President of the United States.  You are very clever in sowing the seeds of deceit for later nurturing.  I have learned that one must doubt all rhetoric and seek the truth through verifiable facts and data, not emotional interpretations or factual rewrites of politicians or their apologists.   Glenn Beck is notorious for such fear-mongering.  Just the other day I heard him trying to use his fear tactics by saying that the Wall Street Protestors were going to drag rich people from their homes and kill them.  What is ironic is that this is the same type of fear tactic that the Nazis or Communists used in galvanizing support for their cause, yet Beck claims that he is anti-communist and anti-fascist. Worse yet, you listen to this windbag and perpetuate his propaganda.  Oak, when are people going to learn to think for themselves and stop relying on the interpretations of others?  Perhaps people are easily brainwashed, but I’m not such a person.      

  • Well Daniel, if you haven’t understood Marxism and how the revolutionaries shifted from bombing buildings in the 60’s and 70’s and then turned to education, you can click the “bill ayers” link in the tag cloud to the right and catch up on that. If you’re unaware of the rhetoric from the left to kill the rich, here’s a link. You don’t hear this kind of talk from the Tea Partiers but they take the brunt of it in the main stream media.

  • Anonymous:

    Oak, attacking God’s school again?  Don’t forget that the place is run by a sitting General Authority who has many keys of the priesthood and are more subject to inspiration than you or I. 

  • TKC, are you suggesting that President Samuelson is infallible? That would be new doctrine. The school is owned by the Lord’s church and might have 1 General Authority sitting as president, but the people who run the departments and programs and teach the classes aren’t General Authorities. Don’t forget D&C 1:30…

    “30 And also those to whom these commandments were given, might have power to lay the foundation of this church, and to bring it forth out of obscurity and out of darkness, the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth, with which I, the Lord, am well pleased, speaking unto the church collectively and not individually-“

  • Anonymous:

    Oak, I’m just playing by your rule book where you think ETB is infallible. 

  • Thanks for reminding me. ;) I’d still encourage you to read the quotes on that linked to page so you can see that from Joseph on, they’re all in agreement that socialism and communism are the devil’s plan from the beginning.

  • Colleen Curtis2:

    I have had 2 children graduate from BYU. My husband is employed there, and is doing just fine, yet my 2 kids (out of 11) both love Obama, voted for him, and are very liberal, now.  They were homeschooled, and conservative until they went to BYU for a few years.  My oldest teaches middle school, and my daughter’s husband attends a university back east.  They both have lost their way, for a while, but I am hoping and praying that they will come back before it is too late!

  • Owen:

    What a good laugh I received from reading the above comments. I myself am very conservative and would have a hard time ever voting for the left. Glenn mentioned the Occupy Wall Street movement, which I oppose (most people I’ve talked with at BYU feel the same way).  I currently attend BYU and if anything have become more conservative because of classes that I have taken here. When was the last time most of you sat on in a lecture at BYU? 

    Did you hear forum today? Heaven forbid…it was by a Democrat Independent who is a Jew. Are all the freshman going to vote for Obama now and become Jews? I highly doubt it. Being close minded (and putting your kids in a bubble) does no good. Teach them morals and how to judge for themselves and as they receive a more diversified experience at college, they’ll know what to accept and believe and what to reject.I believe that people who blame a school for making their children more Liberal or Conservative, simple cannot face the facts that their child does not believe the way that they do. Think outside the bubble for a minute guys…its not the fact that your children attended BYU or ANY other school that made them liberal, its the fact that you probably never let them think for themselves while they were growing up and they are tired of believing what you forced upon them. Free Agency ring a bell?Colleen, you say that your children have “lost their way” just because they voted for Obama? Voting for one platform vs another does not make you a bad person. 

  • Right Owen. It’s always the parents fault. Teachers never try to shift a students perspective toward their political ideology through one sided arguments. All is well in Zion.

    Colleen didn’t say her children were bad people. They’ve become misguided through the indoctrination they received. You should watch a Bill Ayers lecture. There’s a segment on this site. He’s great at bringing social justice into the classroom without ever calling it that. BYU’s education department till last year was part of John Goodlad’s NNER which advocates teaching social justice and the gay agenda in the classroom. Under pressure, the Ed Department left the NNER for “financial reasons” but in the same news article continued to praise Goodlad.