Navy Admiral Requests More Troops

A Navy Admiral is requesting 8,000 troops to be stationed on Guam and has to endure this congressional questioning. This video illustrates why the delegate system should be used to vette candidates before they get to a general election where the voters can exercise their uninformed voting rights. :) Warning, do not have drink or food in your mouth while you watch this. :)

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  • this is why I am thanks my lucky stars to be a utahann. Everyone knows that Georgia ranks 51st in the nation on education spending and utah is 50th…obvious our investment has paid off. Oh wait, we can only guess what will come out of Chavettz..’ess mouth…hold your breath.

  • Larry:

    Thank you American Education,
    It is hard to imagine that person got elected to Congress by a vote of the people in a Congressional District in America, but he did. A large community of citizens cast their vote for this man to represent their interests in America's government. His vote in Congress carries just as much weight as Rob Bishop or Jason Chaffetz.
    The dumbing down of America is just about complete.

  • Don Ruzicka:

    I think this video speaks for itself, no specific comment could describe or address it better than the actual dialogue. The frightening thing about this example of stupidity, incompetence and arrogance is that a few people like this are making life and history changing decisions for 300 million people. When will Americans wake up?

  • antiussa:

    He's on drugs.

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  • lewisbarnavelt:

    Another good video showing similar stupidity was the standing ovation given to Kevin Garn after admitting to misconduct with a minor. Regardless, it is quite presumptuous to think that delegates would elect only smart, competent people. Utah has a delegate system yet we still have candidates such as Buttars or Garn that embarrass our state, and Buttars is the gift that keeps on giving each legislative session. The delegate system in Utah is not in search of competent people, but simply those who share similar ideologies. I know some people who were elected as delegates and are missing a few marbles of their own. Also, the problem with the caucus system in Utah is that it can be easily overrun by organized factions which is already happening in Utah County where the extreme fringe right of the Republican Party has taken control of many delegate positions, but don't necessarily represent the views of the average citizen (of course the average citizen needs to get involved but many have misgivings about registering as Utah Republicans).

  • lewisbarnavelt:

    That's funny. Utah ranked 51st, over $1,000 behind Idaho (50th) in per pupil spending last year. In fact Utah is rapidly approaching 52nd (Puerto Rico). I'm not sure where you are getting your statistics from. My mother actually refuses to relocate her business dealings to Utah because of the bad reputation Utah is gaining nationally in its commitment to education. Wait until SNL makes fun of Utah like they used to do with Mississippi. That has got to be good for business. Despite Utah's pro-business friendly environment, Washington state-a much less business friendly state-just landed a BMW car plant. Go figure! I wonder if education has something to do with it?