Pre-election Interview with Hans Anderson

The Friday 10/29 interview with Hans Anderson before the November 2010 election, Susie Schnell and I were interviewed on air with Hans Anderson. Here is the audio if you would like to listen to it. In the interview we discuss some candidates, but then go into progressive education, humanism, math, and Alpine School District (naturally).

2 Responses to “Pre-election Interview with Hans Anderson”

  • Susie Schnell:

    This is a great interview. Get past the beginning where we introduce candidates and what you’ve heard before. It gets into much more detail that readers haven’t heard us talk about. The further on it goes, the better it gets with fascinating quotes and examples of how this is in our schools.

  • Tana:

    Great interview. Great Information. Thank you for helping to ‘educate’ =) us parents! God bless you folks in all you do.