Reagan vs. Current Politicians

In this awesome 2 minute video, someone has contrasted a speech by Reagan with what modern day politicians are saying. Check it out.

3 Responses to “Reagan vs. Current Politicians”

  • Aarond61:

    When it comes to economics both the rich and the poor must learn what works and what doesn't. When the rich do not give a poor man the means to provide for his family, the poor man either must steel those means or he must die. If the poor man dies or his family dies the rich man's family must take the occupations of the poor. Making the rich man prosperity poorer. The poor man that complains about his income if it be sufficient for his means and want more from the rich need to understand that the rich need more money to invent and discover new things to make life easyer for both.

  • Glen Haner:

    It is wrong for a righteous people to have wicked rulers. For a wicked and undeserving society to have righteous leaders is all wrong. A year from now, will a righteous people have honest public servants? Will we be the fools who did nothing, or threw the Democrat bums out by throwing Republican bums in? Either way, the people will have the perfect fit. All will be as it should be. Just like it is in Heaven. Just like it is in Hell.

  • Lewis B:

    You are absolutely correct! Both political parties stink to high heaven. They have both financed their economic philosophies and put the nation in a bankrupt situation.