Resistance is Futile You Will be Assimilated

Wendy Hart on the Alpine School Board has been doing a terrific job this week of posting relevant information on the Common Core. I strongly encourage you to read her posts which you can find at this link. (Common Core State Standards)

Everything is coming together for a total takeover of education by the Feds. This past week a bill at the Utah legislature was thankfully amended to drop a recognition of Common Core from the language, thus leaving things open without codifying Common Core into Utah law. Anyone who looks into Common Core can easily verify the power grab in education by the feds. And yes, homeschoolers are potentially at risk as the Homeschool Legal Defense Association pointed out last November.

Borg'ing Education

Here’s the Borg cube of connections which shows all the various organizations coming together to assimilate the education system. Even though the image above shows federal curriculum as unverified, the reality is that common standards and assessments will drive a perceived need for federal curriculum that matches the rest of the system. Pearson, the Gates Foundation, and others will be more than happy to provide new textbooks everyone is required to switch to.

RTTT Grant Connections

One Response to “Resistance is Futile You Will be Assimilated”

  • Chuck Bateman:

    How about a state mandate requiring all Utah Schools put in place a K-12, vertically integrated, behavioral objective curriculum that teaches about our Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the history of the founding father’s leading to their signing of these documents?  I realize it is necessary to be ever watchful for all activity that will “dumb-down” our educational system as well as reroute young minds toward the evils of tyranny and socialism (communism), but how about having something GREAT to be striving for?  We have to have an offense as well as a defense.