Slightly to the Right – The Book

I was sent a link to a free online book called Slightly to the Right. Written about 40 years ago by Senator Bill Richardson from California, this book describes the tactics of the communists in changing the language we use in order to indoctrinate us. Having skimmed it, it’s a fascinating looking book and not very long at all.

Slightly to the Right!

By: H.L. “Bill” Richardson


Chapter One: Good Guys Always Win?
Chapter Two: Inspect Yourself!
Chapter Three: Controlled Communications
Chapter Four: Trigger Words
Chapter Five: A Liberal Look At Conservatives
Chapter Six: “Egad … Here Comes Carry Nation!”
Chapter Seven: A Conservative Look At Liberals
Chapter Eight: Analyze Your Audience
Chapter Nine: The Broad Brush
Chapter Ten: Like People
Chapter Eleven: Ask Questions
Chapter Twelve: Conservative Astronauts
Chapter Thirteen: Name Dropping (Use Authorities)
Chapter Fourteen: Humor
Chapter Fifteen: Double Standards and False Premises
Chapter Sixteen: The Common Denominator or Ox Goring
Chapter Seventeen: Recapture Our Words
Chapter Eighteen: Know Your Subjects
Chapter Nineteen: The Greatest Weapon
Appendix I: Man or Machine?
Appendix II: Unnatural Reactions
Appendix III: Motivational Research

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