State Superintendent Jokes about Baking and Selling Parts of Senator

Yesterday afternoon’s Senate Education Appropriations Committee meeting had a bit of an edge to it. The USOE has been asked to reduce their budget 7 to 10 percent. About 36 minutes into the audio, the State Superintendent Larry Shumway came to the stand and this was the exchange he had with Senator Buttars, chair of the appropriations committee. You can listen to it above.

Senator Buttars: Yes Superintendent

Shumway: Good morning

Buttars: Good morning

Shumway: Um well, just facetiously, Senator Buttars, I thought maybe just you and I could go set up a little bake sale and we could come up with the cash.

Buttars: That would be a hell of a bake sale.

Shumway: Well actually I had received an email suggesting that if we could just put you in an oven and sell parts that that would raise it all.

Buttars: I appreciate your humor and I will return the compliment.

Shumway: (laughing) Probably true.

Buttars: Senator Madsen, Madsen, wait wait, Madsen, yes…

Madsen: You can get away with comments like that, he can’t.

Shumway: Oh, really, I didn’t mean it in any offense, I hope everyone knows that.

Madsen: He never does either.

Buttars: A little humor’s ok, (Shumway: just a little) even though it’s below the belt

If you want to listen to the whole session follow this link and listen to the audio from 1/27.

3 Responses to “State Superintendent Jokes about Baking and Selling Parts of Senator”

  • Cindy Dale:

    Not too funny in my book

  • Tim:

    Humor like this usually is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I would hope that Supt Shumway is willing to have all of his emails scrutinized for any and all offending dialogues with other people of the educational community. We have a problem with arrogance with an “I know better that you” attitude which then gives me superiority over you and your children. It’s time for this to end and in order to do so we must dig out all of the dirt.

  • Anonymous:

    Are you describing Buttars or Shumway with the arrogance and “I know better than you” attitude? I sometimes can’t tell the difference.