The Awesome New Texas History Standards

There’s been a lot of misreporting by the media around the country (shocker…) about the new Texas history standards including reporting that Thomas Jefferson has been removed from the standards. That is utterly false. The only person to get more attention than Jefferson is, appropriately, George Washington. Here are a few resources to get the scoop on their standards, which frankly, Utah ought to adopt. Texas’ goal in these standards was to create the most factual standards in the country and to expunge revisionist history such as what ASD linked to in their infamous William Meyers link.

Here are articles and links to learn more if you’d like to.

TX state board member Gail Lowe explains some of the misreporting and shares this closing comment:

A critical skill Texas students should develop as part of their education is the ability to analyze information from primary source documents. This should be a requirement for journalists, too. Many seem to have jumped to erroneous conclusions without even examining the actual curriculum standards. One can disagree ideologically with the State Board of Education, but the TEKS standards themselves should be the point of reference for objective, thorough reporting.

Next, the TEA (appropriate acronym for Texas Education Agency) released this correction of some items floating around in the news, with these quote corrections from FOX news:

Last, here is a link to actual changes in the standards. If you open the 6-8 grade pdf and search for the word Republic, it’s everywhere. You can also see a list of important people that are taught by grade level which is kind of cool. A lot of these names are people I’ve never heard of, though some may just be important Texans, but I’m sure they’re all worth knowing.

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