Utah County GOP Platform Amended for Republic

At the Utah County GOP Central Committee meeting this morning, the members overwhelmingly voted to amend the county party platform with this amendment which I had proposed to the body.


The United States of America is a compound Constitutional Republic based on the rule of law, representatives elected by sovereign citizens to exercise authority on their behalf, and a system of internal and external checks and balances.

The word “compound” was added as an amendment to match the language of HB 220 which the Utah legislature passed this session to require that our children are taught this principle of a compound Constitutional Republic. This is a concept which Representative Ken Ivory has been explaining around the state as he talks about his “Where’s the Line America?” program. This “program” drove HB 76 which Ken ran entitled, “Federal Law Evaluation and Response” and successfully passed the House and Senate and is only awaiting the Governor’s signature to go into law.

To understand what a compound Constitutional Republic is, please visit the newly revised home page of this site.

I will now be submitting this as an amendment to the State GOP platform. If you are a state delegate and want to co-sponsor this measure, please email me.

17 Responses to “Utah County GOP Platform Amended for Republic”

  • Susie:

    It was wonderful to see such an overwhelming and enthusiastic response from over 300 Precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs to this addition to the Utah County Republican platform. Thanks Oak for drafting this and presenting it today.

  • So, when the kids at school recite the Pledge of Allegiance, do they now need to say ‘and to the compound Constitutional Republic’….. Or maybe you’ll be drafting a new Pledge of Allegiance just for Utah?

  • How’s this one?
    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Democracy for which it stands, one nation under the majority, with liberty and justice for most of us.

    :) I hope you’ll take the time to understand what Madison meant by a compound Constitutional Republic. Take a look at the home page for a revision that explains this.

  • The_Patriot:

    “compound Constitutional Republic.” Sounds like something out of 1984.

  • Scott:

    Rather than proposing pragmatic solutions to perceived problems, the right-wing fringe crusaders insist on pushing their prattle upon the populace under patriotic pretenses.

    Stated more substantively with a tad less alliteration, this obsession with the “Republic v. Democracy” dichotomy really misses the mark (*ominous voice: or does it…). It betrays a fundamental failure to understand constitutional law, the structure and workings of our government, and the role that states do and should play in that structure. Those who build their ideological houses on such firm foundations as Messrs. Beck and Skousen, and things Birch and Tea, would be far better off spending a few days in a constitutional law class at one of our nation’s fine law schools (yes, that includes BYU). At the very least they could read McCulloch v. Maryland.

  • Oak,

    I was actually serious with my question above. How do kids in Utah now recite the pledge? How do we now do it in order to follow the scope of the law.

    Are you saying that Republic will be an acceptable shortcut for a compound Constitutional Republic?

    If we now have to teach ‘compound Constitutional Republic’. How does that work with the pledge?

  • Well, the serious answer is the current pledge won’t change. The modification in the law via HB 220 is just to teach children we are a compound Constitutional Republic and has nothing to do with the pledge. Prior to this law, there was no mention of the word “republic” in the state history standards for all of K-12. The above post though, was a change to the Utah County GOP Platform.

  • The_Patriot:


    Why are you allowed to make up a wrong term to describe our form of government yet when the ASD uses an actual (though debatably, also a wrong) term to describe our form of government you jump down their throats? “Compound constitutional republic” is a term that NEVER existed until earlier this month, when the Utah State Legislature made it up. And now you are pushing to use that same term. So please explain to us what the difference is because, quite frankly, you seem to be doing the same thing as the ASD by teaching our kids falsities about our form of government.

  • Ohhhhhh, The_Patriot, did you read the home page of this site and see that it’s not a made up term but was used by James Madison, chief architect of the Constitution? Did you not know that we complained about the Enculturating/Indoctrinating sign for years but only became alarmed after ASD linked their website to a Green party radical in CA who wrote about our Founding Fathers being “predatory elitists” and they gave us a republic but thank goodness we were moving away from it to democracy? That was a link on their mission statement page. As for teaching falsities to our children, the term “compound Constitutional Republic” is perhaps the most accurate phrase ever used. A republic based on law can exist anywhere. In our case, wise founders separated powers into multiple entities (federal body & the states) and crafted them each as republics where they would guard our liberties against the other. The federal body protects us in some ways from the state (such as guarantees of free speech, gun rights, etc…) while the states were to guard us against abuses from the federal body. We have a constitution, or written law which defines the scopes of those powers in the compound network. It’s a prime example of separation of powers, and then within those bodies again separating the powers into branches of government. Gladstone said it best that it was the greatest work ever struck off by the mind of man (with a healthy dose of divine inspiration). It’s worth teaching to our children.

  • The_Patriot:


    You must love creating revisionist history. Madison NEVER, NOT ONCE used the term “compound constitutional republic.” You’ve documented ONE LONE INSTANCE where he used the term “compound republic,” yet he NEVER wrote “compound constitutional republic.” I don’t know who you think you are to put words into the mouths of our nation’s Founding Fathers.

    Since you’re probably going to continue demagoguing this issue to death, answer this one question for me with a yes or no answer: Did any Founding Fathers ever write down the EXACT phrase “compound constitutional republic”? Again, a yes or no answer will suffice. If you say yes, one of them did use that EXACT phrase, I would appreciate a specific reference to their use of that EXACT phrase. I want to see how honest you are.

  • Yesterday when I typed that I wasn’t thinking about the exact phrase, yes it’s compound republic he said. I have to say that for you to say I’m demagoguing this is funny for as harsh as you come across with your shouting. It would have been pretty easy for you to say, “Oak, your quote from Madison doesn’t have “constitution” in it. The legislators inserted that to make it very clear for people what we are.

  • The_Patriot:

    Got it. So when you use a term that didn’t exist until the beginning of March 2011 we just accept it at face value. But when the school district uses the word “democracy,” you jump down their throats. (By the way, contrary to what Oak says, the dictionary defines “democracy” as “government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” Sounds like a pretty accurate term to use, in my humble opinion.) Nevertheless, there’s no double standard here, right Oak?

  • Excuse me, but “compound republic” was used by Madison and probably others far before March 2011. Sticking the word “constitutional” in there only adds clarity to the term.

    Please look at the other dictionary definition of Democracy and realize that Goodlad, Ayers, and the whole progressive movement is trying to move us toward that definition by using a word that has 2 meanings. It’s mob rule they want just like what happened in Egypt and Wisconsin and the unions (SEIU, etc…) are all trying to push for around the country. They truly want anarchy so they can squash the people and implement their dictatorship. Read the post I just made on Ayers last night and after watching that video, look at the video the first commenter posted to. They plan on killing about 25 million capitalists in order to bring about their socialist utopia.

  • Susie:


    The ASD actually used the terms ‘social democracy’ and ‘political democracy’ and by following John Goodlad and Bill Ayer’s use and understanding of the term “democracy”, their direction is one of democratic socialism whether their intent was or not. This definition of “Democracy” has reared its ugly head all over Egypt and the teacher’s unions in Wisconsin, etc. Sorry Patriot, but this argument has been beaten to death this year and if you read the articles, you should be able to get it by now. It is not about one word. It is about the movement and ideas behind the words. Because you have never heard of the word ‘compound’ in regards to our Constitutional Republic, doesn’t mean it didn’t exist before March 2011. Even though the word might be new to some in this context, the idea behind it is as old as the Constitution and Oak provided a Madison quote to prove that. It’s all about the states having many more rights than the federal government’s limited responsibilities.

    Bill Ayers, who has been speaking at John Goodlad’s NNER Conferences for years WHILE the ASD Superintendent has been a part of NNER’s executive leadership, has recently announced that every country around the world having a US base should vote in our US elections. This is “democracy” at work according to Ayers.

    “Patriotism” is one thing; actually being informed and educated in the workings of the Constitution and understanding the current use of the word “democracy” as it is being used to destroy our Republic is quite another.

  • Greatwhitealso:

    You people need to go down to your basement and rotate your food storage, you’re scaring the life out of me.

  • Susie:

    What’s scary is that my response is the exact same as Oak’s when I had no idea he was responding at the same time. He just hit send first. How embarrassing! Funny. Since we think so much alike, hopefully we never go to a party with the same dress on! ;)