Utah Sound Money Act

Anyone think the economy has gone past the point of no return? What can be done? I think this creative idea is a great solution to help at least partially insulate Utah from the pressures that are going to come upon the nation. The Utah Sound Money legislation has been filed but doesn’t have an announced sponsor yet.

Here is a 30 second trailer for the longer video below which is about 11 minutes. After watching the video, please contact your legislators and ask them to pass the Utah Sound Money Act. You can read the draft legislation here.



4 Responses to “Utah Sound Money Act”

  • Tom Westmoreland:

    Yes, yes, and yes!

  • Rick:

    It’s a long video, but it doesn’t actually say anything about the proposed act.

  • Tom Westmoreland:

    The video assumes that you understand basic economics. To educate everyone on what they should have taken the time to learn on their own would make the video unnecessarily long. The purpose of the video is not to explain every detail of the bill, we can all read it for ourselves. What we should understand about this concept is that Utah would have its own currency consisting of or backed by gold and silver.

    Think about it, not only would this protect Utah’s economy but Utah would become the Egypt of old, when all the world found itself in a famine and Egypt was the only place where food was to be had. God used Joseph to save Egypt and His covenant people. Sound Utah money would be Utah’s and America’s modern Joseph. As banks, businesses, municipalities, and private investors find themselves in uncertain economic times and are looking for safe harbors for their money, they will come to Utah for financial safety and security.

    The beauty of it is that it is not mutually exclusive from U. S. currency and does not have to be implemented all at once and it can be put in motion long before we desperately need it. The worst case scenario is the best of all and that is if the dollar makes a miraculous turnaround and Utah sound money is more of a luxury than a necessity but there is a better chance of me winning the lottery than the dollar making a painless recovery before it crashes. Of course, gold and silver prices could fall at some time but they cannot fall on their own, gold and silver would have to be replaced by something else. Since the beginning of time, the only thing that has caused gold and silver prices to drop significantly is a sound and thriving economy. Again, this is a winning scenario either way.

    There is nothing tricky or complex about the concept. It is simple and straight forward.

    I especially appreciate the way this bill is proposed in conjunction with principles of a sound and wise lifestyle. It is more than an economic philosophy but includes honesty, integrity, and American rugged individualism and exceptionalism. Switzerland didn’t come up with this model on its own but combined its own experiences with the American model. That is the original American model, not anything that exists today.


    The crisis we are now experiencing is just a prelude to the major Transition in global consciousness that will occur during the 2012 period. In order to make the shift, the corrupt, hierarchical systems which do not serve the needs of Humanity must collapse. This will create fear and hardship for many, but for those who prepare for the paradigm shift to a new matrix of consciousness and being, the transition will be viewed as a mere inconvenience necessary for the rebalancing of Earth’s and Humanity’s energies. Here are the top 10 ways that you can prepare:

    1 – Recognize that The United States of America is an Empire in decline. Most empires do not go to bed willingly. History shows us that the USA gets very belligerent when the economy goes south or other nations refuse to do what it tells them to. New alliances are forming that intend to counter US Hegemony. The Dollar is about to be rejected as the global currency. Unjustified and irrational wars have brought the USA to bankruptcy. The deficit is out of control. We are at the mercy of foreign energy sources. The global community is fed up with Bully USA and is about to pull the plug on many fronts. Expect the US Government to lash out in a last-ditch attempt to salvage Empire.

    2 – Study and familiarize yourself with the concept of Peak Oil and its ramifications on our economic and social systems. In an era of energy scarcity, endless economic growth is not possible. The days of Milk and Honey are over. Value of Fiat paper currency (e.g. US Dollar/USD) is predicated on continual economic growth fueled by cheap energy. Peak Oil will ensure that the USD, globalism, the US economy, and all systems dependent on finance capital will collapse. This shedding process is already underway. Realize that the Good Ol Days are over and that materialism is a thing of the past.

    3 – Unplug from the Mainstream Media (MSM) propaganda stream. Television, commercial radio, daily newspapers, and most of what you read on corporate-sponsored websites is disinformation and propaganda whose only purpose is to control and manipulate public consciousness in order to stifle development of human consciousness and true democracy. Kill your Television. Read, listen, watch and support local, independent, alternative and grass-roots media. Start your own blog, low power FM radio station, public access TV show, or ‘zine to share the truth as you know it to be.

    4 – Understand that Corporations (the Dark Forces) control our government and politicians (CorpGov). Voting is a charade to make you believe that you have a democratic choice. Democrats and Republicans serve the same elite puppetmasters and are no different from one another, no matter how genuine their rhetoric sounds. If you don’t believe that Corporations are in control, then ignore that the Congress and the White House bailed out corrupt Banksters to the tune of TRILLIONS while they put on a dog-and-pony show about how much a public healthcare system will cost! The Federal Reserve will never be audited to expose the rampant corruption. The voting systems are rigged to ensure the Elites get the results they want. If you choose to engage in the voting game, only vote for Third Party and Independent candidates. Corporate-backed politicians must be flushed from the system permanently.

    5 – Economically detach from The System. Know that the Finance/banking, Insurance, and Real Estate (FIRE) economy is all about sucking money from your pocket and transferring it to wealthy Elites. It is essentially legalized theft of your labor and the wealth that such labor creates. Try to operate in a cash-only fashion, under the table and out of the banks. Barter for goods and services. Consider joining or starting a local currency (LETS) system. Take your money out of the big corporate banks and place it with your local non-profit community/employee Credit Union. If you are concerned about the long-term viability of the USD and the negative effects of inflation, consider buying a home with productive farmland, machinery & tools, or other tangible goods that hold and can create value. You should also consider adding gold and silver to the mix.

    6 – Learn to grow, harvest and store food. Modern just-in-time (JIT) delivery systems allow for only several days worth of food on store shelves. How long will that food last during a (manufactured?) disaster or economic collapse. Energy descent will make food via supermarkets harder to come by. Build your soil and grow your own healthy, organic fruits and vegetables. Establish a chicken coop and harvest the eggs, meat, feathers and manure. Goats are great for brush-clearing, milk and cheese. Rabbits re-produce quickly. Ponds can be stocked with fish. Learn about Permaculture and how it can make your homestead more productive with less work.

    7 – Get off The Grid. Make your own energy. Capture, store and purify water. Without clean water we cannot survive. Municipal water systems are at the mercy of evaporating budgets, aging infrastructure, energy requirements, diversion by source communities/states, and tampering. Harvest rainwater from rooftops and in ponds, drill wells, establish storage tanks high up for gravity feed, install plumbing and filtration systems to ensure the water of life keeps flowing when the power goes out. Put a hot water solar system in place. Learn to purify water with a solar oven. Similarly, become energy independent. Install solar PV panels and a DC battery system, install a wood stove for heat, store fuel and have a generator in place for when the grid goes down.

    8 – Learn traditional skills and healing practices. Wood working/turning, spinning, weaving, soap making, leather crafts, knitting, sewing, blacksmithing, metal working, herbal medicine, CPR, locksmithing, gun smithing, hunting, fishing, trapping, archery, animal husbandry, horse-shoeing, natural building, instrument making, coppicing, etc. Work with the local resources you have at hand rather than imported materials. Start a local guild of artisans and craftspeople to share knowledge and barter crafts.

    9 – Build local community. Get to know your next-door neighbors and the locals. Attend or organize community celebrations and events. Create a phone tree for emergencies. Start a local tool/equipment exchange or barter system. Form a Neighborhood Watch, seed savers’ exchange, or manufacturing cooperative. Volunteer to help the needy. Support your local farmer and shop at local, independent businesses to keep your money circulating in the local economy.

    10 – Develop a personal spiritual practice. This does not mean religion! Mainstream Religion (Christianity/Judaism/Islam/Hinduism) is dogma that is used to politically and economically enslave humankind. Conversely, spirituality allows the individual to directly connect to Source (God/Goddess, Higher Self, the Universe, whatever you wish to call it) without an intermediate or middleman (Church, priests, dogma, institutions) getting in the way to control you. Spiritual practices include: meditation, yoga, Kaballah, shamanism, indigenous/Earth-based spiritual traditions, Tantra, ceremonial magick, prayer, etc. Pick the path that works for YOU and stick with it to develop the essential spiritual skills that you will depend on to navigate the Transition.

    Remember, LOVE is the key to our collective success.