Utah Taxpayers Fund Global Education Agenda


This letter should be of interest to all Utah citizens, but especially those in the Jordan, Wasatch, Nebo, Provo, and Alpine school districts. Your school dollars have been going to the BYU-Public School Partnership (PSP) facilitating arm known as CITES (Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling) which is the teacher training center for John Goodlad’s Agenda. I hope by the time you are done reading you will have a desire to contact your school board and ask why they are sending money to CITES which has been heavily involved promoting and supporting Goodlad’s NNER (National Network for Educational Renewal) and IEI (Institution for Educational Inquiry) organizations.

John Goodlad isn’t shy about his global education agenda. There is good reason Charlotte Iserbyt in Reagan’s department of education called Goodlad the nation’s “premier change agent” for moving us toward socialism. This is a snapshot of what is currently on Goodlad’s NNER home page as of November 20, 2010. It’s never been more clear what Goodlad stands for.

NNER Homepage

We see here that the NNER is inviting teachers to create activism toward social justice which is nothing less than the Marxist redistribution of wealth. Further down the page you can see a link to a 2010 expert panel discussing how to prepare teachers to move the gay agenda forward and ensure “equity” in the classroom. The first paragraph inside this expert panel report starts with this sentence.

Our group used the four dimensions of the Agenda for Education in a Democracy as a framework for our suggestions of important topics and issues to be included in a teacher education program.”

In Alpine School District spokesperson Rhonda Bromley’s recent letter to teachers, legislators, and citizens, she wrote:

“Another concern that has been expressed is in regard to the ‘Moral Dimensions of Teaching.’ Several years ago, all five districts along the Wasatch Front entered into a partnership with BYU called the CITES partnership. The districts included are Alpine, Provo, Nebo, Wasatch, and Jordan. Collectively, the partnership adopted what is called the “Moral Dimensions of Teaching,” and with it, four core values. In recent months some have raised concern about those values. Since last fall, the administrators and Board of Education have changed the way those values are worded because of those concerns.

If nothing else you have to appreciate the honesty Rhonda displays in admitting that since some people have raised concerns over Goodlad’s Agenda, the district sought to help them out by changing the terminology to make it more palatable, not that the actual intent or Agenda from John Goodlad has changed.

Goodlad wrote in the preface of the book Schooling for a Global Age, pg. xiii-xvii:

“Enlightened social engineering is required to face situations that demand global action now. Education is a long-term solution. … Parents and the general public must be reached also … Otherwise, children and youth enrolled in globally oriented programs may find themselves in conflict with values assumed in the home. And then the educational institution frequently comes under scrutiny and must pull back.”

Better read that a couple times and let it sink in. It makes sense that ASD has followed his instructions and pulled back since parents have exposed Goodlad’s progressive education influence in the education system. It is also obvious from Rhonda’s comments that they aren’t changing what they believe, they’re just trying to hide it. It is utter foolishness to think you can partner with a subversive organization like Goodlad’s and choose what you’ll participate in and not get contaminated. When ASD’s superintendent was on the executive committee for Goodlad’s NNER, he saw these things first hand but took no action to remove ASD from being involved with the organization.

How do we know the involvement in this Agenda is real? There are 4 John Goodlad appointed AED Scholars (Agenda for Education in a Democracy) in Utah. Two at ASD (Superintendent Vern Henshaw and curriculum specialist Barry Graff), another is the director of CITES (Steven Baugh), and the last is a professor at BYU’s McKay School of Education (John Rosenberg). It’s important to realize that awards are given as rewards for outcomes in implementing the Agenda and not given for intent (or else many more would have such scholar designations).

These people have been heavily involved presenting at Goodlad’s conferences over the past decade (example 1, example 2). Steven Baugh was one of the organizers of the 2009 conference. Even if these individuals don’t personally believe all of Goodlad’s teachings, Goodlad trusts them enough with his Agenda to give them scholar status. There are only a total of 30 individuals in the entire nation with this prestigious designation.

The next thing you need to understand is that Goodlad’s organizations are membership driven. This means that at some level there is a payment to cover the membership. From the 2007 tax return for Goodlad’s Institute of Educational Inquiry (IEI), we read on page 16 that the IEI shares employees with the NNER under a “common agenda.” Page 18 reveals the IEI transferred $341,960 to the NNER after it just received 501(c)3 status (even though it has existed since the mid 1980’s). On page 22 the IEI amends its Articles of Incorporation to show a modification of it’s purpose…

“to advance the public democratic purpose of education through inquiry, demonstration, and training projects that engage a variety of national partners–including universities, school districts, and other groups interested in education–in promoting the public purpose of education and the making of a democratic public.”

An example of inquiry based education is constructivist math such as the failed Investigations math program at Alpine School District which the district cannot support with a single study. Other examples also in use around Utah are Everyday math, and Growing with Mathematics.

CITES is the “facilitating arm for the initiatives” of the PSP, a structure which Goodlad helped set up. From the Utah Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst of the state legislature, I have obtained at least a partial trail of funding to CITES from the partnership school districts. The relevant tables are below. The only other information you need to know is that CITES (which is receiving public tax dollars) will not disclose how they use these funds and have stonewalled Senator Margaret Dayton’s attempts to find them out. It is unknown if the PSP is separately receiving funds from the school districts.

Brigham Young University
Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education & Schooling (CITES)
School District Funding to CITES

2008-2009 Funding School District*

District Local Federal Total
Alpine $ 29,180 $ 12,050 $ 41,230
Jordan $ 143,698 $ 143,698
Nebo $ 71,375
Provo $ 20,000 $ 507,027 $ 527,027
Wasatch $ 31,250 $ 31,250
Total $ 227,998 $ 532,527 $ 831,900

2009-2010 Funding

District Local Federal Total
Alpine $ 29,180 $ 12,050 $ 41,230
Jordan $ 73,718 $ 73,718
Nebo $ 71,375
Provo $ 10,730 $ 380,957 $ 391,687
Wasatch $ 8,755 $ 8,755
Total $ 122,383 $ 393,007 $ 568,455

*Note: Information is selfreported by school districts. No information was included by Nebo SD on their mix of funds

Prepared by Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst, 05/2010 PL

The NNER and IEI are membership driven organizations, in other words, membership is not free. Someone has paid for the memberships of these school districts and/or the PSP or CITES themselves. It makes sense that these funds being sent from the 5 PSP districts may in fact have gone toward some form of membership money to John Goodlad’s organizations. What this means is that John Goodlad’s radical anti-family, anti-freedom Agenda has been supported by our public education tax dollars. It has given tremendous credibility to Goodlad’s Agenda to have school districts and universities in “conservative family-values Utah” as members and *leaders* in his organization structure.

If you live in one of the 5 partnership School Districts, I would ask that you contact your school board and ask why they are sending money to CITES which is directed by a John Goodlad scholar. Our teachers and professionals went to school to learn to teach. There is no need for these partnership programs. We should drop them while we are in a down economy and pinching pennies for education. Here is one place to cut right now.

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