Agenda, the Documentary

If you have never seen Agenda: Grinding America Down, it’s a fantastic look into the socialist/communist plan to take over America and a big part of it is through the education system. I borrowed this video from a friend a while back and I think you can get it through Netflix, but if not, you can pick up a copy from their website here:

Here are two trailers for the documentary. Obviously not everyone in the education system is part of some conspiracy to dumb down our children and overthrow our freedom. However, it is completely transparent what is happening from the federal Department of Education for any who take the time to actually look into it.

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  • Steven Montgomery:

    I ordered the DVD, “Agenda: Grinding America Down,” about this same time last year. I thought it was so good that I gave ten or twelve of my neighbors the DVD. I highly recommend it. 

  • Carol Davidson:

    Thank you for sharing the two trailers about the DVD, “Agenda:  Grinding America Down.”  I am going to order one and invite friends and family to do so also.  I met Kathy Skousen, Cleon Skousen’s daughter, in Jr. High.  I loved her and I admired her father and the work he was doing to help educate people about the Communists and their plans to subvert our country.  I enrolled some of our children in Kimber Academy, a private school that was started by Julie Ann and Glen Kimber.  Julie Ann is Cleon Skousen’s oldest daughter.

  • Scott:

    Who are these communists/socialists, and why are they trying to destroy America? Why attribute to malice what is likely better explained by incompetence at worst, or merely a different understanding of how things do and should work at best? How are they worse than the oligarchy that practically owns congress and the president, pulls the strings of the tea party, and uses lies, fear, nationalism, and religion to control the ignorant masses? How is Roger Ailes not far worse than any communist?

    Liberals, socialists, gays, and atheists aren’t the enemy. Didn’t any of you ever read 1984? Manufactured enemies keep the public under control. Keeping the average American afraid of the bogeyman is like the hand waving in a magic trick; it leaves those doing the waving free to do whatever they want. Turn off Fox News, put down the Skousen, unplug from Glenn Beck, open your minds a bit, and start thinking for yourselves.

  • Scott, I suggest you read The Naked Communist to start with and then start a study of the communist movement in this country and it’s association with the ACLU and other organizations. I suggest you not just dismiss the evidence that is presented from people like Beck and Skousen. They, as you point out, know the danger of the oligarchy that’s controlling the government. They aren’t mutually exclusive from the socialist/communists.

  • Scott:

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  • Ahh, so then you need to read the Naked Capitalist.

  • Scott:

    “More Skousen” is certainly not what I expected as a response to my post. I reiterate: by any objective standard, his writings are a poor foundation upon which to build a worldview. They are little more than ideology packaged in pseudo-scholarship, and in my mind encourage an understanding of the world that is actually worse than untainted ignorance. In an attempt to better understand those around me who espouse his views, and because I give nearly every idea the benefit of the doubt, I’ve actually read his stuff, and I’ve actually watched and listened to Glenn Beck et al., or as much of it as I could stand anyway. The fact that people genuinely believe this stuff, and are motivated to take action because of it terrifies me. 

    How much effort have you expended honestly exploring the possibility that he, and by extension you, are wrong about the world? I say honestly because approaching alternate points of view or criticism as if they are the output of the conspiracy or the product of the “lamestream media” leaves you incapable of challenging your beliefs.Here is another good piece on Beck and Skousen: a roundtable in the journal Dialogue discussing The Naked Capitalist that includes a very negative review from Skousen’s primary source as well as an attempt at a defense by Skousen himself.

    And here’s a guy who has gone out of his way to discredit Skousen with extensive research into his background, including documents related to his tenure at the FBI and his anti-communist activities:

  • Scott, what do you think communists look like? Do they look like the stern face of Lenin today? No, they look like respectable people who occupy positions of power. They are professors, politicians, leaders of major companies, etc… When Bill Ayers wrote several years ago that he wished he could have done more bombings back in the 60’s/70’s, he wasn’t repentant. He’s still intent on a Marxist revolution. President Obama’s cabinet and other appointments are filled with communist revolutionaries, but we’ve been lulled to sleep by immorality, greed, and materialism. As long as we have our bread and circuses we’re happy as punch to let our freedoms slip out the window while the new power brokers rule from above. If you don’t think this is true, that’s fine, but I’ve done my homework and it’s all too apparent what’s happening in government. Yes we are run by a corporate oligarchy, but who is pulling the strings? Communist sympathizers and socialists. I encourage you to watch this video from a KGB agent that defected back in the 70’s.

    We are following their 4 step plan quite to the letter. Make America immoral so we can’t recognize the truth, destabilize us, manufacture a crisis as an excuse to then “normalize” us and gain central control over industries. How many crisis’ have we had in the last 2 years where legislation just HAD to be passed immediately giving the President control over banking, the auto industry, and so on. The executive orders are astounding as well. We’re in deep trouble.

  • Scott:

    As my previous three posts haven’t made a dent, I doubt a fourth will. It’s obvious that you have no intention of critically examining your own beliefs. I’ll simply state that there is no communist conspiracy. I don’t deny that there are communists, and that they feel strongly enough about their worldview to act on it. But from where I sit, they are no better or worse than the fascists of the far right, and there are far fewer of them than there are of you. You feel very strongly about your worldview. Would you characterize yourself as part of a conspiracy to overthrow the current government? Of course you wouldn’t, but it shouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that your counterparts on the opposite end of the ideological spectrum could characterize you that way. Would you prefer if every person in America believed and acted as you do? I realize the answer to that is a resounding “YES,” and it makes me sad.

    At the end of the day, we’re all just people, and in the absence of real world-wide shadowy conspiracies, we would be well advised not to create our own, and instead work together as best we can. You might learn something from Ayers, just as he might learn something from you.

    But of course, you won’t.

  • Scott, I will actually read the links you’ve sent but just haven’t had time yet. I’m in the middle of several projects which I work on late and night and early in the morning. 

    Are you LDS by chance? Read Ether 8? Do you just ignore or dismiss the warnings by ancient prophets who saw our day? Maybe you’re not LDS so that’s not relevant to you, but I do believe it and know it’s true.

    I do feel strongly about my worldviews, but they are centered in the principle of agency and allowing people to have maximum freedom (not anarchy, but republican government as the Framers of the constitution gave us). It is very clear if you listen to the words of even George Bush Sr. who in his state of the union address in 1991 said we needed to give our sovereignty over to the U.N. and have a one world government. What do you think that government would look like? Do you think it would be a worldwide republic respecting our freedoms? Or would it be driven by Agenda 21 of the U.N.? It would be global communism. Atheism would be the state religion (because of course you can’t trust those Christians) and then they’d confiscate our guns (for our own protection of course, notwithstanding the incredible sales of baseball bats in Britain since they can’t get guns to protect themselves from the rioting) and then resistors will be shot (and others randomly just to ensure everyone lives in fear) and communism will provide equality for all (everyone is poor except the ruling oligarchy who of course are far superior to the commoners). 

    There is no absence of real world-wide conspiracies. Take a hard look at the U.N. Their charter was written by Alger Hiss (or he headed the committee). Know anything about him??

  • Scott, I’ve finally had time to read the articles, but not the full lengthy bio on Cleon Skousen’s life. What I find interesting is that when people such as yourself post to this site, it’s always from a point of view that you’re the intellectually honest person who has given things a fair shake, coupled with an accusation that I “have no intention of critically examining [my] own beliefs.” I suppose writing hundreds of articles over the past several years somehow means I’m just regurgitating or plagiarizing what others have done. I never think about my own beliefs. ;)

    Nearly all of your recommended reading list is from left-leaning writers bent on destroying Skousen, Beck, Robert Welsh, John Birchers, etc… Anyone who believes in the constitution being the supreme law of the land (which it so declares) is labeled an extremist who won’t face the realities of living in this day and age with problems the Founding Fathers just couldn’t imagine. It’s popular name-calling and effective for dismissing people, but far from true.

    From the New Yorker piece comes this smear: “The pressing
    historical question is how extremist ideas held at bay for decades inside the
    Republican Party have exploded anew.” No, the pressing question is how we drifted so far from where the Founding Fathers rooted us in principles of freedom and limited government.

    The Salon piece started off with the lie that Beck’s rally in D.C. only had 75,000 people at it. Clearly there were hundreds of thousands of people there and there is no reason to do this unless you’re just trying to intentionally minimize someone without your readers ever thinking for themselves. The rest of the article can easily be dismissed as intellectually dishonest after a major lie starts the article off.

    The Skousen/Quigley/Midgley exchange was quite interesting. Funny that you say Skousen “[attempted a defense]” and that Quigley gave a negative review. Skousen didn’t just attempt a defense, he quoted Quigley and showed by his own words what Quigley meant and was exposing. Quigley was obviously downplaying Skousen and as Skousen pointed out, Quigley was backtracking for having so exposed himself. Midgley ends by offering a few weak points and then some name calling (“Skousen’s cult of conspiracy…”). 

    You say you won’t deny there are communists, but then you imply that those on the far right where you say I am at, are fascists. Firstly, that’s absurd. The major point of Fascists is they want government control of production. I and every other 9/12er and Tea Partier I know want government removed from control of any production and property. Fascism and Communism are two peas in a pod. Both are totalitarian states that reduce the people’s freedom to nil.  The political spectrum is a misconstruction. Watch the video at the top of this site and you’ll see a much more accurate political spectrum.

    Certainly if I sat down with Bill Ayers and we had a friendly chat over punch and cookies I could learn something from him, but that doesn’t change his agenda which he is actively pursuing. That is the course of re-educating American students into a populace ripe for revolt. He advocates social justice curriculum and wants violence in the streets. He’s bombed innocent people in order to foment rebellion. I encourage you to look at and see what social justice math is all about. John Goodlad, the humanist, atheist, socialist that BYU and the 5 surrounding school districts have partnered with, earlier this year held a conference on how to implement social justice in the classroom. He also hosted an expert panel on how to put the gay agenda into the classroom. Last October he had Bill Ayers be the keynote speaker at his national conference which until many of us raised a fuss, BYU and ASD had always had attendees at his conferences, almost always as presenters. These people have an agenda to dumb us down, push immorality, and weaken us. They want socialism. They hate free enterprise. It’s easy to see when you read their own words.

    Are you a fan of the U.N.? Do you know what Agenda 21 is? Do you believe it’s usually not a good thing when communists write the contracts to which we become a party to? Do you believe when Rowan Gaither of the Ford Foundation tax-exempt organization told Norman Dodd it was their goal to bring about a comfortable merger with the Soviet Union that that probably isn’t a good idea, nor is it something that will ensure our freedom? Do you think communism is dead? Do you think they gave up on their goals of destroying America? When a KGB agent tells us how the USSR plans for the destruction of a country and then you see the plan carried out, should that just be dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory? 

    I’ve read your material, now I hope you’ll watch Bezmenov and consider the planned destruction of morality in this country, the economic edge we’ve been brought to, the many crisis’ that had to be immediately address by government officials, and the stability or “normalization” that they told us was achieved through their efforts which then resulted in government control of industries. Communism is like that beast in Revelation that everyone though was killed but then everyone wonders when it comes back to life and is healed. We thought it was gone with Reagan, but it’s back and covers more of the world’s surface than ever. Only America and it’s constitution stands in the way of global communist government and a total loss of our freedoms. The constitution is an inspired law but it will only work for a moral and religious people because it’s all about self-governance. Without moral law and people willing to live it, we will lose our freedoms and all ability to choose how to act. Funny that the communists understood that and yet we the American people didn’t.

  • Scott:

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  • Scott, would you agree that math has been dumbed down in this country? Why would the National Science Foundation endorse a dozen “fuzzy math” programs that remove basic math
    skills like knowing the times tables and long division? Who wanted that? Not the math and science communities. I hope when you give me kudos on my math education fight that you also recognize the problem with these programs. It took me a couple years of thought and research and stepping outside my lifelong paradigm that what was going on was a deliberate dumbing down inside of the education establishment. When Charlotte Iserbyt worked at the Dept. of
    Education she took out massive amounts of evidence of this and wrote a book you can download for free now (or purchase on Amazon) called the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America ( Her evidence points to the fact that the DOE is a Marxist factory. They aren’t interested in making America great. They’re interested in dumbing our children down. Interestingly, Skousen wrote 45 goals of the communists back in the 60’s/70’s in his book The Naked Communist and 5-6 of those goals were to get control of education and to
    soften the curriculum. If you don’t believe it then we just disagree. I can’t come up with a better explanation for what has happened in our math education for the past few decades. Project Follow Through clearly showed what programs were most effective in teaching math and then the government steered us toward the ineffective programs. The only rational explanation is Charlotte’s answer. It’s been deliberate.

    I don’t have time to go through all your letter, though I appreciate the tone, but I will just comment quickly on a couple things.

    You said: “for every quote that casts the founders as orthodox christian patriarchs, there are three quotes that establish them as men of the enlightenment who largely eschewed what we would call religion in favor of the rule of reason, and for many, deism.”

    Scott, this is false. The Framers were very spiritual. Thomas Paine, to my knowledge, was the only one who was a deist. Jefferson and Franklin are often made out to be deists but they were not. There is plenty of evidence of this. Franklin for a time in his 20’s toyed with it but then came back to believing God was involved in the events of men. You can read that in his autobiography. You can see this clearly in the books “The Real Thomas Jefferson” and “The Real
    Benjamin Franklin.” “The Real George Washington” is also excellent. I’ve read all 3 and the first half is biography and the last half are hundreds of pages of topical quotes from them.

    Original intent has governed our nation for most of 200 years. The original intent was to let man be self-governing and maximize personal freedom to do what you chose to do as long as you didn’t infringe on others’ rights. Those principles are sound. They should govern us today but instead we’re being taken into a the democratic welfare state of socialism.

    Are my neighbors who are socialists evil? No. I am friends with leftist-leaning people. However, where I draw the line is when someone is in a position of authority trying to tear down and take away freedom and responsibility. The “nanny-state” is anti-agency based. I’m assuming you’re LDS since you seem familiar with some LDS things in your posts.

    By the way, I am not a Glenn Beck ideologue, but I do think he’s right on many issues. I do have my own differences of opinion from him.  As for Skousen, have you ever actually read any of his books? Have you read the 5,000 Year Leap or just read about it and dismissed it? Have you read the Making of America textbook or even looked through it? It’s a painstaking examination of the Constitution and contains an amazing array of lengthy quotes from the Framers on their intent in writing the Constitution the way they did. If you don’t have a copy, you should examine one before condemning it as a “Skousen book.”

    Also, I just noticed that the website I gave you above is incorrect on the extension. It’s actually Please check it out and see if that’s what you want coming to your child’s schools. Also, please watch the Bezmenov video and see if what he says isn’t compelling.