The Unconstitutional Super Congress

If you were unaware that the recent action to pass the debt limit increase also included provisions to create a “super-congress” (AKA cross-shredding the constitution) you’re not alone. This move will create an unconstitutional body within the congress to fast-track issues that appear to get held up in the full congress. At least that’s my take on it. Anyone that voted against raising the debt limit won’t be invited to the panel. Here’s some news to update you.

3 Responses to “The Unconstitutional Super Congress”

  • Susie:

    Both sides said that the debt ceiling controversy in Congress was a smoke screen so we all should have been looking for what the other hand was doing. This was the Progressive Republican and Democrat answer instead of Chaffetz’ real Cut, Cap and Balance solution. Turns out the real reason for all the fuss was to create a new Super Congress to take power away from the Legislative branch and put it into the hands of a small elite few ruled by the President. Nancy Pelosi is hailing this plan and is choosing some of the Democrats on this new “Council of 13”. No wonder Reid wouldn’t even have the Senate vote on Chaffetz’ plan. Their agenda from the start was to create this unconstitutional oligarchy ruled by the President and they only needed a “crisis” in order to implement it.

  • Jon:

    Can the president vote on this council? I sure hope note, as the bill dictates that only 7 votes are needed to pass an item through the super congress.

  • Susie:

    The President has full veto power. The rest of the Congress cannot make amendments or filibuster, only vote yes or no on what this super congress comes up with. From what I’ve read, if the congress votes no, the super congress can go ahead and do what it wants anyway.