Alarming Davis School District Teacher Comment

Just over a week ago I made a presentation at the Davis County 9/12 group on education issues. One of the parents in attendance shared this story with me about something a high school teacher told the class.

Your parents lie to you all the time but in this class I will never lie to you.  I will tell you the absolute truth.  If I told you all the lies that your parents have told you I could go on from a year from Thursday.”

Davis County High School Teacher

I asked her what the teacher uses as an example of the lies of a parent.  He said that parents tell their children that if they eat their vegetables it will make them strong.  he points out that only protein builds muscle and strength.   Therefore the parents have lied. Wow.

This is why parents have to be involved in their schools. This is a teacher that should be fired. This is a teacher that illustrates the power of indoctrination and it reminds me of how Fidel Castro told children to close their eyes and pray to God for candy and when they opened their eyes there was no candy. Then he had them pray to him for candy and when they opened their eyes it was there for them. This is totally immoral.

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  • Honestly, I feel like we are in the Matrix. You can’t make this stuff up. And the further down the rabbits hole we go.

  • Susie:

    Wow. Reminds me of what I’ve seen. My daughter was told by 3 teachers in 6th grade that if she didn’t finish her work at school that she was not allowed to bring it home because…..the PARENTS would cheat. No kidding. 3 separate teachers separate from each other. Now why would all of them come up with the same excuse? Also, my 8th grader had a Health assignment on communication. He was taught that there are 3 kinds of communication: 1) like a child where you cry and throw fits, 2) like a parent where you yell and threaten, or 3) like an adult where you listen to each other and work things out. Of course parents never do that. The pictures to go with the lesson were quite telling about how the writer felt about parents. I know all teachers don’t have assignments like this, but I’m only one parent and these things kept popping up unexpectantly as my kids would just share what they learned at school periodically.

  • Dad:

    Sometimes I think we’re more asleep in Utah , where a large part of the population waits for ecclesiastical authority before we will do or say anything. Well, folks, ecclesiastical authority was crystal clear last April about how involved we as parents should be in our children’s education. And it wasn’t just one talk, it was several, all touching on this. Great stuff to go back and read, in light of all of this that is coming out, here in Zion.

  • Dad:

    Weird formatting. Guess WordPress didn’t like my brackets. I meant (dare I say this?)…

  • N820lp:

    Which school, what was the name of the teacher that said this?

  • Richard:

    That’s what I’d like to know, name of school, name of teacher, class, and approximate date. This incident should be thoroughly investigated and the teacher should be fired, sued and lose his/her license. That was totally and completely out of line and unacceptable. As a parent AND an educator, this just ticks me off!

  • I honestly don’t know. The parent told me last week about this incident and then emailed me the above information. I am following up to see what’s being done about this.

  • Getgungho:

    I too had the same health class assignement being taught to my 6th grader last year! I was floored! To say the least.

  • Getgungho:

    I too heard the same message loud and clear from ecclesiastical leaders. My concern is that too many are living in a state of rose colored glasses that they couldn’t see the trouble looming even if it was spelled out fo rthem in black and white. We all need to start sending the message!

  • Anti-communist:

    The teacher who claims to present absolute truth promotes “democracy.” The parents whom the teacher hold contempt for hold the belief in “republic.” Teacher snorts at the word “republicism” and even “strict constitutionalism.” Parents teaches correctly that “republicanism” and “strict constitutionalism” are compatible.

    I’ve had college instructors talk about “democracy” this and “democracy” that. Even college campus have numerous stands that promote college with the mission statement that ends with, “healthy democracy.”

    As V.I. Lenin said, “democracy is indispensable to socialism.” He added, “democracy is the road to socialism.” The founding fathers, especially James Madison (Federalist Paper no. 10), despise the word and concept of democracy. They prefer republicanism, which is still “representative democracy.”

    What teacher have said is a communitarian attitude typical among the unionized teachers under the umbrella of Utah Education Association. They assume they have the power to influence pupils through reconstructionist method to corrupt children and youth to conform to “democracy” and turn away from the true purpose of United States as a sovereign republic under limited federal authority and lesser government and ignore founding fathers’ principles.

    This is why the teachers should be called communist, for they teach communist values under guise of “free thinking” praising “democracy.”

  • Park City Dad:

    The teacher is mostly correct when saying that protein builds muscles and strength. I have to engage in strict protein diets when building muscle; however essential vitamins and fiber are found in vegetables and fruits. Just stay away from the starchy and cooked ones because they have too many carbs.

    I have a few problems with this post though.

    One: It is anecdotal and has not been verfied. This parent in Davis County could have made it up or greatly exaggerated it. The teacher’s comment is in quotation marks, meaning that it must have been transcribed word for word. That also means it can be verified. If it can’t be verified, then the post ought to be removed due to lack of credibility and heresay.

    Two: If true, the teacher ought to have a chance to clarify rather than be put on trial, convicted, and punished by an internet kangaroo court that doesn’t even know the school or teacher’s name. Richard’s comments shows just how radical people have become. He suggests that the teacher should be investigated and then fired without the possiblity of ever teaching again. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to investigate the supposed incidident before deciding upon recourse? Richard is saying that the teacher is guilty no matter the outcome of an investigation, implying that the investigation is just hoop jumping.

    Three: I would agree that the teacher should have been more politically correct when saying that parents are not telling the truth to children, I don’t think it merits a firing. He or she could have said it was a popular misconception or myth that vegatables and fruits build muscles-a misconception that many adults believe rather than use the word ‘lie.’

    It is an outrageous falsehood that teachers are involved in some sort of government conspiracy to take over role of parents in public schools is invalid. It is an over-reaction to the purported comments a teacher made in poor judgment to make him/herself look like the giver of accurate knowledge or to grab the stduents’ attention. We just don’t know until the story is properly vetted.

    Anti-Communist, is everything a communist conspiracy to you? You have just labeled every teacher a communist. I find that offensive and patently untrue. You use the union as an example of your communsit plot but seem to forget that Lenin also outlawed all unions. Unions are traditioanlly viewed by both the far left and the far right as competition to power. What are unions? They are groups of people that come together to wield political power. Is this bad? I find it hard to understand why people so readliy accept a billionare or large corporation buying poliltical influence, but then get their underwear in a wad when 100,000 people band together to buy political influence and power.

    You also take Lenin’s quote “democracy is indispensable to socialism” completely out of historical context. Lenin was referring to the right to vote for representatives in a “Republic” form of government. Marx said similar things about “Democratic institutions” in a Republic and even referred to a Republic as a dictatorship of the Bourgeoise. He cited the French Republic as an example and how Democratic institutions there led to the dictatorship of Napoleon. Lenin differed from Marx, who was content to wait for events to unfold naturally, as the wealthy and powerful controlled the Republic which would ultimately lead to a large Proletariat class that would overthrow exploitative capitalism. Lenin wanted to rush events and looked to revolution as the answer.

    Marx and Lenin were not proposing that Democacy replace a Republican form of government with a Democratic one in order to foster a Socialist Revolution. Marx was pushing for a truer form of Republic as juxtaposed to the quasi-Republics that shared power with Monarchies that existed in Europe at that time. A truer Republic, where citizens vote for representatives and where a strong central monarch does not exist, was the Marxist ideal. For Marx, democracy was the “vote” in a Republic. We see this historically played out in Russia where Czar Nicholas was overthrowm and a Republic was formed, leading to the Communist takeover. We also see the Communists gain in popularity in Germany at the end of World War One, where Kaiser Wilelm was supplanted for a Republic (Weimar Republic). The Communist political party in Weimar Republic Germany were a powerful political party that was trying to use the power of the vote (democracy) to get elected to seats in the Reichstag. They had an opposition though, the Nazis, who were also trying to exploit the weaknesses of the Republic (the vote) to gain power. In fact, the Nazis were losing popularity to the Communists in the last open Reichstag elections in 1932, so industrialists pressured Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor in hopes that Hitler would break up the unions and give greater corporatist power in German affairs (which he did). The rest is history.

    The point of all this is that when you quote Lenin and Marx as support for your beliefs, you are expressing your view the right to vote for representatives in a Republic as a bad thing. Is this what you want ASD teachers to teach? It sounds like it to me. You need to quit quoting Lenin and Marx because it suggest that you support Marxism. It would also be prudent that you understand the historical/political context of what you are quoting.

  • Susie:

    Park City Dad,
    We merely want this school district to get out of the business of replacing traditional education (which focuses on academics) with progressive education (which focuses on social engineering to produce a more progressive populace). The Democracy/Republic issue has gotten way out of hand with many news reports. When a school “district” (not every classroom teacher) pushes democracy much more than academics, they clearly have a political purpose of schooling. In researching Goodlad, many parents have opened their eyes to Goodlad’s social engineering and political goal of public school. District leaders agree with that goal by their words and actions. We only wish this to be brought up openly to parents instead of hidden so all involved can openly decide what the purpose of schooling should be.

    We have repeated many times that we do NOT think this is a teacher conspiracy. That is ridiculous. We have many excellent teachers who care deeply about children. But we also know of some teachers and administrators who use their positions to further political and social reform instead of doing the job entrusted to them by parents to provide academic knowledge to their children. This is a national movement which has made it’s way to our local district and it is fair and responsible for parents and the community to know about this fact since our local district leaders have not been transparent about it.

    John Goodlad says that a major goal of his Agenda is to get parents to conform to this new purpose of public schooling or they will be in fierce opposition to it. He is obviously correct.

  • TheDavisCountyParent:

    How do you suggest that this be verified?

  • The_griswolds2:

    The issue here is not technicalities – it is the teacher’s actions establishing themself (and thus the state) as the only authorities to be trusted by our children. Park City Dad’s post appears to be typical liberal debate – deflect the underlying issue, ricicule it, or don’t address it at all. He and the teachers who support such thinking as reported in this incident (true or not) are not necessarily part of an active conspiracy – they are under the influence of the indoctrination they received during the course of their own education, from their unions, and their own lack of understanding of the origins of this country, both divine and man-made. I don’t think this teacher even had an active thought of turning their students. They probably want to do ‘right’, but unless they have a correct understanding of this country’s foundations, it is not possible to do right. This is why we should require strong fundamental teaching of the founders and the documents establishing this country at all levels of our education system. With correct understanding, we will learn correct principles to govern our lives and to govern each other.

  • RexMcIntosh:

    Ummmmm. How about finding out who the teacher is and talking with him/her about the incident? I find it almost immoral to make accusations based on hearsay. You know, my “best friends girlfriend knew this guy down at 31 flavors who said….” I don’t know about you, but I work in the business world where this kind of anecdotal presentation would be unacceptable around the conference table when influencing the decision-making process.

  • Park City Dad:

    Liberal? You think I’m a liberal? Now that is too funny. I’ve been a Republican my entire life. The difference between you and me are Word of Wisdom related. I don’t drink “tea.”

    After reading your rhetorical arguments I’ve concluded that you are just as guilty as those you accuse of indoctrination. You don’t like the current state of indoctrination and therefore wish to impose your own theological brand. Are you really concerned about the “correct” understanding of the country’s foundation or are you concerned with your interpretation of the country’s foundations? Since the inception of the U.S. in 1776 and the subsequent Articles of Confederation there has been a many points of contention and debate. For example, from the onset you had strong states rights advocates and strong central government advocates (federalists and anti-federalists). What does your “correct” version say? You mention that this country had “divine” foundings. Is that a personal belief or is it a fact? I personally believe that their was divine intervention in the founding of our nation, but that is my own personal, religious beliefs and those beliefs should not be foisted on our students, especially those who are not of the Mormon faith. That is religious indoctrination and has no place in schools where kids of all faiths gather. Parents and church leaders can add those concepts to a child’s educational experience at home or in the community. You say you don’t want kids indoctrinated, but I think you do. Your word choice in your comment gives away your LDS leanings when you say “learn correct principles to govern our lives and to govern each other.” That sure sounds a lot like Joseph Smith: “Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.” Again, this is public school where kids of all faiths attend. If you want to start a Mormon Madrassa to put an LDS spin on the founding of America, be my guest, but not with my tax dollars. I respect the fact that not all kids are LDS and I would expect my LDS kids to be treated with respect by teachers and school board members of other faiths by not foisting Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, etc on them by intertwining American history with their own personal religious beliefs.

  • I spoke with the individual who sent me this story. The reason there hasn’t been action yet is due to some complicating factors. I won’t share those here because I don’t want to further speculation at this time, but I will say this father is taking action and at an appropriate time it will produce a result.

    Second, to Park City Dad, nobody has to indoctrinate our children if they just study the words of the Founders of our nation. They themselves talked about the inspiration and divine protection they received. By studying their own words, our children would be reinforced in a belief in God without regard to religious preferences.

  • TheDavisCountyParent:

    I am the parent of the student who heard this said in school and I have chosen not reveal any information until I am sure the needs of my child are met. I am frankly not worried if anyone believes me, it is really not the most important issue right now. It may surprise some of you that I have talked with my child and tried to convince them to stay in this class, but he/she feels it is a hostile environment where the teacher is trying to tear down the prevailing belief systems. This is not the first remark that has been made in the class. Others have been leveled against the founders of this state and its Mormon ties along with pushing concepts that are I think are meant to convince them that God does not exist. I realize that this is a belief of some in the world and I do not wish to try and silence anyone. I do not want this teacher fired. What I do want is to make sure parents know what is being taught and in this case the tricks that are being employed. Then each parent can make a decision for their child. Some parents may wish to use this opportunity to teach what they believe are correct principles and dispel those that are false. Others will choose to have those who are more in line with their beliefs be their instructors. I am good with either option because it empowers the parent. In a free market those parents who did not want to have this person as their teacher could pull their child out and let the natural consequences follow. Parents should be demanding the best for their children. Whew…Okay let me climb down from the pulpit, but I believe this strongly.
    So I am in the process of removing him/her from the class after that is done I will confront the teacher and get their side of the story. I am also trying to find out the other parents of children in the class so I can verify and inform them so they can make their decision. I am sure there are those out there that have better ideas and I wish I was smart like you but this is what I want to do! I do appreciate Oak for calling me last night and giving me options. Thanks and I will post my results later.

  • Teacher:

    How quick many of you are to generalize and accuse. Mr. Anti-communist posts that all teachers should be called communist and that they are trying to subvert any Christian or parental values in their pupils, and no one here questions his post. Park City Dad questions the authenticity of the original post, and he gets accused of tricky liberal debate tactics. I find this very troubling.
    I am a teacher, a conservative, a Christian, a patriot (meaning that I do, indeed, support our great republic and all of the foundational documents that produced it). I teach my core subject, and I teach it well (based on my students’ progress, ACT scores, AP exam scores, college success, and their reported enjoyment of my classes). I do not teach my political, religious, or philosophical positions. I don’t undermine any parent’s wishes or teaching as far as I’m aware (though my high-school students do read a poem in my class that suggests that many of their parents may have lied to them about the reality of Santa Clause — perhaps I should be fired). I work very hard for very long hours for a pay grade that is far below my educational level to ensure that the students under my charge have the best chance I can give them to have happy successful lives. I feel that education is a calling, not just an occupation, and I pray for God to help me in my efforts. I am, in fact, the very sort of teacher that many people on this site claim to want for their children. I am the sort of person, in fact, who should come to a site like this and feel that the people here would support me. I should come here and want to pick up the banner and join in a crusade to constantly improve our educational system. I don’t feel that. I read the consistantly negative posts about “teachers” and “education” and feel villified. I read the angry, unsubstantiated claims and attacks in the comments here, and feel that I’m the enemy. I see what gets posted and accepted here, and I realize that you are not my friends nor my neighbors. I am frightened of your angry mob. I read this site and want to leave education for a job with better pay and less hate. You have set me as your enemy. You tell your children that I am their enemy. Is this what you hoped to accomplish?

  • JM:

    Hi Teacher, I have been involved with this cause for the past year and still love teachers and admire them. I have only ever gotten the impression that a progressive movement has been working to train our sweet loving teachers to bring certain ideas into the classroom that are not friendly to preserving our liberty or morals. These ideas are not obvious to the teachers nor the school board. But these ideas are blatant in Colleges and the NNER and the NEA etc.

    Some teachers have been tricked and others actually converted to socialism (ie. communists without the killing and blatant gov’t ownership). That doesn’t mean all are but I would be surprised if you didn’t agree that some are. Many have resisted both, including you obviously, or you wouldn’t have come here for looking for conservative support.

    So I love teachers. I just hate the things they’ve been told and forced to teach. As I campaigned this past month I have met many teachers who are on our side and hope to see the Administration and Board wake up, stop the big gov’t mentality and perpetuation of progressive, collectivist ideology.

  • Dear Teacher,
    Over the past couple weeks I have been either extremely busy or burned out on all the campaigning. My email has also been rejecting some of the messages I should be getting so I can see what is being posted on this website. Now that I have had brought to my attention this thread, let me comment on your post.
    Whoever Mr. Anti-communist is that posted, obviously has had some very negative experiences but I would guess if we sat down with him, he would temper his remarks and say, “you’re right, not all teachers are communists.” There are many good teachers throughout ASD and our country. This person’s negativity is what I would call a hasty generalization and beyond that is just plain wrong.
    I have never said teachers were communists but it wouldn’t surprise me if the district or other people started rumors that I was saying that. I’ve been vilified and mocked in teacher training sessions at the school district and I don’t expect that will end any time soon. :) Some teachers believe what is said about me without question, others go and investigate for themselves and then decide. Naturally, by posting so many things on this site, I am open to criticism. That’s natural. Just as ASD has published a lot of content including a link to a radical who thinks the Founding Fathers were “predatory elitists” and quotes from Dewey and Goodlad and other progressive educators. The thing that is funny is how often they say I and others lie, but never say in what regard. Read my site. Find a lie and expose it. ASD is welcome to do this but instead they generalize and demonize and say we are just right-wing nut jobs. It’s hard for a guy named Oak to argue with being called a nut job since I started out as a little acorn some 40 years ago. :)
    If you want to know my true feelings on teachers, I invite you to read these 3 posts which deal with that subject.
    I am happy to answer any questions you have. Believe it or not, this site started as an attempt to avoid a confrontation with ASD. Tim Osborn convinced me not to even identify the sign on the home page of this site in the 2nd video as belonging to them. Unfortunately for them, they drew themselves into the picture this year and everything became very public. I just wanted to try and change the state standards to include the word Republic where it was conspicuously absent. You can read the petition if you want more information about that.