The Steve Baugh Flier

Yesterday I was in a panic over an email I received from someone who was quite upset at a flier that was circulating concerning Steve Baugh. I won’t post that email here but suffice it to say, it made the flier sound horrible and specifically fingered me as the person providing quotes that attacked Steve Baugh in a very negative way. I immediately sent out an email to my list asking if people made their own fliers to make sure they had the story straight and not put words in anyone’s mouth, mine or candidates.

It turns out my panic was unjustified. When I later obtained a copy of the flier, I saw that it was fact based and merely pointed out troubling associations for Mr. Baugh to answer to. When did it become taboo to ask candidates uncomfortable questions? When they run as a Democrat but don’t tell people or want people to bring that up? When they tout church callings in their campaign materials in an effort to garner religious votes?

Mr. Baugh told the Deseret News yesterday that the flier was “Half truths. Quotes out of context. Lack of references,” he said. “Accusing me of being a socialist, that’s nonsense. It’s ridiculous.” Here is the actual flier that was being distributed from Linda Jardine.

Dear Steve Baugh Supporter:

I am giving you this letter because you have a Steve Baugh sign in your yard.  I have a Sandstrom sign in mine, but I’m not affiliated with him or his campaign.  While Steve Baugh seems like a nice man, nowhere in his literature, web site, or signs does it even mention that he is a Democrat, which I consider deceptive.  His brochure says he is a “Mainstream Candidate”.  But Mr. Baugh has a socialist agenda and I don’t consider that “mainstream”.  His brochure says he is a “Man you can Trust!”.  But he is not a man I can trust because the values he espouses are very different from the values I hold dear.  Character is what guides a man in the choices he makes in his life and will, in this case if he is elected, guide him in making the laws of our state.

Mr. Baugh is the director of the CITES program (Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling) at BYU.  His bio on BYU’s website says: “ I am interested in the moral dimensions of teaching as identified by Dr. John Goodlad.” Canadian Dr. John Goodlad espouses the ideas of John Dewey, the founder of humanism, and is in favor of transforming America from a republic to a socialist state. Also, Dr. Goodlad’s NNER (National Network for Educational Renewal) “is aware of, concerned about, has a commitment to and is an advocate of LGBTQQIIAA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Intergender, Asexual, Ally) concerns.”  The confirmed terrorist-turned-educator, Mr. William Ayers, was a keynote speaker at NNER’s conference this year.  You may think Mr. Baugh doesn’t have much to do with these people, but NNER’s online publication was written by CITES.  The people with whom Mr. Baugh has allied himself are not those whom I trust to teach children, let alone make laws in our state!

Mr. Baugh is a former superintendent of Alpine School District.  He was there when the Investigations math program began, which still continues.  This program is questionable at best because it does not teach basic math skills like multiplication tables, and leaves children unprepared to function in life.  It is one of the reasons that many parents have taken their children out of Alpine School District and placed them in charter schools or home schooled them.  There is also a great deal of controversy regarding Alpine School District’s mission statement: “Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy”, which is a direct quote from Dr. Goodlad.   Mr. Oak Norton has explained a lot more than I have room for here in his website at  He quotes some of Dr. Goodlad’s “moral dimensions of teaching” as:

• “Most youth still hold the same values of their parents… if we do not alter this pattern, if we don’t resocialize, our system will decay.”

• “Parents do not own their children.  They have no ‘natural right’ to control their education fully.”

• “the curriculum of the future will be what one might call the humanistic curriculum.”

• “Enlightened social engineering is required to face situations that demand global action now.”

• “…the state we should strive for is better described in Deweyan terms as a social democracy.”

• “Educators must resist the quest for certainty.  If there were certainty there would be no scientific advancement.  So it is with morals and patriotism.”

These socialist views are subversive to our government and way of life.  I don’t believe we want to have a man representing us in the legislature, and making our laws, who espouses the view that children should be indoctrinated against the teachings of their parents or that has a problem with patriotism.  It isn’t hard to see why these ideas aren’t in Mr. Baugh’s literature, website or signs.

I urge you to study both candidates and become informed; this is a critical election.  Then I hope you will join me in voting for Representative Stephen Sandstrom on November 2nd.

Thank you,

Linda Jardine

Mr. Baugh, the references to the Goodlad quotes are on this page of this site.

The link to the reference you make concerning your bio page is here.

On the LGBTQQIIAA quote, I’m not finding Linda’s exact quote in a quick Google search but this document I found shows the NNER is fully in support of the above statement here.

I would also be interested in what you claim are half-truths. As for being out of context, please prove it. I’ve read Goodlad and he is bad news. He’s a humanist and does not meet our Utah community values. The only thing I might change about this flier is where Linda says, “Mr. Baugh has a socialist agenda,” I would have said, “Mr. Baugh follows an individual with a socialist agenda.” Only a slight modification and certainly doesn’t diminish the question raised. Linda also shares something I didn’t know, that CITES (for which Mr. Baugh is the director) actually PUBLISHED the NNER Today update for 2009-2010. (Scroll to the very bottom to find CITES printing this document)

I would also be interested in knowing why you support the Citizens Ethics Initiative which will destroy our system of checks and balances and create an elitist oligarchy in Utah. I would also like to know why your organization CITES has stonewalled Senator Margaret Dayton’s attempt at finding out where public tax dollars CITES has received have gone to. There is nothing wrong in the world of politics with asking these questions and learning the truth about a candidate’s positions BEFORE they get in office. Associations are fair game as well. If America had known Barack Obama’s association with radical Marxists before the election, we wouldn’t have a president who has put Marxist revolutionaries into his cabinet and other important posts throughout our government and now direct our agenda. Why should a potential state representative get a pass just because he’s a nice guy?

9 Responses to “The Steve Baugh Flier”

  • cea7of9:

    This really shows how the news media does NOT scrutinize the statements of the people whom they interview. They have become too concerned with getting their headlines out quickly and not concerned enough with the validity of statements made – especially statements made by political candidates.

  • Susie Schnell:

    May I also point out that Oak was quick to apologize and warn people about this before he even knew all the facts. Because he gave this man the benefit of the doubt, Oak even personally apologized to Mr. Baugh! I commend Oak on his integrity during this whole situation. As it turns out, the circulated email was misleading and the subsequent news article, not the original flyer. Linda is a courageous woman who did her own research and dared to tell the truth. She informed those who might have been misinformed about Baugh’s background because he didn’t have the decency or transparency to tell the truth himself. I encourage everyone to look at this NNER link for themselves and see what Mr. Goodlad and Mr. Baugh are pushing in our schools.

  • Grandmahoney2001:

    Here! Here! I was in the district when Supt. Baugh was there. I sat in a meeting after school where he “encouraged” us to get the patrons of our school to vote for an upcoming bond that year. That one was supposed to be the end all, be all and would allow the district to comfortably house and educate all of the students then and in the future.
    We never saw the benefit from that money until almost six years later. It was interesting too, that he came right before SEP’s. I don’t ever remember it being in my job description to “hawk” for money. Another interesting point being you could not ask money for a field trip without a threat of disciplinary action and yet we were to “encouraged” to ask our patrons to vote for a huge bond. No wonder they couldn’t pay for field trips.

  • Progressivethought Utah:

    Baugh Humbug!

  • tjemama:

    Hi Susie! My immediate neighborhood is FILLED, literally, with BAUGH signs. It makes me so sick. Do you know how I can get a copy of Linda’s flyer? I’d love to pass those out around my neighborhood!

  • Susie Schnell:

    It’s on it’s way to you. Thanks so much.

  • Maryann:

    Hooray for Linda Jardine! She IS a courageous woman! Our country, our liberties, our communities and our families are in peril and we all need to be more like Linda — watching out for the wolves and sounding the warning call when we find them.

  • Oxygen Isotope:

    You folks that think the Jardine letter is worthwhile prove the point that Utah County is full of right-wing nutburgers. Better go get some tinfoil for your hats.

  • O2, you think it’s OK for an entity (CITES) to receive public tax dollars and then stonewall an audit on what happened to those tax dollars? I disagree.