ASD Motto Voting

Here is the poll to vote for the new Alpine School District motto based on the top results from the brainstorming. You may select 3 answers. If you like one a lot but would rather see a word tweaked to something else, vote for it anyway and make a comment below. The top 2-3 vote recipients will go to a run off and if there is a favorable variation on one of them I’ll include that as well as an option.

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9 Responses to “ASD Motto Voting”

  • While I agree that we should educate all students to ensure the future of our republic I think it would be better if we refrained from using that as a district mission statement. Aren't we trying to get the district away from pushing a political agenda? If we base our disapproval of their current mission statement on the political message attached to it then we lose credibility by promoting our own political agenda. I say we stick to a politically neutral, family rich motto.

  • Urubu715:

    My thoughts exactly. I think we need to find common ground that nearly everyone agrees on.

    I know it's too late to add to the list of possible mission statements, but I just saw this one last night at the school where my son is about to attend kindergarten. It reads:

    “Through an enriched curriculum with quality instruction, in a safe caring environment, we will provide a strong educational foundation and inspire individual potential, responsible citizenship, and a desire for lifelong learning.”

    Of all the mottos and mission statements I've seen, that sums it up quite nicely in a way everyone can agree on.

  • Tiffany:

    I agree with Jim that the motto need not promote a political agenda, however, I do think it would be appropriate in the mission statement. A motto should be a very condensed statement of our beliefs or purpose.

  • Karl Nunz:

    The foundation of the richnest of our nation is the principles of a republic. If we ensure the permanency of our republic everything else fall in place.

  • A Republic is pretty useless unless families are the main source of teaching their children good learning skills, moral values, and correct political philosophies.

  • Jon Fidler:

    They are not going to like the top 2 currently on the list as it minimizes their role in promoting their socialistic agenda. Although I like the one about the Republic, it is really the parents that can be the greatest single influence on a child's education. Quality teachers are usually always remembered as the second biggest influence.

    Bloated administration was NEVER remembered as playing a part in my education. It was my parents, then it was good teachers who knew how to catch my attention in a positive way.

  • Jon Fidler:

    The foundation of the riches of our nation is the principles of a FAMILY. If we ensure the permanency of our FAMILY everything else fall in place.

    (Karl, I agree with your comment, but modified it slightly to make it better)

  • Michelle H:

    I would like the 8th motto; however, I would like to include teachers and end it with all focused on the same goal:

    Alpine School District: Where parents, students, teachers, community and learning connect.

  • Lewis B:

    How about no mission statement. They are all either too simplistic or wordy. How about: We came, we conquered, and we went home.