Sunlight Foundation

This is a cool organization. They are all about transparency in government and they have a couple of cool apps for handheld devices. I have a Motorola Droid and love it and my favorite app is “Congress” by this Foundation. Congress lets me “favorite” senators and representatives and keep tabs on everything they sponsor, vote on, what they tweet, when they’re on YouTube, etc… I can also get ill reading a general listing of all the insane bills being put before congress and how they turn out. It’s cool to also see the full history of a bill, when it was introduced and how it moved through the system.

There is also an iPhone app called “RealTimeCongress” which sounds somewhat similar but doesn’t indicate it’s the same so perhaps one of you with an iPhone can leave a comment if it seems to function like the Congress app for Android.

Here’s a link to the company page full of projects they’re engaged in:

I also emailed the company to ask if they were doing a similar app for states and they said they are but it’s not going to be ready any time soon. If you’re a programmer, it looks like you may be able to join some of their projects and help out.

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