Christians Under Assault

You may or may not have heard about the professor in Illinois who was fired for telling students in his Catholicism class that he agreed with the Catholic church stand on homosexuality. A student, not even in his class, complained to the administration and they of course fired him before his personal views might unduly influence anyone else.

Then a university student in Georgia who is pursuing a masters degree in counseling has had a “remediation plan” imposed on her by school officials after they learned she was Christian and unless she completes it she can be kicked out of the program. The “plan” included an admonishion to attend a gay-pride parade and then write about her feelings after attending.

Christians are being more openly assaulted on their free speech rights than ever before. The “Thought Police” have transformed this country into one where the only belief system is one in which you can only believe there is NO God. Humanism is the religion and it is being taught in schools.

Interestingly, Elder Russell M. Nelson of the LDS church recently gave a talk on the subject of defending our faith.—Elder-Nelson-exhorts-young-adults-to-defend-faith.html

Here is a relevant section from this news article:

“Theistic forces, be they Islamic, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant or Mormon, teach that there is an absolute right and wrong,” he said. “Theistic forces have an ethic that reveres the righteous judgments of a loving God and obeys civil and divine law voluntarily.

“As a God-fearing person, you know that even if the police don’t catch you if you were to steal, murder or commit adultery, these acts are wrong and God will ultimately hold you accountable. You know, just as your ancestors knew, that the consequences for not playing by the rules are not only temporal, but also eternal.”

The call for complete separation of church and state, Elder Nelson argued, would effectively destroy any theistic culture while giving atheistic forces free reign.

“If that happens,” Elder Nelson warned, “the theistic and noble concept of freedom of religion could be twisted and turned to become an atheistic freedom from religion. Such an unbalanced policy could sweep out the theistic forces that have been responsible for our society’s success, and leave the field wide open to atheistic ideology, secularism and huge losses for each of us.”

To illustrate, Elder Nelson compared theistic and atheistic responses to current global economic crises. Blaming them on overpopulation of the earth, as some have done, comes from an atheistic mindset intent on attacking the family.

This reminds me of a great talk by Elder James E. Faust at a BYU Devotional entitled, “Trying to Serve the Lord Without Offending the Devil.” Here’s the link and a clip from the talk:

“I wonder how much we offend Satan if the proclamation of our faith is limited only to the great humanitarian work this Church does throughout the world, or to our beautiful buildings, or to this great university, marvelous as these activities are. When we preach the gospel of social justice, no doubt the devil is not troubled.”


“I pray that we will dedicate our lives to serving the Lord and not worry about offending the devil.”

2 Responses to “Christians Under Assault”

  • uvbogden:

    From the Family Research Council:

    Judge Deserves a Doctorate in Indoctrination

    Yesterday we wrote about a lawsuit filed against Georgia's Augusta State University by a counseling student, who was told she must submit to a program of indoctrination to change her disapproval of homosexual conduct. The piece was written before we received word that a decision had been handed down in a similar case in Michigan, Ward v. Wilbanks, about a student who was dismissed from the counseling program at Eastern Michigan University for attempting to refer a homosexual client to another counselor because she could not affirm the client's homosexual behavior.

    The record clearly showed that such referrals based on “value conflicts” are a legitimate part of counseling practice. Yet U.S. District Court Judge George Carem Steeh ruled that the blatant violation of Julea Ward's freedom of speech and of religion constituted “an integral part of the curriculum.” Alliance Defense Fund has announced their intention to appeal this misguided ruling.

  • Daivd Hatton:

    When ever the Pagans have come to power those that believe in in the Judeo-Christian God have been attacked and murdered. Back to the catacombs!