BYU drops Goodlad’s NNER

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It is truly unfortunate that the author of this article spoke with me, and then BYU, and then didn’t tell me any of their reasons for dropping the program. All I heard was they were dropping the program. I can see where some people making comments may think I feel smug just on the way this article is written. I apologize to those of you that think that is the case. It is also unfortunate that Caleb again brings up the “socialist conspiracy” angle like he did a couple months ago. I tried to correct that as widely as I could via my website and emailing people and writing Caleb and the editor of the Herald to make this clear, but it is apparent they want to continue down that road.

Am I grateful BYU has dropped association with the NNER? Absolutely. When I heard was they were dropping the program my comments were based in my belief that many of the people in the McKay School of Education were just ignorant of Goodlad’s more troubling issues and that once they saw what his motives were, they would then see the wisdom in leaving him. I never got a call after Caleb spoke with BYU to learn it was for a financial reason they were leaving the organization so obviously my comments may have been a little different.

This is quite the educational experience dealing with the press and having them insert words in my mouth. This paragraph in particular rehashes what I debunked when Caleb’s previous story came out.

Caleb wrote: “Norton sees BYU and Alpine School District as part of a national conspiracy working to carefully teach the nation’s children to believe that the United States government is based on the power of people, rather than the power of God. This effort, Norton has said, is guided by ‘the motives of those who are trying to change our language and remove the notion that we are a republic with natural rights bestowed upon us by God.’”

No, that’s not what I’ve ever said about ASD or BYU. I’ve never ever said I believe the U.S. Government runs by the power of God. That’s ludicrous. I’ve written that the constitution is divinely inspired, and I wrote that Goodlad’s motives are to transform us into a democracy as a nation and remove moral standards based on God’s law. As an atheist/humanist/socialist, Goodlad believes there is no moral law from God and it’s up to the community to set morals based on democratic methods. This is moral relativism.

If you want to know what type of organization the NNER is, you only have to look at who their Keynote speaker is this at their conference this October…Bill Ayers.  You also need to google the NNER minutes from June 2006 and see that the NNER was trying to push the homosexual movement into BYU. That does not match our community standard.

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  • lewisbarnavelt:

    I only believe about 10% of what I read in the newspapers and 10% of what I see and hear on TV news programs.

  • Dianne Lind:

    Caleb, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Jennifer:

    What is the NNER?

  • Marenu32:

    I have had the opportunity a few times to read in newspapers about things I had personal knowledge of. They always get something, often something significant, wrong. I suppose sometimes it's political, but I think it's usually just shoddy work. Just par for the course, Oak.

  • The NNER is an organization John Goodlad started. In 1986 BYU's McKay School of Education became a founding partner. NNER stands for National Network for Educational Renewal. It's basically a place for administrators to become fully indoctrinated in Goodlad's philosophies and then bring it home to share with the rest of the district. It heavily focuses on the “Agenda for Education in a Democracy” (AED) and Alpine School District has 2 national AED “scholars” in the administration and BYU's MSE also has a couple.

  • Buffy:

    Oak, thanks for taking the time to educate people. I hope you can get some rest soon. :)

  • Hema :

    Oak, Knowledge is power…I want to thank you for providing us with such info and knowledge.

  • Karl Nunz:

    Thanks Oak for the information you provide us. I trully appreciate this. Please keep it up.

  • lewisbarnavelt:

    Oak, you do have to admit that you didn't handle your interview with Caleb appropriately. Your own pride and presumptuousness ruled your thoughts–a common pitfall of newbie politicians. In the comment section on the Daily Herald, you complain that Caleb interviewed you, then he interviewed BYU, and then did not re-interview you, informing you of what BYU said. My question is: Does he need to call you again? Does he need to hold your hand to allow you to retract previous comments you made? Perhaps you need to not make presumptuous statements in the first place such as: “I knew once we shined the light on John Goodlad that those in the McKay School of Education would see that Goodlad doesn't share our community standards and would take action to separate themselves from him. I would hope the partnership districts will follow suit and that Alpine's board and administration will recognize what [Alpine board member and Norton supporter] Tim Osborn has been trying to tell them for years about [Goodlad]. It's time Goodlad's constructivist math and social democracy nonsense was buried.”

    You did it to yourself, Oak. You played politics and you got burned. You even try to make a plug for Tim Osborn and his upcoming school board race. So don't blame Caleb for your own misstatements. Admit that you made a mistake and move on. Of course, you have never admitted you are wrong so I doubt you will now.

  • Lewis, you're too funny. You've been complaining for months that only if BYU drops the NNER would you become a believer and now that they have, you're accusing me of not being able to admit I was wrong? What was I wrong about? Where's my mistake? I would only modify my words based on having a more accurate knowledge of what happened at BYU. I'm not prideful and gloating about it. I'm just happy they did it. Caleb repeated misinformation from a prior article that I feel the federal government is run by the power of God which I corrected above. I'm past this article Lewis, and moving on toward other things. I suggest you do the same.

  • lewisbarnavelt:

    Yes, I did say that if BYU drops the program I would be a believer, but they dropped the program without dropping their support for Goodlad–a development that I did not anticipate, and from the sound of it, something you didn't see coming either. You and BYU still differ on this issue, and because I believe that BYU is closer to God than you, I will side with BYU in the meantime.

    You were wrong in presuming that BYU dropped their program because of your efforts as I quoted in my last comment, yet you still cannot admit that you were wrong for thinking BYU jumped because you said so. Was that quote from a previous article, because it sure sounds like a reaction to BYU dropping NNER?

    I'm not trying to rub salt in a wound but bringing up valid points that are not usually brought up when people think in a like-minded manner, and I'm ready to move past this article now as well.

  • Darwinstarks:

    Oak, just want to say “keep up the pressure of truth”. Convincing a mob drunk on socialism is not going to be an easy task. I commend you for emulating our founding fathers in your convictions and love of country & constitution.

  • Darwinstarks:

    Oak, just want to say “keep up the pressure of truth”. Convincing a mob drunk on socialism is not going to be an easy task. I commend you for emulating our founding fathers in your convictions and love of country & constitution.

  • Bonnie Pence:

    Lewis: Why is it so important to you to badmouth Oak? Charging him with pride and presumptiousness? I have never seen it in Oak, his writings or in talking to him. He is doing a great service to parents and children in Utah.

    I am grateful Oak, for what you are doing.

    I'm also grateful that BYU, hopefully, is disassociating themselves from Goodlad and his doctrine.