Capitalism and Democracy are Incompatible Pop Quiz

It’s always good to find the things you are saying publicly corroborated. In this case George Soros has now confirmed the words of John Goodlad and Bill Ayers that the use of the term democracy isn’t about freedom, it’s about Direct Democracy as a form of government leading to a totalitarian state. Thomas Jefferson said, “The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”

How long will it be till people realize that in supporting public calls for “Democracy” they are helping bring about these radicals desire for revolution? These three are birds of a feather. Goodlad invited Ayers to be the keynote speaker at his NNER education conference in 2010. Soros funds Marxist organizations that want a New World Order of global communism which Ayers has been fighting for for decades. Goodlad’s NNER invited a Soro’s organization director to help them in their Agenda for Education in a Democracy. How close are they? Here’s a pop quiz. See if you can tell which person made each statement, Goodlad, Ayers, or Soros. Answers below…no peeking.

1) “If the question of sustainability comes down to a struggle between those who value short-term economic gain [corporations/capitalists] and those who value long-term environmental well-being, then engaging in deliberative democracy…may be the only way to grapple with and overcome this issue in a collective manner.”

2) “We can speak of the triumph of capitalism in the world, but we cannot yet speak about the triumph of democracy. There is a serious mismatch between the political and the economic conditions that prevail in the world today.”

3) “Capitalism promotes racism and militarism – turning people into consumers, not citizens. Participatory democracy, by contrast, requires free people coming together voluntarily as equals who are capable of both self-realization and, at the same time, full participation in a shared political and economic life.”

4) “Enculturating the young into a social and political democracy”

5) “We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution… overcome the failings of capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and deeply humane.”

6) “The god of economic utility takes over and spins for us all an enticing narrative. This abuse discredits capitalism as a potential companion of democracy, stimulating attacks on the system that tend to obscure consideration of the possibility that the problem lies with humankind.”













1) Paul Theobald et al., in Goodad, John: Developing Democratic Character in the Young, pp. 94-110 (link)

2) Soros wrote in Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism.

3) Bill Ayers’ 2006 speech at the World Education Forum in Caracas, Venezuela in front of Pres. Hugo Chavez

4) One of John Goodlad’s 4 moral dimensions which Alpine School District plastered on their teacher development center wall

5) Bill Ayers’ 2006 speech at the World Education Forum in Caracas, Venezuela in front of Pres. Hugo Chavez

6) John Goodlad, Developing Democratic Character in the Young, p. 5 (link)


Here’s a little “in their own words” video montage to enjoy.

10 Responses to “Capitalism and Democracy are Incompatible Pop Quiz”

  • Travis:

    What is scary is that we have come to a point in our society where people feel comfortable saying this out load and not expect to suffer political consequences as a result.  Time for these people to go.

  • Our Founding Fathers carefully orchestrated our democratic republic  so we would have the tools to prosper as a people overcome what we are now facing.  We need to call upon our faith in God Who the Founding Fathers called upon to accomplish their great work.  As we read our history this becomes obvious.  We must read, study and ponder our scriptures, history and current events.  Once we are informed we must pray for His guidance so Heavenly Father can use us as the tool He needs in our war against Lucifer.  The fact that we are on earth with the power of mortality (which power Lucifer will never have) means we are here as soldiers in His (Heavenly Father’s) mighty army.

  • So true Travis. They are emboldened as they see the apathy of society.

  • Anonymous:

    Oak, what do you interpret this to mean? 

    “If the question of sustainability comes down to a struggle between
    those who value short-term economic gain [corporations/capitalists] and
    those who value long-term environmental well-being, then engaging
    in deliberative democracy…may be the only way to grapple with and
    overcome this issue in a collective manner.”

  • Anonymous:

    Doreen, we are not a “democratic republic” but a Constitutional Compound Republic.  The word “democratic” is a code word for “communism.”

  • Anonymous:

    So exactly how does George Soros intend to make us a direct democracy?  

  • Anonymous:

    Oak, you forgot this quote.  Guess who said it?

    “Democracy is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man.”

  • TKC, if you were unaware, the word democracy has acquired a dual meaning even in the dictionary and it contradicts itself. On the one hand, it means majoritarianism and mobocracy which is most easily seen in the Occupy Wall Street movement which is being funded by George Soros (to answer your prior question). I’ve actually got a post I’ll be doing in the next few days more clearly explaining why Soros and the communists use democracy to advance their cause so be sure to stop back soon. :)  

    On the other hand of democracy is the modern meaning which parallels a republic in meaning. A few years ago when I saw the sign Alpine School District hung in their teacher’s building (“Enculturating the young into a social and political democracy”) I felt disturbed by it but not to the point of action. It was only when I learned their agenda through John Goodlad and what he stood for that I started taking action against it. 

    You can see a cool graph showing the evolution of the word use of republic and democracy here:

    The progressives of the early 1900’s knew that they needed to change the dialog and make democracy a positive word and common in society. You can read more about that here: for this particular quote from Reagan, Thomas Jefferson also extolled the virtues of democracy though he was speaking of it as the process of electing representatives and not a form of government. Reagan can be forgiven for his calling us a democracy because the word use has changed, he wasn’t in favor of  true Democracy as a form of government, and he called us a republic in other statements such as his first state of the union address ( It’s just proof that the word democracy isn’t very precise and when we speak of something like our form of government we should use a precise word, the one that’s in the constitution (article 4, section 4), which is republican government.

  • Actually, the word democratic is not a code word for communism. The communists have said for since Marx that democracy was the path to communism. Direct democracy as in majoritarianism.

  • Assuming you are sincere in wanting an interpretation, here it is.

    Sustainability is code language used by the folks at the U.N. bringing us Agenda 21 which is essentially global communism under one world government. They promote a false idea that all the world will collapse under unsustainable conditions unless someone takes charge and runs things. If they have to identify the fight they have, it’s between evil capitalists and good people who “value long-term environmental well-being” because obviously the capitalists want to kill people and poison the water supply. They identify that the only way to do this is deliberative democracy, which they then point out must be done in a “collective manner” meaning direct Democracy, the will of the people, the majority, must be used to overcome all the capitalists. 

    We see this today in the Occupy Wall Street movement. They are useful idiots protesting for things they can’t comprehend. Their list of demands which they just produced includes free university education and free housing for people. They are communists. They want a total redistribution of wealth. They call corporations evil all the while using their capitalist made cameras, smartphones, and ipods in total hypocrisy.

    Now lest you think I’m ignoring the evils of some capitalists, I’m not. Capitalism holds choice as supreme. However, some people choose to do evil with their choices by engaging in immoral behavior and commerce. However, to say capitalism is evil is like saying agency is evil. People use agency for good and evil. That doesn’t make agency evil.