Celestial Education by Michelle Stone

Now I realize this video won’t appeal to everyone, and yet everyone would probably benefit by hearing much of what Michelle has to say. The first part covers the history of compulsory education and after that is over, Michelle talks from a scriptural perspective (LDS specifically) on the topic of educating your children. It’s an excellent presentation and I know it’s long, but I believe you’ll enjoy it if you take the time to watch.

Celestial Education – Michelle Stone

This video is dedicated to the wonderful and devoted Latter-day Saint parents who are striving with all their might to raise children ‘up unto the Lord’. The Lord and His prophets have given us much revealed truth about how we, as LDS parents, should educate our children and about what our schools should be like. This DVD is an attempt to uncover those teachings, which are missing from our current education system, that we may strive for a higher, more pure and Godly way to teach our children. Some of the ideas expressed in this video are the opinion of the presenter. We ask that each viewer watch with an open heart and seek the spirit of God which will testify of those truths that will be beneficial to them and their families. – Michelle Stone

4 Responses to “Celestial Education by Michelle Stone”

  • Susie:

    So glad you posted this Oak! I hope LDS parents especially will watch this with a pen and paper in hand to copy down all of the great scriptures Michelle’s theory is based on. Then prayerfully study those scriptures in your personal study to gain understanding on how this kind of education can fit into your family. It is how I’ve been teaching for years, but she does an awesome job at explaining it in detail. It gets better and better as you watch it with more and more examples of what we should be focusing on at each stage of a child’s life. This has the potential to completely change your paradigm about education. I first learned this method 17 years ago, and I base everything on it’s principles. I will never go back to telestial education when I now have the pattern for Celestial Education.

    Thanks Michelle for all your work in putting this video together! It’s fabulous!

  • Kristen:

    Great information Michelle! One correction: If what you love about John Dewey is the Dewey Decimal System, love him no longer. The DDC belongs to Melvil Dewey. :)

  • I didin’t know that.  Good info.

  • Susie:

    Oh yeah, I was going to tell her that too. Thanks Kristen. Now there is NO reason to love John Dewey. Not that I ever did……