Minority Report Predicted the Future

Just as Star Trek’s visionary technology spawned all kinds of useful tools we enjoy today, the movie Minority Report has spawned it’s own tool but not the useful kind. Reported on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze news site, comes this video straight from the Department of Homeland Security, now testing citizens for “malintent” as they pass their new scanners designed to test your psyche.

“Move along citizens, nothing to see here. Just quietly put on those chains after you pass through the scanner.”

I’m sure there’s nothing in the constitution that would be violated by this device. That old document is sooooo outdated anyway.

One Response to “Minority Report Predicted the Future”

  • Anonymous:

    Thanks for posting this, Oak. Question: how is this different from the behavioral profiling US Customs people do to nab bad guys at our borders, or the behavioral profiling Israel does to keep it’s airports safe?

    My understanding is that behavior profiling (asking questions and observing answers) is much more effective at finding bad guys than random searches, and it’s a lot less invasive than a nakey scan or “pat down.” Is this just a tech-enhanced version, or something fundamentally different? Or do you find behavior profiling to be invasive?