Common Core Database Intrusion

There has been a mixed bag of opinions ever since the common core standards have come out. Speculation continues but things do gel in small pieces. Someone sent me this article yesterday which points out that the National Education Data Model contains many of the database information attributes the feds want on our children. The NEDM “is the single, comprehensive model of education data and is prerequisite to establishing automated and comparable systems.” Now this isn’t directly tied into the Common Core State Standards by name, but what else would a national database be for but to get everyone on the same page, taking the same tests from the same curriculum and knowing everything about the students and teachers as possible.

We’re not just talking a few things that deal with student grade performance, we’re talking things like your child’s blood type, what time he/she gets on the bus, compulsory attendance status, orthodontic appliances, religious consideration, the number of decayed teeth you’ve got, etc… Hmmm, now why would the feds would want to track these things? I wonder if members of the state school board ever foresaw problems with federal standards and money? I guess not since they didn’t feel the need to have public meetings prior to their decision to adopt.


Link to the database attributes (ie. the new master race database):

One Response to “Common Core Database Intrusion”

  • Jennrc3:

    The fact that many of the progressives believe in eugenics makes this a bit concerning, don’t you think? Most of these questions could easily be filled out at school by the children and no one would even question it. These kids would just fill out a questionaire about them, (what child would not want to do that?) and they probably would not even mention it to their parents as is seems so benign. We should never consider that we are safe from this danger, for the second we do we put ourselves in immediate danger. Even if it is likely for nothing to happen, this is not information that the government should have access to.