Deceit in Alpine School District

Weapons of Math DestructionIs your child’s teacher telling you he/she uses Scott-Foresman in the classroom? Are you sure that’s true? Remember a couple years ago when Tim Osborn was running for re-election to the school board and a principal said to Tim and others that they teach what they want at school and send home the times tables to “placate the parents?” Have you wondered if your child was being taught what you expected or had been told?

Last week on Facebook I was alerted to a post by Robin Allred, a former member of Alpine School District’s District Community Council, and someone who ran to be on the ASD school board 2 years ago against Paula Hill. With Robin’s full permission I give you her comment.

“Charlotte, here’s the thing. When I was running for the school board and I got email from Oak Norton and friends I really didn’t believe their claims. I thought they were exaggerated, and I thought they were scare tactics, but I was determined to really do my homework, and to respect the opinions of others and gain some understanding of their position. As I researched more deeply I found out that there was validity to their claims. It took a lot for me to swallow my pride and admit that, but I did indeed have a teacher tell me that she wasn’t supposed to teach the times tables and I heard another teacher tell me and a whole room full of teachers that she used CMP2, but told the parents of her students that she used Scott-Foresman. I don’t mind the use of Investigations as a supplement. I think the district’s balanced math policy would be okay if it were followed, and in some places it is, but it concerns me that anywhere in this district we have teachers lying to parents, or otherwise intentionally deceiving them. It concerns me that we have teachers who feel like they have to hide traditional math in a school using investigations as their primary text. The divisiveness concerns me.”

Obviously this isn’t implying that every teacher or administrator or school has these problems, but they are there and they are not being checked. This is a leadership issue and it goes right to the head of the district. When the math curriculum was “switched out” a few years ago during the move to Scott-Foresman, the week before school started that year, Elementary school teachers around the district discovered someone had put an Investigations math textbook on their desks for their use. The signal given to them by the administration was obvious. Teacher training continues to be constructivist oriented and so teaching continues in that style.

Those wishing to run for the school board to bring in new leadership must register starting tomorrow, March 9th, through the 15th at the county offices in Provo. You can find information here:

I have notified the county that their maps aren’t pulling up correctly for ASD, and they will hopefully have the issue resolved today, but here’s the short of it.

Seats available are in precincts 4, 6, and 7.

With redistricting, Lehi has their own brand new seat which someone can run for without an incumbent. This will be known as precinct 6 for the election.

Precinct 4 is currently occupied by Mark Clement and covers Lindon, PG, and the North Orem area.

Precinct 7 is currently occupied by both Debbie Taylor and Terry Peterson after redistricting and covers the East Orem area.

If you want to run or encourage someone else to run, they must register by the 15th at the county office in Provo.



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